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  1. Does this happen on all setups, or only when playing certain candidates?
  2. "Canada (ranks #1 in quality of life)" If not living in a dark, frozen snowball of a country for 1/3 of the year isn't appealing to you, the large majority of places in Canada aren't going to be #1 for quality of life. Growing up in Vancouver (climate similar to Seattle, Portland, or even San Francisco), and then spending 3 years in Ontario (where most of the jobs and people are in Canada), it was cold, long winters and then hot, muggy summers. No thank you!
  3. So the big difference between Trump and Clinton was that although they had a similar Likable attribute, Trump had a significantly higher Charismatic attribute. A major reason Trump won in 2016 is because his Charismatic attribute combined with his Energy attribute, and so he was able to overwhelm negative national news coverage by doing large, energized rallies in key swing states.
  4. Ya, Trump Charismatic 8, Likable 4, or something like that. W. Clinton Charismatic 8, Likable 6, say. Obama Charismatic 9, Likable 4. Reagan Charismatic 9, Likable 6. H. Clinton Charismatic 4, Likable 4. Biden Charismatic 5, Likable 6. Sanders Charismatic 6, Likable 5.
  5. This is a funny definition, because Trump by this definition is obviously not uncharismatic - virtually no one says he's boring, low energy, and generates no excitement. Yet by this definition he's obviously not charismatic, because he's a polarizer. The obvious solution to me is that Trump is both charismatic and a polarizer.
  6. Heh, ya, my first thought is "Then maybe we should require licenses to operate kitchen appliances."
  7. admin_270


    Sometimes ad production is delayed. When that happens, you should receive a note on your Notes Screen saying so.
  8. Interestingly, Booker cited a Senate trial as one reason for withdrawing from the primaries.
  9. admin_270

    Booker is out

    Yes, and this gave her some relevant experience.
  10. My guess is this isn't true, but it's brutal. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/13/politics/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-meeting/index.html
  11. Games are subscription. Anyone who buys a new license gets a subscription to that product for 1 year. https://270soft.com/subscriptions/ The most recent addition to the Prime Minister Infinity game engine is ranked-choice (Australian style).
  12. admin_270

    Booker is out

    💣 💥💥🙈🙉💥💥
  13. admin_270

    Booker is out

    Look at the resumes for Rice (State Department, National Security Council, National Security Advisor) say, or Albright (National Security Council, foreign policy advisor, assembled W. Clinton's NSC, Amb. to the U.N.). That's more like what I'd be looking for.
  14. admin_270

    Booker is out

    Sorry, not buying it.
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