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  1. I'd much appreciate the chance to try it as well. My email is ogondai@lycos.com Kinda ticks me off that I can't even play as my preferred candidate (Richardson).
  2. I think that's it charming tha both candidates in 2008 accept matching funds. Each side will start with way, way more than $75 mil.
  3. Louisiana is actually much less Democratic because many of the reliable Democratic votes in Lousiana were forced to move to Georgia and Texas in the wake of Katrina. Expect Mary Landrieu to lose in 2008. I realize it makes for good gameplay, but some of the states some awfully overly to me. On the opening of my campaign as Obama against McCain in 2008, MA and NY were up for grabs. I've won CA as Mitt Romney, and AL as Wes Clark. Though this makes for more interesting and unpredictable games, I simply can't imagine these things happening in real life. And am I the only one who enjoys playing the primary season more than the general? I love the practice of picking your spots and strategizing where to find momentum, whereas in the general you usually pick your 8 or so states and just keep ping-ponging around them. All of which is tremendously accurate...
  4. I would be interested in a very simple add-on to the primaries where you select a policy goal or two that you want to effect while you're running for nomination. For example, if running as Hillary Clinton, you could set a priority to sponsor a bill to get troops out of Iraq, or as Bill Richardson attempt to pass a law funding immigration support centers in NM. The screen where you select your project could indicate chance of success given the issue, partisan divide, etc. Perhaps you could offer to another candidate (on either side) co-sponsorship. As the season progresses, you could enter CP and PIP points to usher it along through the process, and final success or failure could have an effect on the game. One other idea -- could the scoring system be changed to reflect how much you "moved the map" rather than the final outcome? If you win as McCain over Kucinich, that isn't much of an accomplishment, though it's scored high. However, if you start out 2008 as Mike Gravel, and win the nomination and pick off 200 electoral votes, that's a more impressive loss than most victories would be.
  5. Well, it depends on the balance between fun and realistic. The national committees decide the convention locations years in advance -- so why would a winning candidate get to do so two months out? I do like the idea of lining up the convention, however, or really getting into the dynamics of conventions. There are many split conventions in this primary ssystem, and it would be fun to go in there and engage in some horse trading to get the majority, rather than just having the loser candidates drop out -- promising the VEEP slot, or something else.
  6. Clark/ Bayh 2012, I'd be appreciative if you could send me your latest update...I just purchased the game and was depressed not to see my man Bill Richardson in there...not to mention the messed-up primary calendar. I'm at ogondai @at@ lycos .dot. com (The only secnario I ever created was the weird solar system one set in 2148 AD for PE)
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