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    President Forever is too different to make it work. German ones should work fine but where a party has 2 leaders change it to 1.
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    I agree to that. A very informative step by step guide. Just got an idea for future scenarios.
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    I would be interested in this, but alas, I don't have Congress Forever 2010 Only Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2011.
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    Hi Reagan, got any luck on this so far?
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    At Monday's debate Newt was very conservative (not ideologically) and very reserved, which is atypical of his debate performances so far. That's probably because he felt he was the front runner and Florida was his to lose, Romney came out more aggressive and now he's back on top. I wonder how they'll adjust to the massive shift in numbers from Monday to tonight. Newt should go back to his old aggressive self, Romney should be more layed back because everything in Florida is moving his way.
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    Hard. Dean/Clark vs. Bush/Rice In a nice bit of irony, Florida came down to less than 6k votes, Ohio less than 36k votes and Dean got 'a thumpin'' in the popular vote. This is the one elusive victory I have struggled for some time to overcome, and rightly so as Bush had 52% of the populat vote locked up and every state accept Mass before I'd even clinched the nomination, so I am quite proud of this one. A little miffed about losing Michigan by 3% though. Also only got "incompetent" for this one, though this is probably one of the most struggling victories I've ever attained.
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