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  1. Reminder

    This is a reminder that the forum is for discussion of issues related to 270soft games. It's not a general political discussion forum - there are lots of places to have those sorts of discussions, but this forum isn't one of them.
  2. Reminder

    We just did!
  3. Reminder

    Don't know, perhaps a few years ago.
  4. Latest PMI Update

    It's more a matter of focus. Adding features so post-WWII situations in Japan can be modeled more accurately means not adding features for the U.S., or the U.K., and so on.
  5. Latest PMI Update

    Ok, this might happen at some point in the future, but it's not a priority. It hasn't happened in any of the countries the game officially is about.
  6. Primary problem

    @vcczar That sort of approach might be the right one - the idea right now is that the human player has to work to get other players out of the race, instead of them automatically dropping out.
  7. Reminder

    @thr33 If the purpose is to help with a specific campaign's development, then that's probably fine.
  8. Reminder

    @vcczar I've tried that before, and it didn't work. They inevitably become a distraction. I want the 270soft forums to be about playing the games and creating campaigns, not arguments about the political news of the day.
  9. John McCain-Rand Paul Dispute

    Not a relevant topic for this forum. See
  10. Sessions is finally doing his job.

    Not a relevant topic for this forum. See
  11. Faith in Science Poll

    Not a relevant topic for the forum. See
  12. I smell bullshit

    Not a relevant topic for the forum. See
  13. I smell bullshit

    @Bruce Fischer Perhaps you could change the font on 'Ah I did mix it up' to what you made it above, to make up for the mix up.
  14. I smell bullshit

    @jnewt Go back and read what Fischer is responding to.
  15. I smell bullshit

    @Bruce Fischer I have read the original Washington Post report on Debbie Gibson, and a couple other accounts. None say she claimed she was molested by anyone. Rather, she claims they dated, her mother said she was lucky to be dating him, and that in retrospect Gibson thought it was inappropriate because of the age difference. Can you point me to a report that claims otherwise?
  16. I smell bullshit

    Mitt Romney was accused of tax evasion by then Senate Leader Harry Reid in the well of the Senate. Reid later admitted he made it up to damage Romney's Presidential campaign. My view is that these sorts of charges should be disregarded as a matter of course if made within a short period of time before an election, and if the person being accused has been in the public spotlight for a long time. It is not that the person accusing is telling the truth or not, but that the timing has all the marks of a political hit job. If compelling evidence is brought forth (beyond he said, she said), then that changes. The same tactic was used against Trump in the last part of the Presidential campaign, where a variety of women made claims of some sort of sexual impropriety against him.
  17. Future of PMI poll

    No. I have thought about making it into one product with different 'flavors', and allowing people to switch from one to another. But even if such change happens, it won't happen for awhile.
  18. Future of PMI poll

    There are 6 official Canadian campaigns that come with the game - that's what I'm referring to by content. Polls on the forum are interesting, but keep in mind that forum users constitute a very small percentage of the user base. In my experience, they tend to be more wonkish than most users, in particular.
  19. Future of PMI poll

    From the developer's perspective, it would be simpler to have them as one game. They are distinct because 1. they have significantly different content, and 2. most people are interested in a game about their specific country.
  20. Help weakening ads

    I would recommend experimenting with it, and seeing what works. If it's that the player has too much money, I would try increasing the costs first.
  21. George Wallace, the greatest man of the century.

    Closed - not a relevant debate for this board.
  22. Historical Scenarios Color System

    Typically, the majority of those candidates aren't going to be leading in any state, and a player can easily double-check which player is leading by clicking on the state, if the colors are similar.
  23. Historical Scenarios Color System

    I think having a default system color system like the one you've outlined is a good idea, simply because it makes it easier to decide on colors. Yet, I would still consider making the top candidates have different light-medium-dark colors, and in particular making exceptions if a candidate is identified with a color due to his real-life campaign colors, say. Typically, it's the top few candidates that are focused on, so those are the choices that disproportionately matter. I've tried out angular lines before, and don't like it.
  24. Help weakening ads

    Notepad++ is a free, versatile editor, and colors the XML syntax to make it easier to read.
  25. Help weakening ads

    To do this, currently you have to open the ads.xml file in an XML editor. Adding these sorts of variables to the Editor will happen fairly soon. It's pretty straightforward to modify, though. Just change the numeric value for the relevant variable in the XML file.