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  1. CCA

    Germany 2013

    hfrancisco2006@gmail.com please
  2. An editor for the PM Forever scenarios...
  3. 1984 Victory as Jesse Jackson on Medium. I managed to get a lot of momentum earlier on in the race by airing two 'highly successful' newspaper ads in all 50 states and dent Reagan's early lead by lucking on a "High" damage leadership scandal. I focussed my campaigning on the industrial states and managed to eke out a victory, that being said, it was quite close with Pennsyvania, Ohio and Michigan flashing between Blue and Red several times. Edit: How do you take full sized screen shots?
  4. CCA

    England 1640

    PRetty good, maybe instead of having that preservation party you should have an *army party* consisting of the grandees?
  5. CCA

    England 1640

    How about a 'radical' leveller kinda party led by John Lilburne?
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