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    Getting new CPU

    You can redownload the game onto your new computer from here https://270soft.com/updates-redownloads/
  2. admin_270

    I am legitimate

    Looking better. I'm a compatibilist - I think that determinism and free will are compatible, and so I would push on the "couldn't have chosen otherwise" formulation. In the relevant sense, I would say an agent could have chosen otherwise *even in a deterministic universe*, physical or otherwise. My view comes largely out of working on computer agents who review criteria and make choices, but are deterministic. I would say a computer agent *can* choose A, or *can* choose B. That agent then reviews the relevant criteria internally, ranks the possibilities (so, internal deliberation), and *chooses* A or B. This, in my opinion, is a sense of 'choice' *worth having*. Computer agents, therefore, have free will in a weak sense. We have much more developed free will.
  3. admin_270

    I am legitimate

    I think the first two premises have to be reformulated, then.
  4. admin_270

    I am legitimate

    If so, then the argument falls apart, no?
  5. admin_270

    I am legitimate

    So, I think a physicalist would have to deny this premise. They would have to hold that some physical states are uncaused. The only other option is a loop of physical causes.
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    I am legitimate

    (Regardless of debates about free will.)
  7. admin_270

    I am legitimate

    This is an interesting premise, because it entails that there is a non-physical originating cause.
  8. admin_270

    Are you renewing your PI subscription?

    Thanks for this info - I'll look more into Patreon. My intuition, though, remains that is would be a distraction. It might be worth trying out to see what kind of response there is.
  9. admin_270

    Something to fix

    @thr33 Ok, thanks for this.
  10. admin_270

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Thanks again - noted.
  11. admin_270

    Game Randomly Decides to Write Blank Files as Savegame

    Are you playing a campaign with a large number of candidates?
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  13. admin_270


    From the main Editor screen, are there any screens you can open and then close without the program minimizing to your taskbar? Also, do you have PMI or PI to try out, and if so, do you get the same sort of behaviour in the Editor?
  14. The game engine will be backward-compatible. So, campaigns that use 1-5 will automatically be converted, within the game engine, to 0-10. As a campaign designer, with the new version the numbers will also be automatically converted when opening the relevant screen in the Editor. After that, the campaign designer can change those automatically converted numbers as desired.
  15. admin_270

    Error I discovered

    It might have to do with playing as McMullen. Are you able to recreate this error by loading a save game from before the election?
  16. admin_270

    Error I discovered

    Thanks for this.
  17. admin_270

    Suggestion: 2 new Issues for President Infinity

    There will be a major overhaul of issues for the 2020 campaign - feedback noted, thanks for this.
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    Also, is there anything unusual about your display set up (such as using two monitors)?
  19. admin_270


    Hmmm ... It might be that the original window is getting moved off your desktop for some reason. What happens if, after the window disappears, you right click on your taskbar (bar at bottom of your screen) and click 'Cascade windows'?
  20. admin_270


    And when you select it using alt+Tab, what happens?
  21. admin_270

    President Infinity vs Prime Minister Infinity (UK)

    Yes, you would need to have a general election after the convention.
  22. admin_270


    When you close the, say, Regions screen, and the app disappears, what happens if you press alt+Tab? Is the CI app listed among those you can select?
  23. admin_270

    President Infinity vs Prime Minister Infinity (UK)

    Perhaps make it into primaries instead, which already has the convention functionality. Have a viewer party as the 2nd party.
  24. admin_270

    President Infinity vs Prime Minister Infinity (UK)

    @vcczar I mean what are you asking me with "I wonder if there is a way to do this."
  25. admin_270


    @Patine What version of CI are you using? (right side of start screen)