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    It is true that they can contradict each others views, and also though that if the POTUS candidate has a view unpopular for his party, the VPOTUS candidate an balance it out (like the GOP on the west wing)
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    What about VPOTUS candidates? Are they being expanded to include more detail than just +1 on a certain attribute?
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    It should also be someone who can win (in the hope that they can become running mate. Shouldn't it be possible to make deals with other candidates with regard to becoming the running mate and negotiating over policy. E.g. in 2004, Clark could have done a deal with Kerry that he (Clark) would drop out in exchange for the vice-presidencey, and their platform would shift to the left on a couple of issues.
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    Two states (i.e. Maine) currently can split their electoral votes because of congressional districts, so I'd like to see that implemented in P4E. It'd be rather cool. Proportional voting in a given state (Colorado's measure failed in 2004) as an option would be rather cool, too. Also, I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned too: Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard? Just some thoughts.
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    I think a great idea for the new Presient Forever would be to be able to have different states choose electors in different ways. FPTP + Winner Take All is most common, but Maine and Nebraska have the votes ofr each district (plus 2 at large), and Colorado almost switched to PR in the last election, and preference voting or other systems could be possibilities too... but not limit the whole game to one election style, make it more realistic and leave more scenario possibilities. Also, perhaps a possibility to target specific districts like in the PM4E games...
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    Hi LiberalUK, Thanks for the idea, we'll think about it. The ability for scenario designers to customize bonuses for each candidate for each region is in Chancellor Forever, and this feature will be carried over to the new President Forever. Jayavarman, One idea that has been thought about seriously is adding the ability to target certain demographic profiles. Thanks for the feedback on this (and the other ideas). Mokbubble2, Thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into the possibilities for election night. Anthony Burgoyne 80soft.com
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    Yes. I agree that we have to keep our feet on the ground, but four variables at a state level won't be that complicated when there are already 18 issues with a different centre in each state. I think K-uglen's idea would work into things extremely well. For example, religious/secular would be more important in more recent scenarios in the wake of the rise of 'the religious right'. This could be brocken down in the same way as issue profiles.
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    I've thought for a long time that an amzing way to do ads would be Markets, not States. for example. I live in New Jersey, but New Jersey has two main markets. New York City and Philly. If you were a politican you would come to NJ, but your ads would be put on those two markets. The change would be that the New York City market would affect NY, NJ, and CT to a point and you could be much more precise in advertizing. Also, this becomes more effective since different parts of a state have different politics and concerns.
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    The atomic unit of politics in President Forever is the state. That is not exactly how things actually work, however. Consider the following outcome. Playing as Dean, I won West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee by healthy margins; and yet lost North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, and Arkansas by pretty substantial margins. Tennessee is a perfect example of why the state is not the best atomic unit. Tennesseeans have traditionally viewed their state as being three separate communities bound together - East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. East Tennessee has more in common with West Virginia than western Tennessee; Western Tennessee has more in common with eastern Arkansas than with east Tennessee. There are several different ways for a Democrat to win Tennessee - traditionally, this has involved running up the score in west Tennessee and cutting losses in East Tennessee (which is traditionally Republican). But a presidential candidate that can run up the score in west Tennessee would probably also succeed in carrying Arkansas and Missouri - or at the very least making those contests very close. Alternatively, any candidate who did well enough in Appalachian East Tennessee would probably do fairly well in West Virginia and Kentucky. These regional correlations often seem rather hit-or-miss in P4E, which doesn't surprise me because there seem not to be modeled. What I think I'm getting at is, there needs to be three levels of simulation and not one: * Level One: sub-state level (e.g. "East Tennessee") * Level Two: state level (e.g. "Tennessee") * Level Three: regional level (e.g. "Appalachia") Issue and candidate appeal would be simulated at the regional level, with each sub-state being tied to the region it lies within. For example, if Bush won 60 percent of the vote in Appalachia, and Republicans traditionally do 2 points better in East Tennessee than in the Appalachian region as a whole, then Bush would carry East Tennessee with 62 percent of the vote. The sub-states would then be aggregated to give the state total. If Bush carried East Tennessee (for simplicities sake, let's say all three regions are a third of Tennessee's population) with 62 percent of the vote, Middle Tennessee with 50 percent of the vote, and and lost West Tennessee with 48 percent of the vote, then Bush would win 53 percent of the vote in Tennessee. For a better sense of what I am trying to get at, see this web site: http://www.mydd.com/story/2005/6/29/123833/493
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    You're still around, so obviously a bit longer. I'll post this here: Would it be possible to work in a "popular vote" option? For example: in Russia, the president is elected by popular vote, not by an electoral vote system. So, in the new P4E2008, could we have a button to switch from an "electoral vote" system to a "popular vote" system? It'd probably work something like this: Moscow: Candidate X - 41 votes (41%) Candidate Y - 38 votes (38%) Candidate Z - 21 votes (21%) Candidate X would win because they received the highest percentage of popular votes for the district/state/province/ect. How does that sound?
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    One thing I think would be cool is to be able to commit more fraud as an option. Right now we can plant spies in the opposing headquarters which is fun but not terribly useful. Allowing us to do things like rig vote-counts and circulate false stories or scandals in the media would be sweet. Probably a good idea to include a toggle for it though like with regionalism or dynamism...call it "dirty politics."
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    Hi Mikerey, Thanks for the suggestions. Can you expand on what you meant by "I like the idea of specific people, but isn't that what the issues are for? Perhaps an easy way for developers to do this is have more issues, but also have more endorsers that would only affect that issue momentum."? Sincerely, Anthony Burgoyne 80soft.com
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    Recounts don't seem to be that important to me (while yes they are becoming important in real life, most of the time it has to do with idiotic moves by people than the candidates themselves). Networking would be cool Election and Re-Election would be cool as well. Specific Areas(cities) would be great as well. A Democract would go to NYC for fundraising/campaigning, but maybe not Kansas City. Dems and Reps would go to the I-4 corridor in Florida 25 timeseach, but Dems might might not go to the panhandle. I like the idea of specific people, but isn't that what the issues are for? Perhaps an easy way for developers to do this is have more issues, but also have more endorsers that would only affect that issue momentum. Having different levels of support in each state in how well the party is established would be great. Some external events in the states as well that would be great as well. Hurricanes in Florida, a scandal of a republican governor in some state, a depressed economy someplace but a soaring economy some place else The ability to debate a bit better (while I don't want to bring in other games The Political Machine, had a portion when you interviewed you answer some basic multiple choice questions, something like that could be good) also could be applied to the interviews. Being able to incorporate the future Congress Forever and President Forever would be great as well together would be great as well.
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    I agree....PR would be an excellent addition as Dr_Abc said....Germany would be quite facinating as the last election in Sep 2003 proved... Cheers, Desmond.
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    More electoral systems. So far there is FPTP and the Australian STV. PR for example would be quite simple to do and you could have an option of deciding the % elected by PR.. with the rest elected by FPTP. That would open up literally hundreds of countries to scenario making as well as Presidential allow sims with PM4E. Also give the option for a threshold to be represented in PR... eg. 10% like in Germany and Turkey. Another idea would be two-round FPTP. Like the Australian STV but with a single second preference/ vote transfer.
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    Yeah, the too-close-to-call states could be delayed and then announced at some later random time during election night. It would due much to increase the suspence.
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    That actually wouldn't be too bad... States/ridings/whatever with high populations and close polling numbers might be delayed for recounts, which would definetly add to the suspense when Florida and Ohio roll around.
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    One thing I feel would be useful in the game would be a way for the VP candidate to attack the opponent/Opposing VP candidate. In reality (or so the media often portrays) the VP candidate is the one who throws insults at the opponent, while the President can (almost as if he disagrees with his VP) remain polite but hard hitting. Currently it appears that only the President can be negative. Boris
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    most like? external events that had issue postion - momentum bonuses/losses Press Releases, maybe someway to make certain issues truly dominate the campaign - like in 1968, I've seen the Vietnam War turn yellow before, and that should not happen such like
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    I almost forgot, changing the outcome of a close election, have it were the party that control the congress picks the president, have some surpise endding.
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    Recounts Party leaving Custom speeches Voter turnout Records Brake down of the vote: race age Number one issue How many voted
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    Recount Network Play Unlimited parties Game + Re-election feature (After the election, you get be President for a while, make decisions on current events, then see if you can get re-elected.)
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