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  1. Can you send it to john29992@yahoo.com? Thanks a bunch!
  2. I agree the Far Left position wasn't great. It was all I could think of. Maybe something like this??? Far Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research and massively increase funding for a Stem Cell "Manhattan Project!"
  3. Also, could the business tax issue be changed? Either Stem Cell Research or Religion/Faith would be an improvement, I think. Stem Cell Research Far Left: Move on to Human Cloning! Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research and significantly increase funding. Center-Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research. Center: Stem Cell Research raises ethical concerns, but the benefits are too great to pass up. Center-Right: Stem Cell Research Raises moral concerns so it should not be publicly funded, but private research is OK. Right: Stem Cell research takes human life and is immoral. Far Right: Stem Cell research is murder and private stem cell research should be banned. Faith/Religion Far Left: Anti-Religious! Left: Secular/Religion and politics don't mix/Religion is a private matter. Center-Left: Religious Left/Minority Religion/We should be wary of mixing religion and politics too much. Center: Mainline Protestant/Catholic/Religion is partly public and partly private. Center-Right: Faith is Public/Faith and Politics mix pretty well most of the time. Right: Religious Right/Faith is a public matter. Far Right: The Rapture is coming!
  4. First of all, great job! I just had a lot of fun playing through the primaries with Obama. A number of the things I was going to say have already been said, but I'll say 'em anyway. 1) I like what you did with the lower undecideds. I actually had some trouble winning the primaries and couldn't just walk into Iowa and pick up 20% support in the first week of the game. Keep the undecideds and hard/soft support like it is! 2) Obama's experience should be 2, not 1. Just about every turn, I was getting a scandal on Obama/experience. While experience would be a weakness for Obama, as it was for Edwards in 2004, it's not that much of a black hole. 3) I agree with Mrdie on Gore's issue positions. I also like his new descriptions for Iran and Terrorism for far left. 4) I really like the NRLC and ACLU endorsements. They should even out for the Republican and the Democrat, but they have the potential to simulate discontent with a nominee who doesn't toe the party line on abortion. For instance, if Rudy Giuliani is the Republican nominee, in real life he would have trouble motivating single issue pro-life voters. If you play with third party's, that can really make things interesting. Peroutka getting the NRLC endorsement would do a good job simulating that discontent. I think there is some potential to expand this interest group endorsement system to a couple of other issues: Here are some ideas for groups that could be added, and still maintain Left/Right balance. Education: National Education Association - Far Left Personal Tax: American's for Tax Reform - Far Right Iraq: The Anti-War Movement (I can't think of a main official interest group for this?) - Far Left Immigration: Minuteman Project - Far Right Social Security (or could be outsourcing): Club for Growth - Far Right Same-Sex Marriage: Human Rights Campaign - Far Left 5) As Obama, I was endorsed by Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was endorsed by Jimmy Carter. The endorsements by people are weird. I also agree that 51 foot soldiers might be a bit too powerful for personal endorsements.
  5. I've found that you really have to coordinate ads, barnstorming, and footsoldiers. In the old game, you could just run an ad by itself and you could pick up a lot of support, but in this one it works much better if you run a coordinated campaign. I normally start off by creating crusaders, setting my strategy to only include Iowa and New Hampshire, and barnstorming the heck out of Iowa. When my candidate is too tired to continue barnstorming, I create footsoldiers in Iowa. By doing this, within a few turns you can be up to 40 or 50 percent in Iowa. Then I move on to New Hampshire and do the same thing. Then I normally skip Arizona Missouri etc and go on to Michigan and Washington, because everyone else tends to hang out in Arizona or Missouri, so if you go to states with later primary dates you will be the only one in the state and you will pick up support faster. At first I spent a lot of time improving my campaign organization, but now not so much because I found out that if you just wait until the general election it will go up to 5 anyway. On ads, I started making most of my ads be about high profile issues rather than about candidate traits like leadership. That way they get bonuses in how much momentum you get. A mediocre ad about Iraq can be more effective than a super-effective ad about leadership because of the bonuses for high profile issues. This also goes for theme, change experience and integrity for instance into war on terror and Iraq (or whatever issues are the highest profile.
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    Something strange happened in my attempt to win the 08 Dem primaries with Clark. I started by barnstorming the heck out of Iowa and New Hampshire and got them quickly on my side. Then I moved on to South Carolina and North Dakota and similarly was able to move them into my column by barnstorming. The Iowa Caucus came and I got 70%. In NH I got in the 40s. Then I tried to campaign in other states, like Missouri, New Mexico, Deleware, Etc. But no matter how much I and my crusaders barnstorm in these states, NO undecideds start supporting me. These are all states with 20-30% undecided, but even barnstorming a gazillion times has no effect whatsoever. Barnstorming produces momentum no problem, and I have had 10-15 momentum in all of these states no problem for several turns. Yet it has no effect at all. What is going on???
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