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  1. santeelutz@yahoo.com I've been hoping to start the election earlier thanks! How do I install it? And what is the most recent version of the game?
  2. how do you attack "McCain" (let's say) while highlighting your own platform? I thought if you attacked McCain it simulated as if the whole speech was an attack against McCain???
  3. the list includes: Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson. They're indeed running in 2008. I also like the idea of running as an independant, instead of having one option to play as the player you lost against, have the option of running as indie...maybe it can cost you money, endorsers or something. For example, my Candidate won almost every state, I was down on the wire versus Edwards and Clinton, I had 150 more Electorial votes than Clinton and Edwards had 500 altogether. I couldn't get him to endorse me, I couldn't get Clinton to withdraw. Edwards endorsed Clinton and I'm out! I had all the endorsers, money, foot soldiers, 1500 electorial points, clinton had nothing, except two big states! come on... She went on to win because I was her and I beat Romney... piece of cake wbsl
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