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  1. Nope, I was amused when there were like 8-candidate debates in the Republican field.
  2. lol, you honestly think an ex-one-term North Carolina senatorial has-been will be the frontrunner? He'll get off to a good start but will fizzle early as candidates with actual experience come forward. Now, don't get me wrong, he's not a bad guy. But remember all the concern about his lack of experience last campaign? Well, now he's going to be having 4 years of dead weight under his belt. And that won't be any good for him.
  3. I believe I've gotten an error similar to this. It only happens when you start a new game after you've quit an old one while still keeping the game itself open, right? Because once you close the game and bring it back up, there's no error. Hmm, I'll see if I can replicate this. I know I've had a similar error before... I'm not sure if it was a Windows error or not, though...
  4. Kucinich should definitely not get the kooky ratings you've given to him. Even if I campaign like 5 times in the same state my percentages still stay at zero Other than that, nice work
  5. Tony, my game's not registering any new updates at all. Kind of funny compared to earlier versions, when my game would always tell me there was a new update no matter whether there was or not
  6. Hey 80soft, While playing the 2008 scenario (as tampered with by me), I encountered a List Out of Bounds (-1) error. Basically, I was looking at the Constitution primaries (which I had made interesting ), when the convention happened for them. But after that week was over, the screen went to the Democratic primary, but with General Election information at the upper right hand corner. When I tried to press the button to cycle through parties, it gave me the List Out of Bounds error. Luckily this was easily fixable (I just clicked on the Primaries/General Election "P" button twice, and I was able to see the General Election normally). Sorry I didn't take a screenshot, I'll see if I can reproduce the error. UPDATE: Here's a screenshot of pretty much the exact same situation as the above: Also, on election night of that scenario something weird happened; Florida was declared for Romney waaaay too early in the night, so when it kept flipping back and forth during the night the box came up again and again saying "We are changing our prediction..." (or whatever) because it was considered a "lock" for whichever candidate was leading at the time. It was actually pretty amusing (because it's Florida and all ) but this still should be fixed.
  7. No, not at all. It's just random chance (well, pseudo-random... she does start out with a gigantic lead) that that happened that way.
  8. Nah, that's a muddy position that can be held by people across the political spectrum.
  9. Juggernaut? Not likely. For one, she's been getting a lot of coverage like that lately... who will beat Hillary? Who could beat Hillary? I don't see this as being a good thing for her. Her supporters might be conned into thinking it's an easy victory for her, while her opponents will just be goaded into attempting to find a strong candidate who they believe will beat her. As far as Vilsack goes, I doubt he'll have much of a chance. But we'll have to see how well he does in Iowa.
  10. **frenchfisher** @@at@@ **gmail** ..dot.. **com** Thanks EDIT: De-spammifying.
  11. I'd like to see this done, at least, with Nebraska and Maine, who apportion their EVs by both congressional districts and state-wide.
  12. I'm trying to create a couple new candidates for the Libertarian nomination, but whenever I click on any of the states to modify their percentages, this pops up: This only happens for Russo and Nolan; I can edit Badnarik's no problem. Update: this only seems to happen when I have copied the new candidates, using Badnarik as a template.
  13. FrenchFisher

    P4EP Bugs

    Well, I got the save game bug that I believe has been reported hundreds of times, so I had to keep this game up overnight and during school today. I finally get home and manage to finish the campaign, the first time I'd done this in PF+P. Then this happened. The game becomes frozen... so I have to control+alt+delete to get out if it. ARGH!! Of course I don't have any save game from after the primaries because of the save game bug This has happened many times before on election night; whenever I drag the election screen down to check how the states stood before the election (as you can see, I was in the process of being shocked that I won Kentucky rather out of the blue), the game seems to freeze. You can't see it, but this seems to happen when I drag it below the start bar, oddly enough.
  14. Perhaps you could choose between a few options to highlight during the interview... for instance, if you think your stance on the Environment is great, you could select "Environment" from a menu of the issues and your bonus/penalty for the interview will be about that topic. Alternatively, you could be able to choose from a smaller list of issues, that are either randomly generated or available depending on the interviewer (for instance Oprah might favor discussion of things like Affirmative Action, Environment, and Education). That way you still have some control over the interview. I still think some random chance should be involved; perhaps the possibility of the interview being judged by your chosen topic could be scaled based on your issue familiarity?
  15. Yes, one test is definitely not enough to make an assumption. The campaign with Peroutka off may just have gone worse for Hillary. You should probably base any findings off initial numbers, because after the first day things get skewed by the campaign. But still, there's always an amount of randomness.
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