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  1. fcp2889

    Babkha 2009

    Here is what I was able to come up with. Hope it helps!
  2. fcp2889

    Babkha 2009

    I was able to whip up this map of Iran if it may be useful. Difficult to find a combined Iraq and Iran with provinces. I can also try and find some party logos.
  3. fcp2889

    Babkha 2009

    Is anyone interested in resurrecting this project? I was thinking this could be updated as a sort of "Babkhan Spring" scenario, with the toppling of the Sultan and new democratic elections. Also, I did some research into Babkhan history, and found the following names for the parties already mentioned: People's Revolutionary Party - Communist Babkhan Liberal Centre Party - Liberal Qermez Party - Monarchist Azadegan Party (Free People's Party) - Islamic Rastakhiz Party (Rennisance or Resurgence Party) - Right-Wing
  4. If someone would be so kind, I would also like a copy of the Weimar scenario. Thanks to anyone who can.
  5. I'd be happy and eager to test this one out for you, if you need the help.
  6. I absolutely love the idea of this scenario. However, I just have one suggestion. I think 19 million people might be a bit too much for a Mediterranean island nation. The largest island in the area is Sicily (with about 5 million), followed by Sardinia (with about 1.6 million), and Cyprus (with around 1 million). As well, many nations in Europe do not have more than 9 or 10 million people in larger areas than the various Mediterranean islands and nations. Obviously, it's your show, so your idea is the reality, but just a heads up. Other than that, it should be an excellent scenario (as always), and look forward to it.
  7. In terms of Reshmir, it might be helpful to look at this fictional nation/micronation, the Kingdom of Xliponia. It is theoretically located in northern Greece, yet is set up like an small Adriatic/Slavic nation. It contains good statistics, a background history, graphics, culture, language, and all kinds of maps. I would work on it, but I'm still a noob when it comes to scenario creation. This is the link to its wiki page: http://ib.frath.net/w/Xliponia Anyway, just a suggestion.
  8. This sounds like a great scenario. I'd appreciate a copy as well, thank you. fcp2889@yahoo.com
  9. When you send out the next batch, can you please send me a copy at fcp2889@yahoo.com. I am really excited to try this out. Thank you.
  10. I badly want to try this scenario as well, when you get the time to fix it: Thank You!
  11. I'd like a copy as well, thank you. fcp2889@yahoo.com
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