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  1. The Associated Press says that former Libertarian presidential candidate, and current Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul is preparing of a possible Presidential run as on the Republican ticket. His positions are mostly are the same as the libertarian party and the CATO Institute: No governmental interference in economics, domestic affairs, and opposes military ventures. The only unusually aspect is that he is strongly pro-life. link to article He seems like a very weak candidate to me.
  2. Sorry to do this again, but can you send the scenario to jimservo@aol.com I concur on Sharpton and his debating skills. It's not really that I think he's an expert on most of the issues (or that he has a chance of winning), but he comes across as so much more personable then any of the other candidates.
  3. The Federalists were the more conservative (in the traditional use of the word) of the two original factions and lineage-wise is probably traces back closer to the Republicans then the Democrats (although it is not perfect obviously, with all the party splintering and such). Then again the GOP is already loaded with candidates in that list, and it doesn't make a lot of sense to have only a couple of federalists and a few Whigs.
  4. Hi. I'm new (although I played the 2004 version of the game and lost it when my old computer died on me). If it is possible to send me the much discussed scenario (jimservo@aol.com) I would much appreciate it. I would be glad to look it over and forward any suggestions I have as well.
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