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  1. zagatstein

    Post-Communist Tokundi

    Something like Free Speech or Government Reform?
  2. zagatstein

    AV on PM4E 2010

    If you edit the scenario file; there's a line that lets you turn it on or off.
  3. zagatstein

    Avalonia 2010

    Me too, if you don't mind.
  4. zagatstein

    Northern Ireland Assembly

    Name: Michael Parsons Party: DUP Office: Leader Constituency: Antrim North Age: 70 Bio: After years of fighting for Ulster rights at Westminster, and being evicted from the House twice for comments about the SDLP, Michael Parsons returned home to contest the DUP leadership, and won, earning the right to lead the party in the upcoming general election in the Province. Leadership: 4 Integrity: 3 Experience: 3 Issue Familiarity: 3 Charisma: 3 Stamina: 4 Debating: 4 Avatar: Kenneth Clarke
  5. zagatstein

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    I'm sure this has been raised before, and it might not be do-able, but online multiplayer would be awesome. Keep up the good work, guys!
  6. zagatstein


    What state/s did Perot win?
  7. zagatstein

    American Parlament

    Never designed a scenario, so I can't be of much help, but this is an idea I've always wanted to see!
  8. zagatstein

    Scenario Creation Wish List

    I'm no expert on Jamaican politics, but I don't think it was really a factor one way or another. I wouldn't have him as an endorser, though. I don't think it was something actively sought, just something that kind of happened.
  9. zagatstein

    Scenario Creation Wish List

    One of the news reports indicated one of the more prominent MP's fathers (It may be the incumbent PM, can't quite remember) was friendly with Coke's father, also a shady character, and led the funeral procession back in the late 80's. As for how damaging it would be, probably not very. The incumbent PM represents Tivoligardens, the neighborhood Coke's gangs are strongest in; the endorsement was probably regarded as part of normal politics.
  10. zagatstein

    Opnosis Islands

    Is anyone from here on there, do you know?
  11. zagatstein

    United Right 1993 Scenario Issues

    I didn't get it...Would you mind resending it?
  12. zagatstein

    UK General Election 2010

    Don't forget Dr. Richard Taylor as the Independent (Health Concern, technically) MP for Wyre Forest. I'm pretty sure he's standing for re-election, although with all three major parties also standing candidates, he might have more difficulty winning this time around.
  13. zagatstein

    United Right 1993 Scenario Issues

    I'd like to give it a try, if you'd be so kind:
  14. zagatstein

    Ayati Parliament Election 2009

    As of the current year (2009 in the scenario), is Ayati still a Dominion, ie, with a Governor-General? Or does it mirror India in that it became a Republic extremely quickly?
  15. zagatstein

    EGaffney's Scenarios

    I'm quite looking forward to the Anitgua scenario!