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  1. OK, I'm pretty late to this, but how in the hell did you get within three points of Bush with any Democrat (let alone Kucinich)? That scenario is so ridiculously slanted in favor of Bush it's not even funny. Anyways, I didn't get a screenshot so I can't prove it, but I managed to win MA and a quarter of the popular vote as Anderson in 1980. I was so close to winning several other states and finishing ahead of Carter too, but alas, it was not to be. Now to figure out some way to stop Reagan from crushing Carter and throw the election to the house. Edit: Well, I tried again: Sooooo close bu
  2. So I managed to win the Dem nod in 2008 wonk edition (on hard) while winning only two states (and coming in a distant third in the vast majority of the rest of them): Hooray for bargaining in smoke-filled rooms!
  3. Got a majority government playing the NDP in the 2008 wonk scenario on hard:
  4. Yeah, pretty much this. As I said, I actually lost NH and MA (!) in the primaries. But I was able to turn it around and eek out a win by cushioning the Tehran hostages blow and spending heavily in all states that hadn't come up yet.
  5. I kept hammering on Foreign Policy, Tehran Hostages, and Reagan/Energy. I don't think I used a television ad the entire campaign, instead using newspapers for positive ads and radio for negative, and I alternated between the two. Early on they were concentrated in primary states and later the few states that I thought might be vulnerable to Reagan, but by the last month or so I had a nationwide ad up more or less constantly. I also made sure to counter would be Reagan surges with some extra ads. Other than that, I used my PIPs to get two endorsers who are inclined toward Republicans (Teamsters
  6. I gotta say, as a liberal Democrat, this was extremely gratifying: The closest state (Alaska) went for Kennedy 61-39. This was on hard with no getting other party candidates to be my VP or endorse me. Had a pretty tough primary with Carter to boot. I imagine that he got UHC passed with those coattails.
  7. Got a pretty even split here in 1992. Almost won a plurality of the electoral college, and if a few states had gone a little differently I think I could have gotten a majority. Congress selected Bush.
  8. Uh, you do know that Obama's successor will be chosen by the Illinois Governor, right?
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