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  1. admin_270

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    One solution to this would be being able to add attribute issues beyond the main four. They would be treated as issues for purposes of attack ads and so on, but wouldn't effect the game in other ways such as the core 4 attribute issues (Leadership, Experience, Issue Familiarity, and Integrity) do.
  2. admin_270

    Feature You'd Most Like to See

    Yes, Experience could be made into more categories. The game has a way to cover this to an extent, which is by adding an issue such as 'Foreign Experience' and then locking the starting positions. My concern with making those kinds of categories is the game starts to become even more complex than it is.
  3. admin_270

    Total anxiety.

    @Wiw The world's a good place! If you're watching a lot of negative news, you might want to stop watching it (or Twitter, which is the worst). Get outside, focus on your community and those you know. I run a political game company and hardly ever watch the news!
  4. admin_270

    When will we get popular vote for primaries?

    We are releasing an official Florida - 2018 - Senatorial campaign, but it doesn't have primaries. The primaries for that Senate race at this point don't look competitive.
  5. admin_270

    When will we get popular vote for primaries?

    It's not at the top of the list right now, so I don't have a specific time frame.
  6. admin_270

    "bitmap size must equal copy operation"

    Yes, it sounds like you have an image that isn't the right size. You can send me a zipped (compressed) version of the campaign. https://270soft.com/contact
  7. admin_270

    Set to all option

    Having region groups, which can then all be set to some value, is a good idea and might be implemented.
  8. admin_270

    Game save location

    You can already select save game locations. I've noted adding this for User Scenarios.
  9. admin_270

    "bitmap size must equal copy operation"

    The Endorsers button where? Which campaign?
  10. admin_270

    Error Message at 11PM on Election Night

    @The Last Republican It looks like a custom campaign, can you tell me which one?
  11. admin_270

    A Frightening Vision Just Hit Me

    @Patine An interesting idea - I don't think Andrew Scheer is a particularly strong leader, but time will tell. The simplest way for this to happen would be if Ford had a very good first year, then Scheer steps aside. I don't know how likely the latter is, though.
  12. admin_270

    Ontario 2018 Scenario

    I was unable to replicate the bug, but upon inspecting the relations initialization code, there was a bug that may have been causing this. This is fixed for the next update.
  13. admin_270

    2.7.2 campaign problem

    Best way to figure this out is to send me a copy (compressed) of the campaign. https://270soft.com/contact
  14. admin_270

    Flag Style Question?

    Using a band sometimes allows you to use original dimensions for a source flag image (so, not cropping the original flag image or distorting it).
  15. admin_270

    Ontario 2018 Scenario

    Ok, I'll try to replicate these things. Sounds like there is a bug in initializing player relations.