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  1. Bumping this simply because I hope to see a finished proper version, given it was one of the closest races ever. http://www.electionreturns.state.pa.us/ElectionsInformation.aspx?FunctionID=12&ElectionID=39 Candidate Votes Percent SESTAK, JOE (DEM) 1,928,245 49.3% TOOMEY, PAT (REP) 1,984,516 50.7% http://www.electionreturns.state.pa.us/ElectionsInformation.aspx?FunctionID=15&ElectionID=39&OfficeID=2
  2. Does that mean you can't go back and fix it up? California Gubernatorial - 2010 could use updating as well, to fix the primary candidates, third party candidates and add the Peace and Freedom party. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_gubernatorial_election,_2010
  3. If you do it, I can help with typing info for the players and adding third parties.
  4. Where is Pennsylvania? Not only was the race won by a mere 2% (http://www.electionreturns.state.pa.us/), but the primaries had the notable loss by Arlen Spector! (http://www.electionreturns.state.pa.us/ElectionsInformation.aspx?FunctionID=12&ElectionID=34) Plus, you could add the Green party (Mel Packer), the Libertarian, and others who failed the primaries!
  5. The current officially hosted version for this campaign is horribly out of date. Only one of the Democratic candidates actually ran, for one thing. The thing could use a redux now that the results are in. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennsylvania_gubernatorial_election,_2010
  6. Now this really needs overhauled. Given that this was one of the closest races in PA history, it really needs to be finished. Democrats: Arlen Specter, Joe Sestak. Disqualified: Joe Vodvarka. Withdrew: Joe Torsella (Endorsed Specter), Bill Kortz, Doris Smith-Ribner. Possible fantasy rules toggle: Chris Matthews, Joe Torsella. It should be noted that despite Specter having a huge money advantage, and endorsements from almost everyone including Obama, Rendell, and more, Sestak won, despite originally polling at less then 20% when he entered the race. Republican: Pat Toomey, Peg Luksik. Withdrew: Larry Murphy, Robert Townsend. Possible fantasy rules toggle: Tom Ridge, Glen Meakem, Jim Gerlach, Jane Orie.
  7. This is just a rough sketch, but it's something I would like to see in a downloadable game. Scenario: After 8 years of GOP control, and 4 years of Centrist rule by the Democratic party, the nation is divided. The economy is in bad shape, conflict continues overseas, and political discourse is at an all-time high. Can the GOP pull itself back together and make a surprise comeback? Can the Democrats pull together to accomplish their goals? Or will 2012 become the year of the third party? Candidates: Barack Obama: The incumbent President, can he win another term? Dennis Kucinich: (Off by default) Al Gore: (Off by default) Republican: Newt Gingrich Gary E. Johnson Michael Steele Bobby Jindal Kay Bailey Hutchison Mitt Romney Mike Huckabee George Pataki Tim Pawlenty Tom Ridge (Off by default) Libertarian Party: Wayne Allyn Root Ron Paul (This would create a possible Ross Perot situation. Ron Paul ran as a Libertarian in 1988, and has expressed dismay with the current Republican party. Given his popularity over internet social networks and great grass-roots appeal, he could make or break the election. Independent: Ralph Nader Green Party: David Cobb Electorial map changes: The 2010 Census will ultimately decide how the electoral map will be laid out for the 2012 election, but population projections based upon Census updates give an estimate of how the Electoral College vote apportionment will change. The Census occurs every ten years and is the basis for electoral vote reapportionment based on relative state population changes. According to a study based on the 2007 population estimates, the likely changes are as follows. Likely gainers * Texas - 4 more votes * Arizona - 2 more votes * Florida - 1 more vote * Georgia - 1 more vote * Nevada - 1 more vote * North Carolina - 1 more vote * Oregon - 1 more vote * South Carolina - 1 more vote * Utah - 1 more vote Likely losers * Ohio - 2 fewer votes * California - 1 fewer vote * Illinois - 1 fewer vote * Iowa - 1 fewer vote * Louisiana - 1 fewer vote * Massachusetts - 1 fewer vote * Michigan - 1 fewer vote * Minnesota - 1 fewer vote * Missouri - 1 fewer vote * New Jersey - 1 fewer vote * New York - 1 fewer vote * Pennsylvania - 1 fewer vote
  8. This needs overhauled. Democratic ticket: * Incumbent Senator Arlen Specter * Congressman Joe Sestak * State Representative Bill Kortz Potential * Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of famer Franco Harris * Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham * State Representatives Dwight E. Evans * Congressman Patrick Murphy * Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner Declined * MSNBC Host Chris Matthews * State Representative Josh Shapiro * Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz Republican: Confirmed * Peg Luksik, activist, Republican Party (1990) and Constitution Party (1994, 1998) candidate for Governor * Larry Murphy, 1998 Republican primary opponent to Specter * Pat Toomey, former Congressman and President of the Club for Growth * Robert Townsend, Federal Air Marshal Retired Potential * Jim Gerlach * Glen Meakem Declined * Former Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge (Off by default) Third parties: Unknown at this stage, although we are likely to see at least one from the Green Party, and a possible entry from the Libertarian party.
  9. Spector has changed parties, so this will need to be updated.
  10. Excellent, now all we need is the 1964 election, with Kennedy off by default.
  11. I still think the situation should be programmed with Kennedy "withdrawing" the day of his assassination.
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