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  1. I'm sure some see it that way. I see Nancy Pelosi grand standing. But I admit I laughed out loud at this.
  2. I think one largely takes from that photo what one brings to it. I don't get much out of it - it looks like Pelosi is grand standing. She's the leader of a co-equal branch of government, so it ought not to take much courage to object to terms being used in a meeting with the leader of another co-equal branch of government and leave.
  3. My *guess* is that Warren's weakness won't be Clinton's. Rather, the obvious weakness for Warren will be things like advocating for universal public health insurance. This is where the 'won't say whether it will raise taxes' argument is going. It's part of a broader attack against Warren based on certain key issues where she's relatively far to the left.
  4. Good! I am trying to construct a case for it, to see if it has merit. My guess is Warren is too different from Hillary for this sort of attack to succeed.
  5. You're right - from Illinois, but then spent a significant amount of time in Arkansas.
  6. I take it you haven't seen this https://www.deathofanationmovie.com/ 😉
  7. Not ignoring it. Charisma is like attractiveness, say - one person finds a person more attractive than another person might find that person. Similarly, one person might find someone more or less charismatic. Yet you can still aggregate perceptions across a population to provide an average, such that you get an objective value.
  8. admin_270

    Harold Bloom

    Yes, correct - this is what leads to the fall.
  9. admin_270

    Harold Bloom

    Ya, but there's a pretty straightforward way to combine them. The God of the OT was not understood well by the writers, so they mis-attributed various things to Him. But ya, many Christians tie themselves in knots trying to explain away certain parts of the OT, because they are committed to maintaining the veracity of all of the OT. Similar to problems Biblical literalists have when faced with what we seem to know about hydrology, geology, cosmology, and so on.
  10. @Patine Interesting! If Bernier wins his seat and the Conservatives lose this election, I could see him rejoining the Conservatives if Scheer is given the boot.
  11. admin_270

    Harold Bloom

    Isn't this the whole point of Christianity? It's an answer to the absence of God. But the framing is a bit different. The problem is set up in Genesis by the separation of man from God ('the fall'). It is then solved by the union of man and God (the incarnation), which offers a (narrow) way for humans back to God through following the teachings and actions of the Christ. "to conceive the idea that God of the old testament, and the various Jesus's are the same is "a recipe for psychic violence."" Ya, it requires some significant explanation, as probably any 7 year old can point out. God just slaughtered a bunch of Egyptians? God just ordered genocide on the Canaanites? One simple response is that God is most clearly seen in the words and actions of Jesus, and so any theories about the nature of God based on the Old Testament must be seen in that light.
  12. I'd be interested in an argument that she's high charisma, but it's going to have to be more than having decent rallies. My sense is that she's higher charisma than either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, but she's definitely not high charisma.
  13. I'm thinking of independents or Democrats who voted Trump instead of Clinton in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. You and I might see them as quite different, but will blue collar voters in swing states see just another northeastern liberal Ivy League elitist, all of this buttressed by somewhat similar visuals?
  14. @vcczar Do you think Warren would play up a possible Clinton endorsement (if Warren wins the nomination)?
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