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  1. I completely missed that you had done this scenario. I'd love to try it. deliriumtremensmusic@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. Does anyone still have a copy of this? My copy was on an old hard drive that got corrupted, and I don't have the file in my e-mail any more. If anyone would be so kind as to e-mail me this scenario at deliriumtremensmusic@yahoo.com, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
  3. darkmoon72

    Scenarios made by Lucas

    gabauer1983@gmail.com Thanks
  4. darkmoon72

    United States 1900

    Well Version 2 has certainly fixed the main problem I had, which was that McKinley won by ridiculously large landslides when the game was started from the primaries. However, I've tweaked and edited the scenario over and over, and the third-party candidates still get too many votes. I'll keep trying but I'm not having any luck so far. If anyone wants to go ahead and edit this scenario so the third-party candidates are a bit weaker, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Let me guess. You're a Republican.
  6. darkmoon72


    Yeah, the game gets screwy when the election goes to Congress. I always see Congress pick one candidate, and then take back their call. On the right-hand side, it always says the candidate who won the popular vote "won", even if Congress picked someone else.
  7. darkmoon72

    United States 1884

    Also, don't forget "Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, continental liar from the state of Maine."
  8. darkmoon72

    United States 1884

    The Immigration issue should be primarily centered around China, as that was the focal point of the immigration debate during this era. Also, I presume the article exposing Cleveland's pre-marital affair will give him negative momentum. If that is the case, then his admission of the affair should give him positive momentum, as it did in the actual election. Voters were impressed by Cleveland's honesty in the matter, and the issue was mostly defused after Cleveland instructed his supporters to tell the truth.
  9. darkmoon72

    United States 1900

    Here's Version 2. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CYX327FH
  10. darkmoon72

    United States 1900

    I've managed to narrow the popular vote difference down even further. The last time I played through (I spacebar as Maloney when I test this scenario), the total was McKinley 51%, Bryan 45%. Very close to the actual result. I've been including Dewey in the primaries and Bryan still manages to get 44-45%, so that's a significant improvement. I still have the problem of the third-party candidates getting too many votes. The Prohibition Party always gets close to the 1.5% they got in the actual election, but everyone else still gets almost double what they got in real life. I've trimmed the party percentages and decreased the percentage of decided voters, but it doesn't seem to have done much. I will send out a second version with the fixes I just implemented (Newspaper PIPs, primaries, etc). If and when I fix the third-party situation, I'll issue a third version.
  11. darkmoon72

    United States 1900

    I just now cut the Republican primary percentage by about 20% in the primaries, and it certainly helped. I think you're on the right track with this idea. Now the popular vote percentage is McKinley 52% to Bryan 43%. A lot closer to the actual result. I didn't cut the third party candidates' percentages - I will do that next, because they're still receiving almost double the percentages they received in the real election. Since almost all the third parties have some issue positions similar to Bryan's, I'm thinking they are cutting into his vote total more than McKinley's. The only weird thing about doing this is the game projects the Democrats having a significant lead at the start of the primaries. That probably wasn't the case at all in real life, given the nationalist sentiment over the Spanish-American War at the time. But I can't seem to find a better solution, so I'll stick with this.
  12. darkmoon72

    United States 1900

    Well, I fixed the PIP problem with the newspapers, but I discovered a new problem. During the primaries, McKinley builds up so much momentum that he's almost 20 points ahead by the time the general election starts. When I start the game from the general election, the outcome is pretty close to the actual election results, but when I start from the primaries, McKinley gets about 55%, Bryan 37%, and the third party candidates get way too many votes. Can anyone assist me with this issue?
  13. It's doubtful Scott Brown will even win re-election in Massachusetts in 2012. The only reason he won the seat at all is because Martha Coakley was completely inept when it came to campaigning.
  14. darkmoon72

    President Dukakis - 1992

    If Bush had managed to lose in 1988, coming off the heels of Reagan's popularity, I doubt he would have run for President again. Dick Cheney might be a decent candidate to add, but since he wasn't very well-known nationally until the Gulf War, he shouldn't be one of the top-tier candidates.
  15. darkmoon72

    United States 1824

    What I mean with Clayton is, right around the beginning of November the map switches to every state being pink (which is his color). It stays that way until Election Night, when it plays through normally, but it means I can't see who is winning in each state.