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  1. Severe game slowdown since last update

    Some people seem to be experiencing this - my best guess is it is related to a memory or resource leak in the game. Try saving and loading the game, according to reports that solves the problem, and so that is the workaround I would recommend at this point. This problem is noted.
  2. 1 vote in Iowa Caucus

    @Patine Are you asking how a fan made campaign would capture the all-or-nothing dynamic? If it switches on or off, there's no way to do that currently. It's a good idea - we'll see.
  3. Roll Call Conventions

    It would be nice, but complex.
  4. VP Issue after convention

    Is this with the official 2016 campaign?
  5. Why isn't this still in the game?

    That sounds right. Yes, it was a glitch. If a state election is done officially, something to allow a jungle primary might be implemented.
  6. Why isn't this still in the game?

    Sorry, what are you reporting or asking here?
  7. Modern Government simulator

    @Markus Yes, I've thought about it quite a bit. It's a possibility for the future.
  8. Playable on Chromebook?

    That's interesting - thanks for this.
  9. Playable on Chromebook?

    I would have to test it myself before advertising that it supports VMWare. However, if someone contacts 270soft asking re Linux and VMWare, I can tell them it has been played successfully.
  10. Playable on Chromebook?

    Good to hear!
  11. 1 vote in Iowa Caucus

    @gerg1234 Video tutorials are coming - I expect the first one to be made in the next couple of weeks.
  12. Playable on Chromebook?

    Let me know how it goes!
  13. Chancellor Infinity?

    @Patine, The games are becoming more flexible. 2018 will probably see official Gubernatorial and individual Senatoral campaigns. PR or MMP very well may happen at some point - thank you for your interest and feedback!
  14. Chancellor Infinity?

    @Patine A huge amount of effort has been put into the Editor, whose purpose is to allow players to make their own campaigns.
  15. Playable on Chromebook?

    The game requires Windows 7, I can't say more about the dependencies than that.