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  1. Could I get a copy of this? Thank you.
  2. Jackson

    1932 election

    Former President Calvin Coolidge is an obvious choice for the Republicans; He was very popular, and had managed to avoid the blame for the Stock market crash.
  3. If Oramel Simspon was the incumbent governor, shouldn't he have 5 experience?
  4. I would like to recieve a copy
  5. Jackson

    The Union-2008

    Dan Quayle. Without H.W. Bush he never would have had his rather disastrous Vice Presidency, and thus would by now be a experienced senator with presidential ambitions.
  6. Jackson

    1932 election

    http://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/nationa...lect=0|&f=0 This has the numbers for each state for every party.
  7. Jackson

    1932 election

    Make the third parties have something like 95% alienation and only 5% undecided. the numbers for commited, leaning, undecided and alienated should always add up to 100. Also, make sure that the third parties have their historical balllot access; most were not on the ballot in every state.
  8. Wallace was not on the ballot in DC. Also, Wallace should definitely have a charisma of 5. There is no way Reagan should be far right on Law and Order if Wallace is only Right. Also, has is misspelled without the h on George McGovern's general election description.
  9. Jackson

    1932 election

    Calvin Coolidge should be present either as an optional Republican candidate or a crusader for Hoover.
  10. Jackson

    1976 Question

    Agnew might be an optional canidate. He had to resign because of a bribery scandal, so he should have low integrity, but I could still see him making a run if Watergate had not occcured.
  11. Jackson

    United States - 2008 - Enhanced Edition Beta

    Rice should be an optional canidate for the Republicans; I know a lot of Republicans who wanted her to run.
  12. According to today's hotline poll Pallin is more popular than Biden or McCain. However, this has no bearing on her Charisma, which a quick look at any Republican rally she is at will show is considerable.
  13. Jackson

    Campaigns Forever troubles

    I have had the same problem with the regions.