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  1. I looked but didn't see this already -- similar to the feature where you take over as the primary winner even if you lose the primary, it would be cool if endorsing a candidate meant you took over as that candidate.
  2. Is there any way to change what the "vice-leader" is called? For example, if you're making a scenario for a gubernatorial election, to be able to select a "Lt. Governor" instead of a "Vice President"?
  3. These are a couple issues I have noticed when trying to create scenarios with the new Campaigns Forever. It may just be some stupid things I'm doing wrong but I searched the help file and didn't see these addressed. Simple Events: I have tried to create simple event headlines for various issues, but have discovered in my experience that all of these events happen almost as soon as the scenario starts, in rapid succession, and then there are no events for the rest of the game. I would like some of these events every once in a while (read: not necessarily every game) and I would like the events to be spread out more throughout the game. Is there a way to do this simply without having to create a more complex scripted event? Error Message After Nomination: I created a third party (the Unity Party) with Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Hagel. I am able to play through the primaries with no problem, but once the convention hits and I get the nomination and select a VP, I get an error message. The error occurs right when the newspaper would normally come up. It says, "Access violation at address 004B7890 in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of address 00000014." I am able to continue playing; however, at the beginning of each turn I am congratulated for winning my party's nomination and I get the error message again. Everything else continues normally EXCEPT that when I click on the map, the campaign funds return to their original amount. So if I start with $75M and spend $6M in a turn, it goes to $69M at the beginning of the next turn, but once I click on the map it returns to $75M again. Other than those things and a few minor glitches every once in a while, I'm really digging the new scenario editor. I know I'll be creating a few scenarios with it and I expect that new scenarios for P4E+P will explode in the coming weeks.
  4. I'd love to see this! karateexplosions @ gmail . com Thanks!
  5. I think you're confusing crusaders and foot soldiers. Foot soldiers stay in a particular state, but crusaders should follow your strategy and go to the states within your strategy where they are needed. You can only control them on a macro level, though; they cannot be micro-managed.
  6. karatex

    P4EP Bug

    I have this problem but it only happens if I have two consecutive issues, both with insights. For example, gun control and health care, where they are one after the other on the list. Then I click on the light bulb that is below another one, and it won't let me. It will allow me to choose the one on top but not the one below.
  7. Yes, that's a HUGE part of this. In the primaries as Clark, I secured enough delegates to win outright. I planned to make Russ Feingold my VP, so I didn't make an offer to anyone else. Clinton, Kerry, Edwards, and Biden all attacked me like crazy. They used all their resources to drag down the person who would be their party's nominee. The Democratic Convention rolls around, and I'm officially nominated. Feingold becomes my running mate. The next week's newspaper is dominated by headlines such as "Clark Scandal!!" "Clinton unveils controversial ad on Clark" "Al Gore campaigns against Clark". With friends like these...
  8. Yeah, that's the thing -- it's twice as bad because my opponent actually enjoys positive momentum as I slip further into the negative. I'm not sure if it's my imagination or not, but "develop campaign" seems to help somewhat to bring momentum back to normal. Of course, correllation doesn't equal causation, so it could just be that my momentum was leveling off at the same time I was fooling around with that. Even with developing the campaign, though, my CPs dropped, morale sank to -1 almost everywhere, and foot soldiers dropped like flies, initiating a dangerous vicious cycle. All the ad buys, barnstorming, etc. in the world can't help me -- although I've made it close a couple of times (one election literally swung on three electoral votes -- which I of course lost) I cannot seem to win a full game with primaries on. If I take over the election without primaries, I do pretty well. It may be that I'm doing something wrong, I don't know (maybe I'm not laying the groundwork in the primaries well enough?).
  9. I have now played through the game a few times, and I've noticed that after the final primaries and before the convention, there is a huge surge of negative momentum that seems to be proportional to how many delegates you have. As Clark, I got Edwards to drop out of the primaries in exchange for the veep slot (the feature is super-cool now that I understand it). This gave me enough delegates to secure my victory over Hillary Clinton. However, my momentum dropped to -4.1, Clinton's was at about -3.7, and Kerry and Biden, who each had less than 100 delegates, had momentums in the slight positive side (Warner was not in the game, since in real life he has decided not to run). This negative momentum dogged me throughout the summer. I lost foot soldiers faster than I could replace them. My command points dropped to nearly nothing. It continues into the general election. In the beginning of September, Frist/McCain has +1.5 while Clark/Edwards has -1.1! In addition, we started out way behind. I've got tons of foot soldiers, even after losing many before the convention, and I barnstorm like crazy. I even have done the "develop campaign" thing -- nothing seems to be helping. Any ideas/suggestions?
  10. karatex

    PF - P

    I understand what you're saying. It's difficult to have three different Democratic/left positions with an issue such as that.
  11. karatex

    PF - P

    For scenario creation purposes, I'm pretty sure you can change the positions from within the xml files, just as you could change positions on P4E... although I cannot think of anyone who holds this view (I can't even think of any advocacy groups that do, though I'm not familiar with them all). And on a similar note, the far-right platform position for gay marriage doesn't say "God hates fags". I think the positions are fine as they are currently and represent both ends of the mainstream political spectrum. I don't see much point in including platform positions that would never be publicly endorsed by a national political candidate.
  12. karatex

    PF - P

    Can you cite a major national political figure that actually holds this view?
  13. karatex

    PF - P

    I think a good solution, if it's at all possible, is to have the game advance only the number of days that you have activities scheduled. Therefore, if you schedule a full week, it advances a full week. If you schedule only one day, it advances the game one day. If you schedule three days, it advances three days, and so on. This would allow a good balance for people who prefer day-by-day and those who prefer week-by-week, as well as accomodating those who want to finely tune things at certain portions of the game.
  14. karatex

    P4EP Bug

    I have also had the above mentioned problem. I'm not sure if it's because I won the popular vote but not the electoral or because initially the game called the election for me, then Alaska went Republican.
  15. Okay, I'm running 1.00.2 and have played through two games -- sort of. In both games, I played Clark through the primaries. In one of the games, I made it through election night; in the second, the game crashed when I hit "Done Turn" after the Republican Convention. (The error was "List Index Out of Bounds (-1)") I also ran through a few games on version 1.00.0 and 1.00.1. Here are my observations, some of which have been mentioned and some which I haven't seen. - The offers system doesn't seem to work; which is frustrating because it would really be a cool feature. - I have never seen anyone drop out of a primary, no matter how badly they are getting spanked. Biden will walk into the convention with his 68 delegates held high, knowing he has no chance and not seeming to care. - Clinton wins every endorsement in the Democratic primary unless you sink PP or CP into Influence. Judging from the summary screen, it's the same with Giuliani on the other side. I would think Tim Kaine, for example, would be more likely to endorse Warner, and Brad Henry might be more likely to endorse someone like Biden. But as it stands now, it's Clinton or Giuliani except for the few you may have secured by pouring influence in. Nobody else gets endorsed as it stands now. - It would be cool if, instead of having the game end when you lose a primary, you could take over the winner. At the very least, it would be nice to skip to election night to see how things worked out. - In P4E, you knew which states were in your strategy by looking at the map (state symbols only appeared for states in your strategy). This definitely made some things easier; is there a way to bring that back (or something that does the same thing)? - Vice Leader instead of Vice President... I'm not sure why it's worded that way. - I continue to see unusual polling results. Directly after the Democratic convention, the Republican party leads 56% to 44% -- it's a lead that's difficult to overcome. Especially when the Republicans lead in California, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania before the general election even begins. - When creating ads during the primary, it would be helpful to have the primary date listed as it is on the strategy screen. Along the same lines, it would be helpful if your ads stopped airing in a state once its primary was held. Overall, I love the game just like I love P4E... and once the game crashes/minor kinks are worked out, I know it will be worth the trouble.
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