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  1. KingUffindell

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    This is a really small thing, but I'd simply like to see the likelihood of a candidate accepting an offer decrease once they have declined it. I have to discipline myself not to spam other candidates with offers every turn that have a 25% chance, so that maybe, one turn, they will accept it.
  2. KingUffindell

    P4E Font?

    A bit of an odd question here, but can anyone tell me which font is used in President Forever for the tick that appears next to the projected winner on election night? I just get a box, indicating, I assume, that I don't have the correct font. Anyone?
  3. KingUffindell


    Finally, I am able to post on here. I'd just like to ask if there's any way I can still get the Multiplayer Beta of President Forever 2008? I've been playing President Forever for a while, and am finding the AI much, much too easy to beat. It'd be nice to have some real competition.