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  1. Can I have a copy? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Thanks!
  2. bluetory

    Germany 2013

    May I have a copy? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing it.
  3. bluetory

    Canada 2011

    Wonk edition. I find it's more realistic for regional purposes.
  4. bluetory

    Canada 2011

    Agreed re: scandals. They don't seem to have gained traction with the electorate at the time the election was called. That doesn't stop government ethics from being an issue of high or very-high importance however.
  5. bluetory

    Canada 2011

    I could also recommend Global TV but I think the four you have are good.
  6. bluetory

    Berlin 2011

    Looks great! Can you send me a copy? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca. Thanks!
  7. May I have a copy also? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Many thanks!
  8. Hello: May I have a copy also? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Many Thanks!
  9. Hello: May I have a copy also? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Many Thanks!
  10. May I have a copy also? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Many Thanks!
  11. Here's my wish list: a) For me, a nice selling point would be the progressive returns as they came in (gain, loss, hold); this certainly would add to the experience at the end. Can there be more diversified forms of advertisements? With British PMF2005, the only choice is how much you want to spend which affects how long it takes to make the ad and the potential for it being highly successful. Can the elements of other variations of Theoryspark games be added so you could for example, have billboards that take time to set up and stop, newspapers, leaflets and/or posters (particularly helpful for smaller, regional parties), radio, television, newspapers and party-political broadcasts? They could also have some restrictions (some can be used regionally, others only nation-wide). c) When creating ads at the very start in other games, you can instantly create 3 with a certain % chance of being highly successful, but I haven't yet created one that was highly successful - can this be fixed? d) When doing media interviews, can the variables be changed so that it's possible for a party leader to have a potentially bad interview (as in President Forever + Primaries)? e) For researching insights on political issues, occasionally I've researched an insight while an ad was being created and would research the same insight again but the second research would be finished before the first ad was completed. In these scenarios, I could've had two insights on the same issue - is it possible to expand this so a player can have more than one insight on an issue at a particular time? That's about it from me for the time being. I'm really looking forward to this game when it comes out. Take Care, Matt
  12. May I have a copy also? rmfb-2@cogeco.ca Many Thanks!
  13. Indeed. Did you see this article? http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article7044185.ece A hung parliament may not be out of the question, but are the Lib Dems expected to be that weak?
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