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  1. I know scenarios exist for Senate 2006 and Senate 2008 using PM4E. Any chance you could merge them with the format used in the Senate 2010 scenario for Congress Forever? I'd especially love to see the 2006 year developed (maybe merging Sanders and Lieberman as Independents to keep things simple).
  2. The challenge to one scenario idea I've had is that the primaries really involve a different demographic focus than the general. (The party is concerned with voter blocs like labor unions or fraternal associations instead of regional delegations.) So do I create a separate scenario that changes the regions into demos? Seems like it. Demo groups would make the game even more complicated than it already is, though. I think much of this can be achieve through endorsers or crafting your regions and issue centers to accomodate them (i.e., through gerrymandering). Just my thoughts.
  3. I'd especially like to be able to use PR in the Electoral College. For another idea, if we can't have PR nation-wide, I'd like a direct popular vote option. This would allow us to have more realistic portrayals of elections for Governor or Senator.
  4. I agree about the endorser-momentum thing - I have some endorser groups in one of my customized scenario that would never in a million years endorse one of the other parties, yet if I get some momentum going, it sweeps in those groups. Adding Senators as endorsers shouldn't be a big deal at all - totally doable. Your suggestions about crusaders being moved by you and not the computer, though, I think would add a lot more complexity to the game (as you'd be handling any number of campaign schedules in addition to Pres and VP). We have plenty of other features that would be neat to have that
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