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    PM4E UK 2009!! You may have missed the window on that one. Suggest you call it 2010
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    It would be cool if you could zoom in on individual counties in each state on Election Night and see how many counties have reported, the numbers coming out of each county etc.
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    More parties Internet play More than one or two terms (changing world, new candidates)
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    (1) The ability to modify each individual candidate's fundraising co-efficient. Some candidates like Obama are prolific fundraisers whilst Hillary Clinton struggled badly in last year's primaries. (2) Introduce a "public relations" attribute similar to leadership, integrity and experience. Candidates with a higher rating would be more skilled at spinning stories and deflecting scandals. (3) Modifying Campaigns Forever to include PR. I know this would be very popular with modders. (4) The option to print and save your final results on election night and also print/save the final map. (5) Having a candidate's policy speech backfiring in the same way as attack ads do. If a candidate makes a speech attacking a rival candidate's stance (which is exactly the same position as his own) then the speech would backfire and lead to negative headlines. (6) Adding billboard ads to President Forever. This can already be done using Campaigns Forever, but it would be a nice addition to the main game.
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    Please allow multiple styles of elections in Scenario Creation. I think all Campaigns forever users would agree mayoral and state election would be much easier with either PR or a city/state/nation total of overall votes. You could still keep the map divided into regions for campaigning purposes but allowing multiple election styles would add variety to user created scenarios - basically taking scenario creation to a whole new level.
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    How about making recharching energy easier, not like 5% at a time, more like 30-40% recharge.
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    For the British version, typical election night terms like "gain" or "hold" could be used, as in actual election broadcasts. However, the computer would need to know how the constituencies/wards stood according to the ridings file originally, rather than what appears at the beginning of the game, which can appear as a little random.
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    Just before the Election Night starts, there should be detailed exit polls like you see in real life.
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    I'd like to see Fox News and MSNBC in the game where each day they talk about the campaign and maybe interview politicians on Hardball and The O' Rielly Factor. Also, you should decide what you say at the debates.
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    For the love of god. A hot key for creating foot soldiers. When you have 35-42 stamina points, it's a pain to click every state and create foot soldiers every single turn. If we could just click on the state and press the "F" key ...
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    1. A more in-depth Vice Presidential nominee. The VP should have his/her own portrait, platform, changeable Issue Familiarity, and you should be able to dig up scandals on the VP candidates. In addition, in the rare event that the election is a 269-269 tie, the Vice-Presidential candidate should be included. It would make it interesting if the President and VP were from different parties! 2. Different kinds of scandals. There should be personal scandals, ethical scandals, financial scandals, and combinations of two or more of those. The profile and negativity should be different depending on the type of scandal - personal scandals tend to get higher publicity, etc. There should also be scandals that are so bad they force a candidate to drop out. 3. A more detailed debating process. Debates should be different settings and different topics, and these should affect the candidates' performances. For example, a town hall-style debate would help a candidate with a lot of charisma, whereas a foreign policy debate would help a candidate with high issue familiarity. 4. Another poster mentioned vote rigging and various other illegal covert activities. I would like to expand on that - the unethical activities should range from simple spying like the game has to assassinations, vote rigging and cheating during the debates. These should of course be difficult to pull off with a high probability of getting caught. There could also be break-ins (like Watergate) which could give you information, scandals and money but with a high risk of a huge scandal occurring. 5. On Election Night, instead of the states being red or blue before they're officially called, maybe color them white or some other color for "Too Close To Call". The constant flipping back and forth of colors from red to blue doesn't usually happen on Election Night, except with Florida in 2000. 6. Have commentary, even if it's in text, on Election Night that discusses the performance of the candidates. Something like "McCain needs to win Iowa and New Mexico" or "Obama is doing better than expected in Ohio". 7. Change the High Scores to reflect the real best performances of presidential candidates. Some of them are correct but some aren't. They should also include ties and one decimal place, like the game. 1. George Washington 1789 (69/69, 92.4%) 2. George Washington 1792 (132/132, 71.1%) 3. James Monroe 1820 (231/232, 80.1%) 4. Franklin Roosevelt 1936 (523/531, 60.8%) 5. Ronald Reagan 1984 (525/538, 58.8%) 6. Richard Nixon 1972 (520/538, 60.7%) 7. Thomas Jefferson 1804 (162/176, 72.8%) 8. James Monroe 1816 (183/217, 68.2%) 9. Lyndon Johnson 1964 (486/538, 61.1%) 10. Dwight Eisenhower 1956 (457/531, 57.4%)
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    1- Recount (You have to pay for it, with your own money) 2- Have more than 1 campaign stop a day; it's not usual to see candidate just having 1 event/day 3- Candidates should be able to target specific groups. Like visiting a college would help with young voters. 3- Win the election, then govern for a while, then re-election 4- Press Releases 5- Challenge opponent to a debate; that the candidate host at his/her rally. 6- Concede a state; or the whole race. (Especially when they won't call the state when you already know you lost. 7- Network Play 8- Have endorsers campaign for you 9- Fire campaign staff 10- Hire campaign staff 12- Open campaign offices 13- You pay the campaign bills; like for travel. 14- Local Ad's to target pop. cities 15- Have the ability to have endorsers campaign for you. 16- Election results stream in for primary nights; instead of dozens of messages. Like: Barack Obama wins Maryland (99 delagates)
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    Leader general election regional bonuses are implemented for the upcoming version. You can now set bonuses (or minuses) for any regions. If that Leader wins their party's contest (or you start in general election mode), they will gain those bonuses (or minuses) for those regions. Anthony Burgoyne http://www.TheorySpark.com Games that spark the political imagination!
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    Just on the annoyance level, it would be nice to be able to turn off some or all of the change-in-status popup alerts (especially, say, "Montana is now a tie between X-Y-Z"), particularly in the primaries. Update: I'm playing a third-party primary scenario now, and the need for this is desperately urgent. I get messages about literally half the states before every single turn. Extremely tiresome!
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    A couple of suggestions: I would change Newspaper Ads to On-line Ads. I would also add a Cable TV Ad feature. This would have regional spending options (Like California-Nevada-Arizona region or something like that). And finally I would love to have an Independent Candidacy option. You know, in the off change of not securing your parties Nomination, you should have the option of running as an Independent. Also, as a add level of difficulties, you can also have a computer player run as an Independent if the end up the loser in a tight nomination. All in all, I love the game.
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    Ads by markets (I must keep this in the minds of the powers that be -This is huge, because this is how ads work. People see what's in their area, rather then what state they might happen to be in. Furthermore making ads selected and un-selected easier would be nice as its a huge pain right now. Fund-raising room. You build an internet room and direct mail room and big donor room and how much you raise is based on variables. i.e. Internet money is good to further left/right candidates as that gets the hard-core partisans, direct mail is more expensive to build out state-by-state but yields consistent results with boosts for good news articles. Big donors come on board if you're in the top couple. All money varies on momentum state-by-state and states are also tracked in how much money they raise—direct mail costs more to build but yields way more in New York, with bonuses as your vote increases there. Likewise holding a fund-raiser with your leader in New York and California make you the most money but it drops off if you go to the well too often, but (again) it goes back up if you do good in the state or overall. Primary momentum. As mentioned elsewhere there's no real point in fighting for the early primaries as it doesn't have the same effect as it does in real life. Likewise in 1960 Kennedy winning in West Virginia was huge but would have been worthless if Humphrey had decided not to compete. The point was that a Catholic beat out Humphrey 6-4 in an only 30% Catholic state which proved to the bosses that Kennedy could win. You should be able to choose which primaries you even want to enter, rather then just the ones you want to compete in. Additionally you should be able to withdraw and re-enter as Rockefeller did in 1960. Draft campaigns. If you're not entered you should be able to be drafted. If you never enter an option to switch to a different candidate would be nice. As mentioned elsewhere in the thread entering the competition when you want to is very important for earlier scenarios. i.e. you're in the game and playing but you will only win a few write-in delegates until you formally announce. Don't forget about how the delegates system worked pre-1972 in the Democratic primaries. Speeches should matter in which state they're given in. Immigration is big in Texas for example. So if you have a similar immigration stance as Texas you get big points on a speech there. Vice-versa if they dislike your stance and you give a speech—say an abortion one by a pro-choice candidate. i.e. the opinions of states on issues should matter more.
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    Thanks, interesting ideas. Anthony Burgoyne 80soft.com
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    What would be good would be some sort of way to add the Maine/Nebraska method of electoral votes into the game.
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    Thanks GaryHart88, this is an interesting idea. The current game engine does allow for media markets, but they're not used in the default scenarios. As it currently works, the media markets are simply sets of regions (so you could define a region as a sub-state entity, but then the player has to manipulate that sub-state region in other parts of the game, the electoral college would have to be divided into sub-state regions which doesn't really work, and so on). So, there could be a media market called "New England," for example, which included Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We'll think about this, though. Sincerely, Anthony Burgoyne 80soft.com
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    I'm sure it's been said before and I know it would be a nightmare to code, but the single biggest barrier to realism in this game imho is the lack of: Media Markets You pay a premium to run ads in, say, New York because it's the state with the 3rd largest population - 19 million. Well, 12 of those 19 million live in NYC, Long Island and Westchester county. And if you're reaching them, you're also reaching New Jersey and Connecticut. I only bring it up again because it was such a factor in the last presidential election. Ohio was mostly split evenly between Democrat wins in the city and Republican wins in the rural areas. Except Cincinnati. Why? Because Cincinnati might as well be Kentucky. The Republicans won Cincinnati, and so Ohio, and so the election. If I'm the Dems in P4E, I want in theory the option to blanket Cincinnati with ads and leave Cleveland alone. I realise this masks the fact that political opinions very across individual states, and also that dissecting the whole map into markets would be impractical. But would it be possible to include, maybe, the top 25 markets on the "Where?" menu of the Ads page, and have the influence split across states on the back end? Those top 25 (according to Nielsen) are: New York City* Los Angeles Chicago* Philadelphia* SF Bay Area Dallas/Ft. Worth Boston / New Hampshire* Washington, D.C.* Atlanta Houston Detroit/Windsor Tampa / St. Pete / Sarasota Phoenix Seattle/ Tacoma / Olympia / Bellingham Minn./St. Paul Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Cleveland / Akron / Canton Denver Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne Sacramento / Stockton / Modesto St. Louis* Pittsburgh Portland (OR)* Baltimore* Indianapolis I've marked with * the ones that are definitely (i.e. geographically) split over more than one state. You can also get Pittsburgh stations in West Virginia and St. Paul stations in Wisconsin; I'm sure there's others like that, but this would take some research to confirm and quantify. It'd be worth the work that comes after, if you ask me; I'd gladly help with legwork for the boon in realism. Cincinnati, btw, is the 33rd largest market.
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    Great point, while typing these ideas I was simply writing whatever came into my head without much thought. I never concidered the great and horrible impact this could have on the game.
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    This would be a really bad idea. Although small-scale random events are appropriate for a game like this, an event with an effect as large as the one you postulated is going to be a game-killer; player skill will become marginalized relative to the effects of luck.
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    This probably shouldn't be a high priority, but I'd strongly suggest making either a scenario editor or a series of small programs to use in editing the files in the scenario folder. The Parties, Percentages, and Electoral Units files are particularly intimidating for modders. If something like the constituency editor for PM4E was made for each file though, it would make scenario creation a lot easier, and I think we'd start to see custom scenarios made for this game.
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    After you win the election, I would like to see, the Candidates Inaguration, and you get to write your own inagural address. Then this could be followed by what the candiate did in the White House, like wheather there legistive affairs got past congress. It would be good also if they added results from Congress and the Senate seeming thought the elections are held on the same day. Also if a candidates health levels go down to nothing the candidate should be temperalory not available from campaigning. I would also like to see Vice Presidential Debates, and more crusaders with more of an effect. Conrad
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    Hey I don't know if it has been mentioned on here before, but a great option would be to toggle between electoral vote and a simple vote tally to decide the winner. This would be really helpful in scenarios for election other than president, such as senate or governor, in which the map ought to be divided into regions to make the campaign interesting, but the end result is based on individual rather than electoral votes.
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    It is true that they can contradict each others views, and also though that if the POTUS candidate has a view unpopular for his party, the VPOTUS candidate an balance it out (like the GOP on the west wing)
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    What about VPOTUS candidates? Are they being expanded to include more detail than just +1 on a certain attribute?
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    It should also be someone who can win (in the hope that they can become running mate. Shouldn't it be possible to make deals with other candidates with regard to becoming the running mate and negotiating over policy. E.g. in 2004, Clark could have done a deal with Kerry that he (Clark) would drop out in exchange for the vice-presidencey, and their platform would shift to the left on a couple of issues.
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    Two states (i.e. Maine) currently can split their electoral votes because of congressional districts, so I'd like to see that implemented in P4E. It'd be rather cool. Proportional voting in a given state (Colorado's measure failed in 2004) as an option would be rather cool, too. Also, I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned too: Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard? Just some thoughts.
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    I think a great idea for the new Presient Forever would be to be able to have different states choose electors in different ways. FPTP + Winner Take All is most common, but Maine and Nebraska have the votes ofr each district (plus 2 at large), and Colorado almost switched to PR in the last election, and preference voting or other systems could be possibilities too... but not limit the whole game to one election style, make it more realistic and leave more scenario possibilities. Also, perhaps a possibility to target specific districts like in the PM4E games...
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    Hi LiberalUK, Thanks for the idea, we'll think about it. The ability for scenario designers to customize bonuses for each candidate for each region is in Chancellor Forever, and this feature will be carried over to the new President Forever. Jayavarman, One idea that has been thought about seriously is adding the ability to target certain demographic profiles. Thanks for the feedback on this (and the other ideas). Mokbubble2, Thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into the possibilities for election night. Anthony Burgoyne 80soft.com
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    Yes. I agree that we have to keep our feet on the ground, but four variables at a state level won't be that complicated when there are already 18 issues with a different centre in each state. I think K-uglen's idea would work into things extremely well. For example, religious/secular would be more important in more recent scenarios in the wake of the rise of 'the religious right'. This could be brocken down in the same way as issue profiles.
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    I've thought for a long time that an amzing way to do ads would be Markets, not States. for example. I live in New Jersey, but New Jersey has two main markets. New York City and Philly. If you were a politican you would come to NJ, but your ads would be put on those two markets. The change would be that the New York City market would affect NY, NJ, and CT to a point and you could be much more precise in advertizing. Also, this becomes more effective since different parts of a state have different politics and concerns.
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    The atomic unit of politics in President Forever is the state. That is not exactly how things actually work, however. Consider the following outcome. Playing as Dean, I won West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee by healthy margins; and yet lost North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Arkansas by pretty substantial margins. Tennessee is a perfect example of why the state is not the best atomic unit. Tennesseeans have traditionally viewed their state as being three separate communities bound together - East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. East Tennessee has more in common with West Virginia than western Tennessee; Western Tennessee has more in common with eastern Arkansas than with east Tennessee. There are several different ways for a Democrat to win Tennessee - traditionally, this has involved running up the score in west Tennessee and cutting losses in East Tennessee (which is traditionally Republican). But a presidential candidate that can run up the score in west Tennessee would probably also succeed in carrying Arkansas and Missouri - or at the very least making those contests very close. Alternatively, any candidate who did well enough in Appalachian East Tennessee would probably do fairly well in West Virginia and Kentucky. These regional correlations often seem rather hit-or-miss in P4E, which doesn't surprise me because there seem not to be modeled. What I think I'm getting at is, there needs to be three levels of simulation and not one: * Level One: sub-state level (e.g. "East Tennessee") * Level Two: state level (e.g. "Tennessee") * Level Three: regional level (e.g. "Appalachia") Issue and candidate appeal would be simulated at the regional level, with each sub-state being tied to the region it lies within. For example, if Bush won 60 percent of the vote in Appalachia, and Republicans traditionally do 2 points better in East Tennessee than in the Appalachian region as a whole, then Bush would carry East Tennessee with 62 percent of the vote. The sub-states would then be aggregated to give the state total. If Bush carried East Tennessee (for simplicities sake, let's say all three regions are a third of Tennessee's population) with 62 percent of the vote, Middle Tennessee with 50 percent of the vote, and and lost West Tennessee with 48 percent of the vote, then Bush would win 53 percent of the vote in Tennessee. For a better sense of what I am trying to get at, see this web site: http://www.mydd.com/story/2005/6/29/123833/493
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    You're still around, so obviously a bit longer. I'll post this here: Would it be possible to work in a "popular vote" option? For example: in Russia, the president is elected by popular vote, not by an electoral vote system. So, in the new P4E2008, could we have a button to switch from an "electoral vote" system to a "popular vote" system? It'd probably work something like this: Moscow: Candidate X - 41 votes (41%) Candidate Y - 38 votes (38%) Candidate Z - 21 votes (21%) Candidate X would win because they received the highest percentage of popular votes for the district/state/province/ect. How does that sound?
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    One thing I think would be cool is to be able to commit more fraud as an option. Right now we can plant spies in the opposing headquarters which is fun but not terribly useful. Allowing us to do things like rig vote-counts and circulate false stories or scandals in the media would be sweet. Probably a good idea to include a toggle for it though like with regionalism or dynamism...call it "dirty politics."
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    Hi Mikerey, Thanks for the suggestions. Can you expand on what you meant by "I like the idea of specific people, but isn't that what the issues are for? Perhaps an easy way for developers to do this is have more issues, but also have more endorsers that would only affect that issue momentum."? Sincerely, Anthony Burgoyne 80soft.com
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    Recounts don't seem to be that important to me (while yes they are becoming important in real life, most of the time it has to do with idiotic moves by people than the candidates themselves). Networking would be cool Election and Re-Election would be cool as well. Specific Areas(cities) would be great as well. A Democract would go to NYC for fundraising/campaigning, but maybe not Kansas City. Dems and Reps would go to the I-4 corridor in Florida 25 timeseach, but Dems might might not go to the panhandle. I like the idea of specific people, but isn't that what the issues are for? Perhaps an easy way for developers to do this is have more issues, but also have more endorsers that would only affect that issue momentum. Having different levels of support in each state in how well the party is established would be great. Some external events in the states as well that would be great as well. Hurricanes in Florida, a scandal of a republican governor in some state, a depressed economy someplace but a soaring economy some place else The ability to debate a bit better (while I don't want to bring in other games The Political Machine, had a portion when you interviewed you answer some basic multiple choice questions, something like that could be good) also could be applied to the interviews. Being able to incorporate the future Congress Forever and President Forever would be great as well together would be great as well.
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    I agree....PR would be an excellent addition as Dr_Abc said....Germany would be quite facinating as the last election in Sep 2003 proved... Cheers, Desmond.
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    More electoral systems. So far there is FPTP and the Australian STV. PR for example would be quite simple to do and you could have an option of deciding the % elected by PR.. with the rest elected by FPTP. That would open up literally hundreds of countries to scenario making as well as Presidential allow sims with PM4E. Also give the option for a threshold to be represented in PR... eg. 10% like in Germany and Turkey. Another idea would be two-round FPTP. Like the Australian STV but with a single second preference/ vote transfer.
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    Yeah, the too-close-to-call states could be delayed and then announced at some later random time during election night. It would due much to increase the suspence.
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    That actually wouldn't be too bad... States/ridings/whatever with high populations and close polling numbers might be delayed for recounts, which would definetly add to the suspense when Florida and Ohio roll around.
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    One thing I feel would be useful in the game would be a way for the VP candidate to attack the opponent/Opposing VP candidate. In reality (or so the media often portrays) the VP candidate is the one who throws insults at the opponent, while the President can (almost as if he disagrees with his VP) remain polite but hard hitting. Currently it appears that only the President can be negative. Boris
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    most like? external events that had issue postion - momentum bonuses/losses Press Releases, maybe someway to make certain issues truly dominate the campaign - like in 1968, I've seen the Vietnam War turn yellow before, and that should not happen such like
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    I almost forgot, changing the outcome of a close election, have it were the party that control the congress picks the president, have some surpise endding.
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    Recounts Party leaving Custom speeches Voter turnout Records Brake down of the vote: race age Number one issue How many voted
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    Recount Network Play Unlimited parties Game + Re-election feature (After the election, you get be President for a while, make decisions on current events, then see if you can get re-elected.)
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