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  1. Lets bear in mind that its entirely possible that the developers of this game consist of a handful of people with limited resources and can only reach so many customers. That said, a Mac version of this game would be great if it can get done. As far as game mechanics go, I would like to see some way for less well known candidates have some chance at winning, not necessarily easy but a chance nonetheless. I remember playing as Russ Feingold during the primaries and that was fun, difficult but fun. Then the general election came and I had polling somewhere around 16% and could barely cling to liberal leaning endorsements. I suspect that is semi-unrealistic as almost any democrat can count on support from a handful of states as "base states" i.e. my New York / Mass polling should never be less than 20% especially for someone who isn't insanely far left. Also it would be interesting to see some introduction of Super-delegates and being able to win them over.
  2. Yeah okay...that kind of talk I'm sure has been at the root of republican successes lately...how impossible is it for a democrat to win? I like playing tougher elections but not impossible ones. Look forward to your response.
  3. Very unique, I look forward to trying this. Also any chance you plan on reworking your Penn Senate election?
  4. Just one quick question, I noticed Deeds is Center-left on every issue, is this accurate?
  5. Illinios pleeeassse. haha. Thats my vote anyway.
  6. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. My problem is that I have no skills as far as modding goes, but if you do I would be willing to do any research you may need
  7. First of all I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong location, but is anyone working on a 2010 election for Illinois. This one seems to be fairly intriguing if you ask me as this should be a real horse race.
  8. Hey, love the idea, hows it coming anything I can help with?
  9. well that blows, didn't work, have fun guys.
  10. No Response from specified target, was the error I got
  11. I think it stopped responding, not suprising with vista
  12. I'll be Obama if its open, if not then clinton, but Idk how to do this
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