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  1. cycloneprime

    Why the change of company name?

    Hi It had been a long time since last I visited the 80soft/Theoryspark website and was surprised to see it changed name again. I was just curious: why did the company change name again?
  2. cycloneprime

    Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2008 Released!

    Thanks Anthony, Now, we only need to have the minor parties...
  3. cycloneprime

    Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2008 Released!

    Will we have soon a version with all candidates in it?
  4. cycloneprime

    Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2008 Released!

    So, what are the upgrades really, beside the scenario itself? (bought it, by the way) oh, and, Anthony, I'm a political science teacher in a Quebec cegep. I'll try to see if my cegep wants to buy the game.
  5. cycloneprime

    Upgrading PM4E

    if it doesn't work, send an email to Tony
  6. cycloneprime

    Upgrading PM4E

    You should be ok with just email adress, unless I'm much mistaken
  7. cycloneprime

    Upgrading PM4E

    depends. Do you mean upgrades (ie, from say version 1.0 to version 1.1) or new games (ie, Pm Forever vs Pm Forever Canada 2006)? Upgrades are free, while the new versions cost money. To have a reduced price on a new version (if you already own a 80soft game), send them your infos, like the ones you've stated. Email adress, too
  8. cycloneprime

    PM Forever- British Version Cheat!!!

    I didn't know until you mentionned it
  9. cycloneprime

    PM Forever- British Version Cheat!!!

    still, it's weird. And even weirder, is that it took so long for someone to notice it. note: It also works in PM Forever Australia, and Chancellor Forever. In short, I believe, in all 80soft games.
  10. cycloneprime

    Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006 - Update

    Now you KNOW there is a problem just joking.. couldn't resist
  11. cycloneprime

    Issues with PM4E after update

    Also, in Portneuf/Jacques-Cartier, the Independant Candidate, André Arthur, should be more rated than it is in the game. According to a poll in Le Soleil (a newspaper in Québec City), he leads in this riding, having 42% of the votes. The closer candidate after that is the Bloc candidate with 28% Le Soleil. Tuesday, 17 january2006, page 1 Article by Raymond Giroux. "Sondage CROP -Le Soleil - INFO 800: Deux victoires conservatrices en vue."
  12. cycloneprime

    Problems with PM4E: Canada 2006

    keeping my game with the Bloc Two things: 1) As in the others PM Forver, the Bloc's crusaders campaign outside Québec... quite useless 2) I just got, for no apparent reason, a "List index out of bounds (12)" error
  13. cycloneprime

    Problems with PM4E: Canada 2006

    Playing with the Bloc, and I can't influence the "Fédérations des travailleurs du Québec" (FTQ), because it says that his endorsers is a regional one for North-Central Québec and I'm not a regional party from this region... No party is a regional party for this region. the FTQ should be considered a regional endorser for Québec, nor a region of Québec. And the Bloc should definitly be able to influence it.
  14. cycloneprime

    Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006

    Do you mean that there's new features regarding the election night? Since you say that the PM talked to the media after election??
  15. cycloneprime

    REAL Liberal Nightmare

    You know, Bush there only won a minority. Libs+NDP together have only 1 seat less than Bush. The real winner here is the Bloc, which posses the balance of power.