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  1. All of the events have outcomes... Any other ideas?
  2. One problem. Whenever I attempt to play the scenario I get an "Invalid floating point operation" error. Only occurs with the primaries on.
  3. I'll upload it eventually and post a link so don't post an e-mail address. Candidates Republican William Howard Taft Robert La Follete Democrat Woodrow Wilson Champ Clark Judson Harmon Oscar Underwood Thomas Marshall Simeon Baldwin John Burke Progressive Theodore Roosevelt Socialist Eugene Debs Prohibition Eugene Chafin
  4. I started working on a 1912 scenario about a week ago. Thought about moving the "primaries" or rather the state conventions back to the day of the national convention, but went ahead and searched around for dates of the conventions. The scenario I created is nearly done, but I left Roosevelt out as a Republican candidate and chose to use him as only the progressive candidate. If you still intend to create a scenario, I have all the primary dates, state convention dates, and delegate counts, if you need them.
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