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  1. I'll answer whatever question I want. 😉
  2. Neither is my party! I'm just saying obvious things I think the two major U.S. parties get wrong.
  3. @Nentomat I'll try the campaign and see what happens in the development environment.
  4. Recreational use of marijuana is legal where I live, and has been for about a year. There was wide-scale non-compliance with the law beforehand. My understanding is that many people still buy it illegally because it is cheaper. My biggest complaint is it stinks when smoked, although we already have strong laws on where people can smoke which apply to marijuana as well.
  5. The Dems have an absolute position on abortion that is inconsistent with public sentiment and common sense. They could use softening their stance on this. The Reps have an absolute position on gun control that is inconsistent with public sentiment and common sense. They could use softening their stance on this. My big ? for this election is healthcare. Will Dems end up supporting public universal? Will Reps have a counter to the answers being given by the Dems that will address the obvious dissatisfaction and shortcomings of the American system?
  6. Ya, 26 days to be precise and 3 contests. I don't think it's a plausible strategy. It seems like Giuliani or Fred Thompson desperation. If he doesn't place strongly in IA, NH, or NV, I think it's likely he will be forgotten by voters.
  7. Ya, the Dems are in a bit of a quandary. To be fair, things in hindsight often seem different. Remember when they were about to pick a black guy with the middle name 'Hussein' who was a freshman Senator? That was crazy because he was obviously unelectable, glad they didn't do it. To be honest, I think all these candidates have strengths and weaknesses. What I know is that Trump and the RNC will be lining up attack after attack, whoever it is, making your descriptions seem tepid and kind. Biden's support, although declining from his peak, has held nationally, and things seem to have stabilized with him again in 1st. We'll see whether Patrick can break into Biden's base. If so (a big if), Biden's SC strategy may be toast.
  8. @Hestia11 We got the official candidate lists 2 days ago, with the Brexit party's decision to stand down in various constituencies. This affects not just who the local candidates are and who's on the ballot, but starting %s. We're close, will probably release an initial version earlier than later due to the proximity of the election. Maybe a few days.
  9. https://270soft.com/2019/10/16/macos-catalina-compatibility-info/ https://270soft.com/2019/11/06/infinity-games-port-update/
  10. No simple way to do this. Currently almost all development work is on the port to the new tool-chain. Once that's done I'll be looking at adding features. Thanks for this feedback! Good to hear.
  11. No way to switch to an independent or third-party bid currently. A campaign can be designed to allow for starting the general election with a candidate doing that (such as 1980).
  12. Some of this could just be normal variation in polling.
  13. Where exactly do you get this error?
  14. It looks like some of the campaigns are in the official folder, some in the user folder. The game splits these up, listing the official ones first.
  15. @Patine Didn't realize there was a big controversy over this, as I assumed significant admixture. Answer seems yes. https://www.livescience.com/40247-ashkenazi-jews-have-european-genes.html Having said that, the genetic distance between European populations and Near East populations seems pretty small, regardless, though. The natural unit for much of history in the region wasn't Europe but the Mediterranean, which would include southern Europe, the Near East, and northern Africa.
  16. @Patine I cannot parse what the question is here. Sorry, rephrase?
  17. Some parallels with Schultz, Steyer, and Bloomberg - all male - all of European ancestry, all of (at least part) Jewish ancestry - all low- to middling-charisma - all born and grew up in the north-east - all spent significant time in New York City - all billionaires - Steyer and Bloomberg are both from financial industries, Schultz from retail coffee industry
  18. I believe it cost Trump about $60M to fund his efforts in the Republican primaries. After Schultz, then Steyer, it's hard to believe Bloomberg will gain significant traction. Yet of those, I think he's the most likely. We shall see.
  19. Sessions 36%. Second is Tuberville 23%. Third is tie between Byrne 11% and Moore 11%.
  20. Club for Growth paid for Alabama poll has Sessions leading the Republican field, taken before he announced. https://www.aldailynews.com/sessions-announces-run-for-his-former-senate-seat/
  21. If he's willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, he doesn't have to qualify for the debates in order to get the word out. https://www.axios.com/michael-bloomberg-2020-presidential-race-decision-8d6f720f-5b7e-467f-abca-2d64a81bfab3.html The source says Bloomberg "will spend whatever it takes."
  22. Trump Jr. response to Sessions joining the race. https://yellowhammernews.com/exclusive-donald-trump-jr-reacts-to-sessions-entering-senate-race-talks-about-ultimate-goal-of-beating-doug-jones/ “I always had a good relationship with Jeff Sessions [when he was attorney general],” Trump, Jr. said. “Obviously there’s some issues in that role (attorney general), he was a very good senator, he was very supportive of us early. I think in that role (attorney general), with those animals, you needed someone tougher in the AG role.” Basically sounds like Trump won't attack Sessions in the Senate primary.
  23. Don't have time to read it, but of course the Presidency isn't the same as being a CEO of a large company. The question is whether various skills can be applied from one to the other - it seems obvious to me they can.
  24. Yes, I think this sort of experience certainly can be useful. Otherwise, they will have to lean on advisors to an inordinate amount. This just seems wrong to me. Numbers do matter, because organizations that are large have different challenges than organizations that are much smaller. Running a donut shop doesn't really prepare for the Presidency in the same way that running a large company does.
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