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  1. Could you be kind enought to email me NJ and MI? Thx juanp_coldplay@hotmail.com
  2. Looks really great, specially the part where Sotomayor is "in" the senators Can I have a go? Juanp_coldplay@hotmail.com Thx
  3. can you send it to me please? :-) juanp_coldplay@hotmail.com
  4. in another topic... hope this helps... the reallocation of EV is probably going to be like this (based in speculations according to the mid-decade census): Texas +4 Arizona +2 Florida +2 Georgia +1 Nevada +1 North Carolina +1 Oregon +1 South Carolina +1 Utah +1 California -1 Illinois -1 Iowa -1 Louisiana -1 Massachusetts -1 Michigan -1 Minnesota -1 Missouri -1 New Jersey -1 Pennsylvania -1 New York -2 Ohio -2 source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States...l_apportionment
  5. could you send a copy please japerlas13@yahoo.com thanks!
  6. could you send me a copy if its done? thanks japerlas13@yahoo.com
  7. i'll try it please japerlas13@yahoo.com
  8. it was really good i enjoyed playing it specially cause after the primaries its really easy to get cross-party endorsements
  9. ok, thanks man send it to this address then: japerlas13@yahoo.com
  10. could you send me a copy pleas? juanp_coldplay@hotmail.com
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