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  1. I've been playing as Perot in the 1992 scenario, and came across a weird bug. I over-exerted in the week before by 5 CP so I was expecting a hit on my EP the following week...but wasn't expecting to end up with -362 EP! I've attached the save game and a couple of screenshots. Perot Oct.sav
  2. Thanks - and of course Google is always available to answer questions like that. Except...it's the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. So if you were to play a historical scenario you might run out of funds a week early if you thought Tuesday 1st November was Election Day.
  3. I have just played Congress infinity for the first time. Although I have played a number of your previous games, I approach them more as turn based strategy games rather than political games, per se, so I was expecting to be out of my depth when I started CI given the colossal scope of the game (and to be honest, I only bought it at all to support your Kickstarter campaign). But my very first observation is...how do you look up when the day of the election is? In P4E you can see how many days away the primaries and the election are, but I could not find that option anywhere in CI. Maybe you assumed that everyone playing the game would know the election day anyway, but except for the fact that I know it happened very recently in real life, I have no way of figuring out how long I have to make my campaign funds last.
  4. Labour and Plaid Cymru are in coalition in the Welsh Assembly. If Labour get so close to an overall majority that Plaid could push them over the top, it's possible that they could form a coalition or at least some kind of voting agreement in the Commons.
  5. A lot of those issues are basically aspects of "the economy" How about substituting one of the economy issues for Lords Reform or voting reform (ie first past the post vs PR) to give a bit more breadth to the range of issues? I also think more thought needs to be given to the impact of the expenses scandal. Rolling it into Integrity may work but how can we model the effect of the expenses scandal on individual seats? My view is that this is primarily where it is going to play out - individual MPs being challenged by independent "honesty" candidates or smaller parties like the Greens and UKIP.
  6. Gorgotha

    Halliston 1998

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to get this to work for the "long" scenario yet? I keep being asked to purchase the full game just as it gets interesting...
  7. I have just started playing this scenario, and my first issue is that all my opponents are collapsing from exhaustion because they haven't figured out that barnstorming isn't practical. Is there a way of forcing the AI to use barnstorming very sparingly? Well since Arizona doesn't have any electoral votes I think we have to congratulate the 17,541 voters for bothering to show up at the polling places...
  8. Gorgotha

    Halliston 1998

    So...what do I need to edit in the scenario file so this scenario will let me play to the end?
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