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  1. is this scenario available to downlaod? im looking for fresh new scenarios to download HERE on the board,ive got every P4E+ Primaries 2008 scenario that is on the main theoryspark.com scenario page....so im trying to find downloadable scenarios on this message board ,can people point me in the right direction for downloads of scenarios that are not posted on the theoryspark official scenario website page. Anyone who can help, my Email if FRBKing84@AOL.Com and my Mesanger name is on AIM and it is: FRBKing84 ....just like my email,just without the @aol.com ,obviously. ;-) Id appreciate guidance in some good scenario downloads on this board ive been looking and havnt found any that have links that work YET, im rather new though so help would be GREATLY appreciate. Thank you, -Mitch
  2. Um how would duncan hunter be governor? Tom Campbell will be the GOP nominee and he is WAY too conservative to beat Gavin Newsome who i believe will be the NEXT governor of CA, so this scenario seams to be a "FAIRY TALE LAND" scenario for the GOP,lol! I PROMISE YOU even if Duncan Hunter were the GOP candidate that gavin newsome is most likley going to be my new governor, but if campbell is too conservative to beat newsome in CA , then duncan hunter is TEN TIMES too conservative with his policy on building NEW big fences as the border solution (LMAO!!! Do people EVER learn!?) I live in roseville, right above Sacramento, in the 4th district, called RED CALIFORNIA, the most conservative california district, and im a moderate progressive with libertarian views on marijuanna. And somewhat socially and phyischally moderate/conservative but i believe in a public option and the way the GOP has been able to make people who DONT KNOW CRAP , i call the 'American Idiots caucus' of people who tell 44 years olds if they like the system obama and some want to propose wich progressives want to call welfare for all instead of all these terms like co-op , singple payer, that hicks and people who have a good college education but dont even know this stuff! Its unbelievable how many DUMB americans, dumb to the political system and how it works i mean,ofcourse; that there are! Some of these morons follow glenn beck around like zombies and believe the ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT that people like him and Rush Limbaugh spew out...Limbaugh will say ANYTHING to make obama look BAD and EVIL playing off of racial overtones because he clearly stated QUOTE "I HOPE THIS PRESIDENT FAILS!" Unquote! So Ofcourse he is going to lie his fat ocyxoton addict lump of lard he carrys behind him looking like an overgrown sized Duck, so fat he waddles. lol (thats my attempt at not saying ass because i dont know the language barriers for the board, i know no grotuetis cussing, but i didnt know if i could even say little cuss words like ass, if not i said it twice wondering if i could,lol , so hopefully im not kicked off the board or anything lol. I payed for the congress 4 ever pre release beta. ANyways im sure i didnt say anything that would get me in trouble, i never know though with how PC even some avenues of the INTERNET are getting, ya know? Anyways,ill stop my babble now,lol, btw is this scenario you are working on complete? if so or whenever it is can you send it to me please? My email is FRBKing84@aol.com thank you..., -Mith
  3. please send me this download,the link is not working. frbking84@aol.com thats my email above. Thank you.
  4. Somebody who has this already PLEASE RESEND IT to me. The author of this is hard to get ahold of, i have a big bug on it and I think I need to just re-download version 7 because i added vice presidents with the editor....ever since that illinios goes dark red and alabama and georgia goes blue...odd. Can someone PLEASE send their version of version 7 to FRBKing84@aol.com asap? thank you!
  5. do you have any of these scenarios for P4E=Primaries version? I deleted regular President Forever when I got Primaries....the shortage of scenarios for primaries has upset me , the only other primaries scenario i can find is bayh/clark's updated 2008 scenario, can someone please send me any other scenarios for primaries version at FRBKing84@aol.com? thank you.
  6. Is version 7 done? Im dying for the update please send it to me bayh/clark!? You know my email..FRBKing84@aol.com
  7. FRBKing84@aol.com is my Email contact, send me ANY scenarios for P4E + PRIMARIES , i love a variety and the scenarios that came with the game are so boring and dont have good replayability.
  8. Please send me this scenario too! My email is FRBKing84@aol.com
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