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  1. The icon for the game is showing up on my desktop as a US flag; also, the dates in the game are in US format (mm/dd/yy) rather than UK format (dd/mm/yy).
  2. Having taken a very quick look at the game, I have a couple of comments: 1. Television and radio advertising shouldn't be allowed. Parties cannot advertise on TV and radio in the UK (except for the Party Election Broadcasts which are free, national and allocated based on past performance and the amount of candidates the party is standing). It is not realistic to allow TV and radio adverts beyond this limited scope. 2. Times on election night should be in "BST", not "CET". Also, results don't come in in the middle of the day - they start coming in a few hours after polls close and they come in overnight. Further they don't come in by region. This is not how a real election night works. The seats come in one by one from all over the country. As some other people have suggested the game should show what the swing is in the seat and whether it has changed hands or not. Throughout the results coming in there should be "projections" of what will happen if the swing that has been seen so far is represented over the whole country.
  3. TomPhil

    UK AV

    How easy would it be to convert the standard UK 2005 scenario that comes with the British version to run as an AV (preference) system like the Australian one? I've tried just changing the number under @preferences to 1, but it doesn't work. The game just freezes when I try to use the scenario. Is there something else I need to change?
  4. Hi, I've recently started using Campaigns Forever again after not using it for a few months. However, now each time I start the program, I get a message saying that it needs to be activated on the Internet. I cannot proceed without allowing it. Even though I activate each time, the next time it forces me to activate again. It's not particularly a problem as I can just click "yes" and allow it to activate (although it's a little annoying), but I'm worried that by having to activate it every time, I will end up over-activating it, and it will get disabled. Can you help?
  5. What about the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man?
  6. Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I was a bit worried when I was making the scenario that actually I was making a rather large assumption that the two factions would reunite. I'm no expert on RESPECT internal politics, but it seems to have been quite a serious split. Assuming that they did reunite, I think that the disorganisation created by the fact that they've essentially been running as two separate parties would hinder them, and this is reflected in the lower figure. Also one should remember that they are very much the junior of all the parties in the game. They are the most recently formed, and have very little experience of running in elections etc. compared even to UKIP or the BNP. For this reason, I think that on balance a lower figure is justified. One of the things I have tried to do with the scenario is to put a lot of variation in to make it interesting, and so I did sometimes exaggerate the differences between parties and candidates to provide variety. With this in mind, I think that the lower establishment figure for RESPECT adds to the scenario by giving you the choice to take on a harder challenge by playing as RESPECT rather than one of the other smaller parties. In conclusion, I take your point, but on balance, especially with consideration to my aim to provide different experiences when playing as each of the parties, I think that it is justified to keep the figure as it is. Unfortunately also your comment was posted a day too late, as I did a few final test play-throughs of the scenario over the weekend and have now decided to finish the scenario and not make any more changes to it unless there are any major issues. However, I would like to thank you for playing my scenario and for taking the time to give me some feedback on it.
  7. I played properly for the first time last night, and there are a number of issues that I found. Some of them may be just me misunderstanding how a feature works, but I think some may be bugs. I was playing on my UK scenario, but I don't think any of them were down to a problem with the scenario: * Where you have a crusader on a time limited period, the time does not count down properly. I recruited a crusader who had an 80 day limit about 100 days before the first primary. I was surprised to see that he was still crusading for me at the time of the first primary, and still had a significant amount of time left. He carried on until almost the end of the primaries campaign. When I checked, the "days left" count is only going down by about 4 or 5 days each week. I've checked this on the 2008 US scenario, and there is the same issue. * I made an offer to a candidate of another party to withdraw and endorse me in return for 7 PIPs. I then changed my mind and withdrew the offer, but I didn't get the PIPs back. I have tried to reproduce this problem and couldn't, but it definitely happened. * When you are in the screen where you make offers to other candidates, once you scroll down through the names of other candidates, you then can't scroll back up to the top candidate - it stops at the second to top candidate. * Why does the turn summary give four of five different lines about background fundraising during the election campaign, with all of the lines being identical or nearly identical? Is this a bug, or is it just something I don't understand?
  8. Thanks for your feedback. I've tried to make the scenario as realistic as possible and I really can't see that anyone would have a chance of beating Griffin in BNP primaries, so it was my intention that it should be almost impossible to beat Griffin. If I changed it to give Barnbrook and Darby a better chance I don't think that the scenario would be as realistic, so I think I'll leave that as it is, but thanks for your suggestion.
  9. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I'm glad that you like the scenario. I've been very busy over the last few weeks, but I hope to have the opportunity to play it through a few times over the weekend, then I will submit it for inclusion on the official scenarios page. If you have any suggestions about or problems with the scenario then please post them on here in the next few days and I'll consider them for inclusion in the final version I send to Theoryspark.
  10. Hi everyone, I've finally completed my new UK Presidential Election 2010 scenario. This scenario imagines that the Queen dies and the monarchy is abolished, leading to the first Presidential Election in the UK. It features: * 44 candidates from 7 different parties with contested primaries in each party. * Campaign in 25 regions, throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. * Get endorsements from British newspapers, pressure groups and MPs. * Set your position on 18 issues, from University top-up fees to the NHS, and from your view on Gordon Brown to your position on British membership of the EU. (Note: President Forever can only support 32 candidates in any one game. By default 32 candidates are switched on. If you switch any more on, please make sure that you switch a corresponding number off). Any comments, suggestions, etc. would be welcome. Thanks. Download link: Click here to download
  11. Hi, I've basically finished my scenario now, but it has in excess of the maximum number of candidates allowed. The problem is that with three major parties in the UK, once I've given each of those nine/ten candidates, I'm already basically at the limit. Once I add four other well-known parties that people would expect to contest a Presidential election, I get to a total of 44 candidates. To get the amount of candidates down to the limit, I've switched two of the smaller parties off by default and a few candidates for each of the other candidates. However, the problem is this: If I make the scenario available and people download it who are not aware of the limit on the amount of candidates, they may well decide to switch on some of the candidates that I have had to switch off or some of the parties that I've switched off. They would receive no warning from the game that this was not allowed, and would start up the scenario quite happily. Only when they advanced past the first turn would the game crash for seemingly no reason. This would be very annoying for the player, and may well make them think that the scenario itself was defective. Yes, I could put a message in the readme about the limit, but many people would not bother to read this, and, even if they did, they may miscount and switch on too many candidates. If it's not possible to make the game support at least 44 candidates, then at least can a check be included that counts how many candidates have been selected by the player and stops them starting the game, displaying a meaningful explanation, if the player has selected too many candidates? The player would therefore know exactly what the problem was and could easily go back and rectify the problem, without experiencing the annoyance of a crash, which makes both the scenario and the game look bad.
  12. Hi, Thanks for the improvements to Campaigns Forever - I've now been able to set my thresholds and re-order my regions and am hoping to have my scenario ready soon. However, one little problem remains - the game won't let me use the pound symbol as the currency. When I enter it into the "create scenario" section of Campaigns Forever then close the window down, it deletes the symbol, and when I go back the box is blank. I've even tried directly editing the xml file to insert it, but it's no good - the game didn't display any currency symbol at all. It's not a major problem - I could use the dollar symbol, but it would be nice, seen as my scenario is set in the UK, to be able to use the pound symbol. Is it possible that support for this could be included in a future version? Thanks.
  13. I'm just looking at the new version of Campaigns Forever and I have a question re: the new regional bonuses feature. Is this instead of, or on top of, the home region bonus? Do candidates still get a 5% bonus for their home region, and this is an opportunity to add a bonus for a different region, or has the standard home bonus been removed, and if you want candidates to have a home bonus you must use the regional bonuses feature?
  14. For me the bug affects all parties. However, I do not have the Republicans and Democrats as I replaced them with UK parties.
  15. Thank you for your response and I look forward to the forthcoming release of the new version of Campaigns Forever. I think that I have reported all of the bugs that I am experiencing in various threads on this forum, so I see no need to repeat them here. However, I must clarify the problem regarding thresholds. All I want to do is set a threshold. Not a complicated different threshold for each party, or different regions, or anything like that. I'd be happy to have, say, a 15% threshold throughout all my parties and regions. Some of the regions and parties are FPTP, and some PR, so obviously the threshold is only relevant to the latter, but all I want is the same threshold for each party. What I'm doing is to go to the "regional information" box in the "edit selected party" screen. The number in the "cuttoff" (shouldn't that be "cutoff"?) box says 0. So, with the first region on the list selected, I change this number to 15. Now I click the next region on the list. The number in the cuttoff box for this region also now shows 15, even though it showed 0 before I changed it for the first region. I check the other regions. The cuttoff number for every one of these has also changed from 0 to 15. OK, I think. I'll stick with that. So I close down the "regional information" box. Then I open it up again to check, and the number in the cuttoff box for every region has reset to 0. I'm not trying to do anything complicated, but the number just won't stick. As soon as you close the screen down, it's lost. It just isn't retaining the cuttoff figure. This isn't a problem with putting any unusual figures in - I've tried a number of different figures and it won't work with any. It's not a problem with setting a different figure for each region - I only want one figure. It's a complete inability to set any threshold. Yes, I don't have the default 2008 values anymore - that's because I deleted all the US regions to put UK ones in - but you must have inputted them in the first place otherwise how would they have got there in the 2008 version? I'm not trying to come up with conspiracy theories, I just wonder why I can't do something with the software that you clearly must have been able to do to get the thresholds in for the 2008 scenario? I hope that this clarifies the problem that I am having.
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