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  1. Playing as Kerry on Medium. Kerry - 52,492,227, 51.4%, 334 EVs Bush - 47,474,833, 46.5%, 204 EVs The following states flipped from 2000: CO - Bush to Kerry NV- Bush to Kerry AZ- Bush to Kerry AR- Bush to Kerry NH- Bush to Kerry IA- Gore to Bush So much for Rove's permanent GOP majority. I still can't believe I won Arkansas and Arizona.
  2. Spacebarring as Buchanan. Suck it, Dubya! Interpret the Get Republicans Elected Every November Party's absence at your leisure.
  3. I was Howard. At the start of the campaign, I put out 3 Billboard ads: one on Howard/Iraq War, one on Blair/Tax and Spend, and one on Howard/Identity Cards. Occasionally, I would throw up a national ad attacking Blair here or there. I turned up the spin to OVAR 9000!!!1 and churned out 2 Crusaders. I maybe tried to court favor with a few endorsers, but didn't really spend too much time on it. Late in the campaign, a scandal on Blair came up and I spun the everloving crap out of it. I was already leading solidly in the polls by then, but I think that was what gave me the landslide. You may find it interesting to note that Labour had 403 seats before this election, but came out with only 88. That's right- Labour lost 315 seats altogether, which, if my knowledge of British political history is correct (of course, I am a stupid American and all the Brits are free to call me out on how uneducated and stupid and American I am ), would be the absolute worst defeat for a ruling party in British history. (Even Major in 1997 didn't get pwned that badly.) It's also a rather fitting book-ends to Blair's term as PM- it began and ended with a landslide election. Poor bastard...
  4. I want this too. Here's my email: gbrlclrk744@gmail.com
  5. Please email to: gbrlclrk744@gmail.com All three of them. Thanks.
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