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  1. United States - 2020 President Rubio (planned!)

    I know Another idea: you could add both Joaquin Castro and Kamala Harris, I would also lower Gretchen Whitmers stats I forgot to say thanks for the effort last time btw
  2. United States - 2020 President Rubio (planned!)

    Hi I just downloaded your scenario and although I like the general setting, I think that you clearly overpowered the Republican candidates especially Rubio. Furthermore I think that you should look at some of the Democratic candidates. John Kerry would be 77 on election day, Warren would also be quite old. I would also find it interesting if you would add a "Socialist" party where candidates like Sanders etc could run as an independent.
  3. 2016 - The start of an alternate timeline

    I greatly enjoyed the original scenario and will be looking forward to an update!
  4. Germany 2013

    I'm currently working on a major update to this scenario. Stay tuned for a new relase the coming days - I added the Pirates and the AfD but I'm still looking for issues images. Hopefully I'll finish until the weekend.
  5. Bug in Campaigns Forever

    Hi, I'm designing a new scenario for PF2008 with Campaigns Forever and I have encountered a bug I cannot resolve. I'm at Step 5. If I open the "Percentages" for any party it gives me an "Access violation at adress 0041FC8C in module 'ScenarioConstruktor.exe'. Read of address 00000010." The same if I edit any number in the boxes. Furthermore if I try to create a new leader for any party it gives me an abnormal program termination error and quits. If I click on the view error box it just shows me the missing party leaders. Can anyone help me?
  6. 2015 UK General Election scenario thread

    redprometheus@web.de. Thanks!
  7. update on 2000 scenario

    Is it for the 2008 or the 2011 version?
  8. President Forever 2012 Alpha Released

    Just did a full play through and won with Obama . It would be great if States were called on election night like in the 2008 version. Furthermore why is Obama's experience only 3? As the incumbent president he should have more. I like the more detailed campaign organistion on the state level. Looking forward to the next version!
  9. Canada 2011 - Orange Crush

    It's already very playable. But I think the Conservatives are to weak and some of the attributes of the NDP and Lib leaders are too high. When I played with Nash I won 283 seats and with Rae even 297 seats, playing both times on hard. Looking forward to the next version
  10. Germany 2013

    Probably I'll put some finishing touches to Berlin - 2011 and then I'll start with this one.
  11. Germany 2013

    I'm completely reworking this scenario. I'll let you know when I'm done.
  12. Canada 2011 - Orange Crush

    redprometheus@web.de Looking forward to it! Thanks!
  13. Fictional Scenario - Polaria, 2013

    Sounds really interesting. I'm looking forward to it
  14. Updated 2012 scenario

    redprometheus@web.de Thanks!
  15. 2016

    redprometheus@web.de Thanks!