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  1. Feature You'd Most Like to See

    In PMI UK, I'd love for 'vote share changes/swings' to be added to election nights. In each seat, the changes for each party in percentage terms compared to the previous (real-life) election would be displayed next to the candidates, with changes also shown on regional and national levels. For example, Labour won 47.2% compared to the Tories' 32.8% in Walsall South in the real-life 2015 election. If in the 2017 PMI UK scenario Labour win 56.9% and the Tories 31.2%, then it would show Labour 56.9% (+9.7%), Conservatives 31.2% (-1.6%). This is a key feature of televised election night coverage in the UK.
  2. Labour threats

    Corbyn's personal ratings are no worse than Thatcher's in 1979, Heath's in 1970 or even Cameron's in 2010. Indeed, Callaghan famously had a 19-point lead over Thatcher on the question of preferred prime minister on the eve of the 1979 election. Sustained positive personal ratings are actually quite an unusual thing; when opposition parties win elections it is often a case of a default victory rather than of any great enthusiasm. I mean, it's much easier to imagine a voter who votes for a party despite not really liking its leader ("best of a bad bunch") than it is to imagine a voter who doesn't vote for a party despite actually liking its leader.
  3. The death of ukip.

    It's unfair to single out the UK. Western politics in general has taken a rather sour turn in the past few years. Although, paradoxically, the two main parties received their highest combined vote share in 2017 since 1970, despite neither of them exactly being popular.
  4. Red Ken wins

    New Labour is certainly better (from a left-wing POV) than the Labour governments that both Australia and New Zealand had in the 1980s.
  5. Election Night

    President Forever 2008 did have an election night which included state projections ("we are calling ME for X", we are calling CO for Y" etc) but the problem with it was that it often called states prematurely. If, say, a few percent of the vote was in and one candidate was ahead by more than about 8% then that candidate would be projected the winner. This led to a bizarre bug where if the other candidate wound up as the victor in that state and this caused the overall national outcome to flip, there would be an avalanche of messages of "we are taking back our call". Another issue was that it would refuse to call states until around 99% was reporting if the margin was less than around 8%. In terms of U.S. elections then yeah, President Elect probably had the best. Most games of this kind simply just report the full state-by-state results without any trickling in. The old Randy Chase series did this, as did that obscure and unfinished Election Day game from around a decade ago. But election nights for Prime Minister Infinity UK are very well done as the results come in pretty much exactly as they do in real-life. The only thing missing is a swingometer, a Dimbleby and some grilling interviewer.
  6. Weird and Wonderful What-Ifs

    You mean like how his father was until the 1950s? It's not unusual at all anyway for children to have differing political views from their parents. As for the topic, there are loads of interesting failed primary candidates from the 80s and 90s who are fairly interesting and would be so in today's environment. Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart, Pat Buchanan, Pete Wilson etc.
  7. Three old scenario (P4E 2008) requests

    He did make quite significant progress on it, to the extent that it was playable anyway. I'd really like to see who all of the candidates were on that 2016 scenario and compare to real life. I can recall Schweitzer, Andrew Cuomo, and maybe Susana Martinez but no one else (other than, as said, that fictional third-party guy). At that time it was assumed that Hillary Clinton was finished with presidential politics so I doubt she was in it.
  8. Three old scenario (P4E 2008) requests

    Hello, I first discovered what was then known as President Forever in 2008 so obviously I have experienced many scenarios over the years. There are three that I recall fondly that don't seem to be available on the campaigns page or in the forum. - A 2016 scenario that was made many years before 2016. It had many 'stars' of the future, and it also had a populistic third-party candidate with Martin Sheen as its default pic. Funnily enough, its issues included such things as human cloning, robotics etc. - An expanded 2000 scenario. It notably had several celebrities as alternative candidates, including Clint Eastwood on the GOP side, Warren Beatty on the Democratic side and some guy called Donald Trump for the Reform Party, as well as Ross Perot. - A 'Ruler of Time' scenario. Basically this was a battle between various notable figures from throughout history, such as Stalin, Caesar, Vlad the Impaler etc. Does anyone have these still? This thread can be a general one for those with similar requests/memories.
  9. Burnley Borough Council Election 2006

    Was also (probably) the least liberal Lib Dem held seat in the 2010-2015 parliament, aside from possibly Birmingham Yardley or Redcar. It's often forgotten that a lot of the pre-coalition Lib Dem vote came from people who weren't liberal at all or obsessed with things like Euro integration, electoral reform etc and mainly voted Lib Dem because they weren't the two main parties. And for a non-Brit not hearing of Burnley, that isn't really surprising is it? There are vastly populated cities (with hundreds of thousands of people) in the United States that even Americans haven't heard of. Virtually everyone in the UK has heard of cities such as Coventry and Reading because it's a much smaller country.
  10. UK Constituency Elections

    With the new popular vote feature, making U.S. senate, governor etc elections is much easier. I figured that it might also be neat to do some notable constituency elections. Waaaaay back in the day, the user Treasurer of the PC made some good Westminster constituency scenarios, mostly by-elections if I remember correctly. In terms of the upcoming general election, the following would make quite interesting scenarios imo. Feel free to add your own suggestions. Moray - Can the SNP's Westminster leader Angus Robertson hold off a Tory challenge? Vauxhall - Can the maverick Brexiteer Labour MP Kate Hoey win her seemingly safe seat again, with the Lib Dems fiercely targeting the seat? Twickenham - Will the heavyweight former Lib Dem cabinet minister Vince Cable win back the seat that he so shockingly lost in 2015? Ynys Mon - In one of the most interesting constituencies in Wales, will Albert Owen defy the odds and continue the seat's taste for re-electing incumbents (no incumbent MP has lost this seat since 1951)? Birmingham Yardley - A battle between two outspoken characters in Labour's Jess Phillips and the Liberal Democrats' John Hemming. Who will win?
  11. It does seem to be the case that whenever we have a general election, we get left-wing Americans going on about how great the Tories are in comparison to the GOP. Oddly enough those on the left in the UK don't feel that way at all. The Tories have presided over the dismantling of the welfare state since 2010. May's rhetoric is more 'compassionate' than Cameron's but she has done nothing whatsoever to reverse it. Add to that that she is known to be quite authoritarian on law and order matters, that she has filled her cabinet with figures from the Tory right, as well as her pursuit of a Hard Brexit, and most progressives/liberals/socialists over here despise her government more so than any other since Thatcher. The Tories may 'support' the NHS, but so does any party that wants to be taken seriously by anyone - advocating the abolition of the monarchy would be less toxic than advocating NHS privatisation. As for women and gay rights, we are a much more secular country (somewhat ironically, given that Church and State are not separated here) and we don't have much of a Religious Right to speak of.
  12. Who would you like to see run in 2020?

    Why would O'Malley (who as you say is a technocrat) be a good choice for appealing to the 'white working-class' when the Democratic Party's problems with the 'white working-class' are largely based on its embrace of technocracy? Webb is only noteworthy for his 2016 run and his victory in the tipping point race of the 2006 senate elections. If there's a candidate from that tendency of the party then it should be John Bel Edwards or even Joe Manchin. Cuomo...no, just no. Personifies everything that is wrong with the current Democratic Party - dull, technocratic, basically has the policies of conservative parties of Europe. Trump (or whoever the Republicans nominate) would be a better choice for teachers than Cuomo... Warren is overrated but probably the best of this bunch.
  13. President Trump's Cabinet

    Often cabinets are filled with technocratic nonentities. This one looks as if it will be mostly made up of well-known names.
  14. As a Brit, I did not become familiar with Donald Trump until around 2009. How did I become familiar? I downloaded an expanded 2000 scenario for President Forever 2008. It included more candidates and parties than the official one. I scrolled through the various parties and candidates and got to the Reform Party. One of their candidates was a stern-looking guy with interesting hair, although his picture was a bit fuzzy as I recall. His name was Donald Trump. His set positions on the issues weren't too offensive. He had a charisma rating of 2. So yeah. I first heard of the President-elect of the United States via this website and whoever created that scenario. Sadly it doesn't seem to be on the scenarios page - it was likely uploaded to one of those download sites that's long gone. Just thought I'd share that with y'all.
  15. Obama's Legacy Poll

    What has always baffled me about Obama's presidency is that most people seem to hold strong views (be they positive or negative) about it. In my view his presidency has been largely benign with even his most significant legislative achievement (Obamacare) not exactly being transformational in the grand scheme of things.