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  1. ManOAction

    Developer's Log #8

    I don't find it particularly useful since the size of the states are not dynamic throughout the scenario, but the shading of the current percentage of each state sounds nice because that can change every turn.
  2. ManOAction

    Developer's Log #7

    Wow. I'm pumped about Congress Forever. Can we suggest scenario's? I really want the 4th district of Colorado in there.
  3. ManOAction

    A Question About Ads

    They don't run after seven days. They automatically shut off.
  4. ManOAction

    The Perfect Candidate

    Well have to try it sometime. When I said that I didn't move until two weeks out, I meant two weeks before the election. So you would have an even better chance of opening your 10 point lead. Out of curiosity how many foot soldiers do you run? I like to have around 3 crusaders and by then end I usually have over 100 foot soldiers. I use up all my CPs creating them so my candidate rarely moves. This might not be the best strategy but I have taken 548 EVs with Reagan in '80 and 467 with Bush in '04. What do you generally do different?
  5. ManOAction


    I would like to know this as well. Additionally I would like score multipliers for the scenarios. It is a lot easier to win with Reagan in 1980 than with Kerry in 2004. If you can make Carter win with a big margin over Reagan it should be worth more points IMO.
  6. ManOAction

    The Perfect Candidate

    My candidate sits on his butt until about two weeks out. Before that all of my CPs are spent raising foot soldiers, crusaders, and spinning. So stamina doesn't do me much good.
  7. ManOAction

    Internet Play Tournament

    Oh wow, that would be sweet. I am assuming we could build our custom candidates with a points cap? I am really looking forward to internet play.
  8. ManOAction

    Where Did you Find out About Preisdent Forever

    Fox News
  9. ManOAction

    Momentum Map

    Woo Hoo!
  10. ManOAction

    Momentum Map

    I think a larger map that showed more state by state information would be nice. Especially momentum. Just like the ad and footsoldier map, a momentum map would be nice. Just like the option to turn on your +/- score on the map. I get tired of clicking on every state in my stratagey to find out what is going on. Your thoughts?
  11. ManOAction

    The Perfect Candidate

    Alrighty then, I did a quick review of the sum total of candidate points for most of the main stream candidates in the PF Scenarios. They are as follows. Dubya 22 Kerry 24 HW Bush 24 Clinton 24 Reagan 27 Carter 25 This puts our average at about twentyfour and a third. Frankly I think this is a little high for the purposes of our discussion, so we are going to work with 22. My question is: What do you believe is the best combination of characteristics for your custom candidate? Personally I think Leadership and Charisma are the most important. My candidate has a Leadership +1 running mate and looks like this: Leadership: 5 Charisma : 5 Integrity : 4 Stamina : 1 Experience: 1 Debating : 2 Issue Famil: 4 How about the rest of you? What do you value in a candidate?
  12. ManOAction

    Third parties: Just try to stop 'em!

    I would like to see Victory conditions besides just winning. Especially for third party candidates. The implications of an election stretch on for the entire decade at least. Not just the next four years. A more complex system of goals and conditions would be nice.