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  1. Pretty sure a jungle primary is impossible, and there is a lot of candidates on that list for Dems, too many, I presume, for the game platform to cope with. The weakness of the GOP makes this one pretty difficult to model I guess. Just for future reference for creating my own scenarios too, how do you simulate the actual popular vote when the game is optimised for delegates and or ECV's? Make the notional delegates/ECV's proportional to the popular vote? Reece.
  2. I am mega excited to see this: can't wait to try beating Petty as KBH or beat them both as crazed Tea Partier Deb Medina! Latest polls show the race being pretty competitive too so even better! If there is anything I can do to help let me know.
  3. Other than the candidates that stood for/won nomination: Independent: Charlie Crist? In anger at the whole Rubio situation decides instead to drop out of the Senate race and run for re-election Democrat: Billionaire (and failed Senate candidate) Jeff Greene Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Though she has a nice job in the Dem Caucus) Former Gov. Bob Graham GOP: Speaker of the FL House Adam Hasner Rep. Connie Mack IV Joe Scarborough Former Speaker of the FL House Marco Rubio (Is talked out of opposing CC in the primary by the RNC/RSCC) George P Bush Former SecState Katherine Harris
  4. Rasmussen has two sorts of polls: setting the agenda polls, which often are wildly inaccurate but promoting their favoured candidate and point of view, and the serious ones, which we will start seeing closer to the election
  5. Hi all, I have created a scenario (after editing a existing scenario) and I want to upload it but now I cannot find it on the computer! It's not in the scenarios folder where, as far as I'm concerned, it should be, and because I really don't understand how to search the entire computer on Vista, I can't find it in general. Huh? What am I missing, thanks for any help. Reece.
  6. Agreed, it is very annoying!
  7. Alvin Greene (D) beat Vic Rawl (D) to face off against Jim DeMint in South Carolina
  8. Maybe you're doing too much? I think $35m is a bit low and I agree that the fundraising is anaemic but I run very few adverts, and only really target seats that are within reasonable reach, that is +/-10%.
  9. I would also note however that Rasmussen are not exactly the most reliable of pollsters, with a 'House Effect' to the GOP of about R+5% @Admin, do you use an average of polls, the same pollster for each race, or just mix and match?
  10. Other races off the top of my head: Carly Fiorina, not Tom Campbell, is going to be the R nominee in CA. Dino Rossi is more likely than not going to be the R nominee in WA. The NV Primary is this week but the R nominee is probably going to be Sharron Angle John Thune in SD will be opposed by nobody, but I'm not sure how easy that would be to simulate
  11. The Senate Campaign: As Democrats I can get 59 seats, and I can always win one of the following three: Reid in NV, Blumenthal in CT and Conlin beating Grassley in IA, but never two of them, which would give me a majority!
  12. Some Comments on v.1.2.7 Senate Campaign. (I've not yet played the House on it, is there any significant changes?) Have played it about 10 times now and have won a majority with the Dems each time. However some of the polling is a bit off and some of the Dem challenger candidates at least (and I'm sure it's the same the other way round) against incumbents are wrong. (I guess that is because the scenario does start forward in time a bit and they are in Primaries that are yet to be resolved.) Some of the polling no longer reflects the state of the race at the moment either: two I can think of off the top of my head is that Harry Reid is ahead of all prospective candidates in NV, whilst Dick Blumenthal's faux pas re: military service has done nothing to dent his lead against Linda McMahon, I think by about 10-points.
  13. I think it depends what sort of presidency Dukakis has had. If he has come off the back of the Gulf War strong, but the economy is slowing down like in reality, then I think that for the Democrats there would probably be the equivalent fringe challengers like Pat Robertson: maybe Jerry Brown. If he is much weaker, then expect the big beasts to get involved. If I recall correctly, the only reason why people like Jay Rockefellar and Mario Cuomo didn't get involved in reality and let what was, effectively, a second tier of candidates have a go is that they thought Bush was unbeatable! So that then also impacts on who challenges for the GOP as well. Interesting possibilities.
  14. Some of my thoughts on the game and my tactics: *I have only played as the Dems in both 2010 and 2008* In 2010 I think maybe the Dems are in a bit too strong a position. In most of the games I play I enter the election with a majority predicted to be about 45 seats and end up pretty much securing the same amount of seats the Dems have now, my best result has been a net loss of 1 seat. In 2008 it is easy to win but difficult to win big, though I am matching, at the very least, the real results of the election. My tactics are pretty straightforward. I go for the ground game. I create crusaders, and then put every tossup/lean seat on the watchlist, as well as targetting them. Every safe seat below -/+10 gets 20k, whilst I splash out 50k immediately on all tossup/lean seats. By the middle of October, the majority of the seats that are in play have been put on the watchlist/targetted, so starting form tossups I create footsoldiers. This is augmented by deselecting from the targetting list those seats which are now safe. (It says that this takes EP's but I'm not sure what this means as I don't see any energy bar...) In the last five days I empty my donations onto all of those races still in play. I've also tried to run a bit of a decapitation operation like the Lib Dems tried in the UK in 2005. I target Boehner in OH, Roy Blunt in MO and Adam ??? from FL who is the GOP Conference Chair. Am yet to take any of those out yet. Have managed to knock out Michelle Bachmann though which was super satisfying. I don't run any adverts, because this massive ground game usually just about takes up all the warchest. Any comments on strategy?
  15. I have been playing this all afternoon [and evening] and really enjoyed it. I played as FDR; won every state in the Primaries [naturally] and managed to keep Breckenridge down to about 60 delegates to the convention [he claims about 1 delegate per state with exception in New Jersey, where try as I might I couldn't win by more than 25 points!] After the first round of Primaries I began concentrating on the General Election, with the only states in play being Kansas, Iowa, Mass., Maine, NH, Vermont and Delaware. By the time I accepted the nomination at the convention [the Fall Campaign is very, very long!] I had opened up at least 5 point leads in all but Maine, Vermont and Kansas. I built up my organisation in these three states, whilst bombarding the nation with newspaper ads and radio ads focussed more on the 'battlegrounds'. FDR and Garner barnstormed their way through the three states, reversing a 10 point deficit in both of them. Kansas was the first to fall at the end of September, whilst Maine remained too close to call until election day. I had a late wobble in October in Rhode Island, but a redoubling of my barnstorming efforts in the area meant it soon returned to the blue column. After a final week's advertising blitz, for which I had shepherded almost $7,000,000, on election day I managed to win 63% of the vote, winning 49 of 50 states, losing in Vermont by less than 2000 votes. In South Carolina I managed to secure 98% of the vote. I did better than the real FDR both in terms of the percentage of the popular vote and the electoral college vote. Despite my margin of victory I was very disappointed not to have taken Vermont. One issue I did spot however is that I managed to win only about 16,000,000 votes, which was the same as, in reality, Alf Landon claimed. But all in all, a fantastic scenario, chiming very well with what I am currently reading: FDR by Jean Edward Smith.
  16. No offence, but why? Bill Clinton in 1988, maybe, GW Bush in 1988? Out there. Other than that what were the differences?
  17. NY Senatorial I should have said, Gillibrand vs Ford vs potentially Pataki in the GE. and FL Sen: Crist vs Rubio in the GOP primary
  18. I wish someone would do Texas, NY or Florida! If only I had the time; they all look real ding-dang-doos.
  19. I experienced similar as Gov. Pete Wilson. It is very difficult. I ended up losing bigger than Dole/Kemp did in real life. On the first day of the Fall Campaign I was at 38 points. Think I topped out at about 42-3. It does in a way I guess reflect the fact that none of the Republican candidates are out of the top drawer. Reece
  20. I replied to the email: it works great, thanks. Has anyone managed to win as anyone but Nixon or HHH? I was looking forward to romping home as Romney but its imposs! Back to the drawing board!
  21. Is there anyway someone can email me this scenario? to ReeceEEmmitt@googlemail.com, because I'm itching to play this scenario and it never seems to be working for me! Thanks.
  22. Gameplays good; I like it. But; my only minor quibbles would be its pretty difficult to decipher which area is which; especially in the South, in Bart Stupaks description it says he is a Republican, and in the platform slider about term limits it says California. Other than that it is really good fun; as all your scenarios are!
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