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  1. Hi. Roger here. Primary version sounds great! Been waiting for it for a looooooooong time now! One quick question: Any plans to make the election night results trickle in like another poster suggested? Rather than have the full results for each state come in when the polls close? I think that would make election night a LOT more fun and realistic. Looking forward to this version.
  2. Well theres a first time for everything! EXCELLENT!!
  3. Dynamism ON?!?!? LOL! That's what the silly players do!! I ALWAYS play Dynamism OFF and Regionalism ON when I can!! Dynamism OFF makes game more realistic!
  4. i like the Creativeness of Directd and his wild scenarios!! HRC and Matnis also deserve mentions!!
  5. Veg calm down dude! Some people aren't going to like your jokes! Some will! It's all good dawg! Just chill!!
  6. You're right about Jon Bon but that joke was pretty lame Vegeta.
  7. Not more important. Just a different center. For example, gun rights would have a center a center right position in most of the South, while it would have a center or center left position in the Northeast.
  8. LOL! And realistic?? No offense buddy but some of the names ya got there don't look very realistic either...
  9. On the Democratic Side - There are 5 big name Democrats who will most likely be the nominee Hillary Clinton Al Gore Howard Dean John Edwards John Kerry That's it. While I personally doubt Kerry would run again, his name deserves to be in there. How do you not have Dean or Gore???? And the following people make for good VP's, but not Presidential material: Sen. Mary Landrieu, LA Gov. Tom Vilsack, IA Gov. Jennifer Granholm, MI Gov. Mark Warner, VA Gov. Janet Napolitano, AZ Gov. Bill Richardson, NM Gov. Ed Rendell, PA Sen. Bill Nelson, FL On the Republican Side, the names will be - Jeb Bush Bill Frist (How in the universe do you NOT have this guy's name in there???) John McCain Alan Keyes The rest are either VP's or shouldn't be in there at all. Taft?? He's highly unpopular in Ohio, didn't you notice how Bush NEVER had him at any of his rallies or mentioned him?? Romney is way too liberal and MA is a rock solid blue state so that would be pointless. Sanford? Why does the GOP need a white man from South Carolina? that's pointless. Giuliani and Pataki are good VP material, but too liberal for the top spot. What about Condoleezza Rice??
  10. I play with it on. It makes the game a LOT more realistic by putting in issue centers for individual states instead of just one for the whole country at large.
  11. I can see why! WHAHHAAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!! The Avenger you ROCK!!! That was brilliant!!! The Avenger has the Roger Rupert Winchestor Seal of Approval!!! You are one funny guy!
  12. I would LOVE to know how I can create new maps!! There's this scenario i'm working on but i can't use the US map for it!!! Can anyone help??
  13. How do you say LE BUMP! Site - http://excoboard.com/exco/index.php?boardid=7423
  14. Because of HRC, I'll say Canada! Any country that produces a man of such intellect and character must be worthy of being a truly great nation!
  15. WHAHAAHHAAHAHAAH!!!! I'm still laughing!!! God that was rich!! Avenger you only NEED to come on once a week if you can get out the 1 liners like THAT!!!
  16. WAAAHAHAHHAHA!!! That's the FUNNIEST thing I've read in awhile!!! I''m practically pissing my pants!!
  17. Yup, that's what it was. After reading all that, what I wrote, you can call me all the names in the book... BUT am I right??
  18. What are you talkign about?? FlOY HAVEN???
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