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  1. ahduke99

    Updated 2012 scenario

    ahduke99@gmail.com if you don't mind!
  2. ahduke99

    Updated 2012 scenario

    I'd love a copy as well! Thanks! ahduke99@gmail.com
  3. ahduke99

    President Forever 2012 update

    ahduke99@gmail.com please
  4. ahduke99

    1968 (with Primaries)

    When will this get fixed? Whenever I try to fundraise, I actually lose money.. And currently HHH is cleaning my clock and he started the GE with -6M in the bank. If I campaign or fundraise, I lose 100k or so.
  5. Can anyone send me this scenario? I'd love to try it out. ahduke99@gmail.com Is Toomey in it to challenge Specter?
  6. ahduke99

    United States 2012 new updated

    This scenario is ridiculous. Romney has had a scandal called on him now on every turn. I have only 7 CPs to work with and I can't spin the stories. I have -20.5 momentum right now.
  7. There are a lot of sites you could use ... Megaupload etc... and Toomey has said he might challenge Specter again in the primaries and he would be more beatable this time. ahduke99@gmail.com
  8. The Democrats are basically unbeatable in this scenario as well as in the Wonk one.
  9. ahduke99

    United States 2012 new updated

    Please put it up on Mega Upload. ahduke99@gmail.com
  10. ahduke99

    President Forever 2012 update

    I can't download it either....
  11. ahduke99

    2008 Gold Version 3 Released!

    As for other red states tightening, I find some blue states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and such are solid Dem in the scenario, and they are probably tossups as well.
  12. ahduke99

    Penn Gov 2010

    Santorum is set to center on all of his positions too. I think that's way off.
  13. ahduke99

    New York State 2010

    giuliani's positions on issues are way off...