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  1. For some reason, every time it gets to election night, Congress forever always shows a "invalid floating point operation" error message and then crashes. Anyone else getting this or is it just my computer? And does anyone else know why?
  2. Sloan

    Congress Forever 2010 Version Info

    Hi, I preordered on the 23rd this month and I still haven't gotten a link, either from the beta or the release.
  3. cowboy-stegall@sbcglobal.net
  4. cowboy-stegall@sbcglobal.net
  5. cowboy-stegall@sbcglobal.net
  6. Sloan

    New Brittania General Election 2009

    cowboy-stegall@sbcglobal.net, please send it!
  7. Sloan

    Please note this

    Thank you! =)
  8. Sloan

    Please note this

    Well, making scenarios is easy even without a CF, however, it just is easier with a point-and-click type interface. I'm already...errrm..."thinking" about writing a program that could do that. Definitly not as good as CF now but, should do nonetheless however I'm afraid of even using it since I'm not to sure how the "legal" aspect would applied to is since PM4E is not open-source so....I would like theoryspark to weigh in on that a bit.
  9. Sloan

    Please note this

    Not that this is any issue or priority but I was wondering if there will be any time when a program 'like' Campiagns Forever that is designed for Prime Minister scenarios will be developed/released. I have been having much fun playing the Prime Minister forever games so, you know, I was just thinking an app that can create scens in PM4E would be kind of cool! Thanks! Best of wishes
  10. NJ and Tennesee plz cowboy-stegall@sbcglobal.net
  11. cowboy-stegall@sbcglobal.net please!
  12. Sloan

    Dear Theoryspark

    I'm working on a SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL scenario, only problem is, its not "SPECIAL SPECIAL SPECIAL" if I don't have Proportionate Representation(PR) for the general election, and it would only be "SPECIAL SPECIAL". Any chance of an update of Campaigns forever just for that? -thanks.
  13. Oh...heh heh, didn't notice the first time! The problem may possibly be the images. If you have campaigns forever, it ought to tell you the problem, if it does, just go into all the different images folder and see if they are all there and if they show a picture.
  14. Sloan

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Will any update to Campaigns Forever allow Proportionate Representation in the general election? There is a menu for it so clearly it can be done but, its just FPP in general. IT would be SO cool....
  15. Once again...WHAT DOES THE ERROR SAY?