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  1. mantis

    PM4E- 2011 Canada

    Hello Anthony and everyone else. I really like what you've done with the game. It's come a long way!
  2. mantis

    Windows Vista?

    It's an excellent OS. Incredibly stable and very secure. I'd never go back.
  3. mantis

    Windows Vista?

    Prime Minister Forever does so I'm sure President Forever will too.
  4. mantis

    Prime Minister Stronach

    Your friend? Besides calling her cell phone in the middle of the night, have you ever actually met her? Does she even know who you are?
  5. mantis

    Screwed up as Liberals

    That's weird. In reality, the NDP doesn't even register in "Toronto West" (most of it isn't Toronto at all) which includes the most conservative parts of 905. That shows them leading there.
  6. mantis


    I have relatives that do. Do you get pissed off when people act racist towards other races - even if you're not a member of that race? It's essentially the same thing.
  7. mantis


    Quote a post where I called him inhuman......That's right - it's BS, I never did any such thing! He clearly is anti-American, though.
  8. mantis


    Perhaps you can quote where I called him a terrorist supporter....oh that's right....I didn't. What I said is that he'll be disappointed when the terrorists lose - which means that the coalition wins. He's clearly as anti-American as they come. In short, I will NOT apologize for something that I didn't say.
  9. mantis


    I guess you missed his Nazi quote about telling people that they're being attacked.
  10. mantis


    You think those terrorist attacks are imaginary do you?
  11. mantis


    For what? He gleefully posts each and every article he can get his hands on that say anything negative about coalition forces in Iraq! At the same time, he usually disputes anything posted that says anything positive about it.
  12. mantis


    Keeping you hopes up eh Never Yes????? Don't be too disappointed when the terrorists are eventually crushed.
  13. mantis

    Prime Minister Stronach

    I can't figure out how SW Ontario went NDP!
  14. mantis

    Tory Landslide 2007

    Nice job! I'd love to see a real result like that!
  15. mantis

    Canada 2007

    You know that had me thinking. The game has a parameter for French skill that affects the leader's performance in the French debate. It should have a similar parameter for English. Just a thought. If you're looking for a beta tester, let me know I'd be interested.