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    I've been working a bit on a Russia 2012 scenario. I'm about two-thirds through the Federal Subjects, (equivalent to states or provinces), all 83 of them, and only currently have place-holder issues. It seems it'll likely be a GE-only scenario, as I can't find any real information on any primaries, nomination conventions, or any such things for any of the parties, and I'm willing to bet a trillion rubles no significant members of Unified Russia or the Liberal Democrats dared challenge Putin or Zhirinovsky, respectively, for those parties' nominations. I need advice on issues, events, and endorsers, if anyone has any ideas. My list of candidates is currently thus: -Unified Russia - Vladimir Putin -Communist - Gennady Zyuganov -Liberal Democratic - Vladimir Zhirinovsky -A Just Russia - Sergey Miranov -Independent - Mikhail Prokhorov -Yabloko Bloc - Grigory Yavlinsky (Off-by-Default) -Independent - Eduard Limonov (Off-by-Default) -Independent - Leonid Ivashov (Off-by-Default) -Independent - Dmitry Mezentsev (Off-by-Default) -Independent - Nicolai Levashov (Off-by-Default) The "off-by-default" candidates were rejected for running by the Russian Central Elections Committee and are included for a "what-if" scenario like most P4E scenario off-by-default candidates. There were a few more Independents rejected by the RCEC, but they seem very obscure with little data easily available (at least in English), so I haven't included them. Any help, comments, or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    i will be glad to have that when you will finish to NomerDuck@Gmail.com
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    You could add Dino Rossi as a Off Candidate but sense hes run for gov and senate and lost you could make him not as strong
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    Since I did a Washington gubernatorial 2008 and Senatorial 2010 (both of which are available in the official TheorySpark archives), I thought I'd take the next step and do a gubernatorial and Senatorial for this year. I have a good grasp of the candidates (including good off-by-default ones) from Wikipedia, but would like people to weigh in on issues and potential events, as well as possible endorsers outside newspapers, Congresspeople, Senators, State Senators, etc. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    This is a scenario I am creating for the current polcan round. Due to the nature of govsims where government collapse quite easily and no likes waiting for elections forever the fixed elections term was moved in game by the admin to 2013, so there is two year parliaments. Party leaders. Conservatives. Daniel Broderick PM, current prime minister to the right of steven harper. Kelliher McCaul, blue tory. New Democrats Brian Appel, current leader though inactive and in the process of being removed I thought id include him anyway. Athony Wittrock, slightly to the left of the leader. came second in the leadership contest. Got the most player endorsements. Clair Thomas, not to sure, ran quite a middle of the road campaign withdrew and endorsed Appel. Paul Kowalsky, not to sure, cant remeber if he endorsed Wittrock or Appel Malachi Coombes (moi), on the left of the NDP, sits in democratic socialist caucus. Liberals Richard Hawert, not to sure was acclaimed so not to sure where in the liberal party to place him. Stockholm James, the active liberal deputy leader on the right of the party imho.
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    If you'd like to test out a new scenario, shoot me your email. The scenario is based off of the 1964 election, featuring actual stories and headlines from the time period throughout game-play. Below are the descriptions for the candidates. After the tragic assasination of beloved President John F. Kennedy, VP LBJ finds himself at the helm. Fortunately for Johnson, the Republicans look poised to nominate Barry Goldwater, a firebrand Senator from Arizona known for his very conservative views and frequent foot-in-mouth coments. But could a primary challenge from the more charismatic, better known former actor Ronald Reagan improve Republican chances?
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    Some other general points: starting party strengths of different regions aren't quite right. Eg, the north (pas-de-calais) is a socialist stronghold. On the national level I thought Sarkozy was far too strong at 30-35%... back in summer of last year his poll rating was stuck at 20-25%. Around the same time MLP was at 20-22%, but she starts at less than 10%. In my election the total votes came to 90,000,000 (should be more like 40-45 million) Endorsers would need to be reworked, I had Sarkozy winning left-wing newspapers (who hate his guts) because socialist intra-party primary attacks had lowered their momentum. Also MLP and Melenchon got close to winning endorsements which would be very unlikely I would change the fund-raising/ad system to reflect reality... very low, even zero fund-raising, so you get nearly all your money from the Party bloc sum (public financing). There is no TV advertising except a few short messages (represent as 'free ads') on TV / radio in the last weeks. To compensate for that beef up both Barnstorming strength (chance of news) and the power of successful/negative interviews. There are a lot of events that could be added (eg Melenchon surge etc) I would swap some issues around. Banking and industry (factories) were big themes in the campaign which are not represented. I think even 'Sarkozyism' might need to be a theme. This is the discussion of how much the incumbent is hated (or not) which took a lot of time in the media and which Sarkozy turned to his advantage (he claimed the 9 other candidates were ganging up on him) Overall though a good and very promising scenario!
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    Hmm... the issue positions puzzle me. Is this what FN's position is supposed to be? Especially Islam CL... and Economy CR ('minor tax hikes and help from EU', her platform is the complete opposite). Immigration and Islam should be 'R', economic policies more centrist and Libya/Iran should also be CL or L Bayrou is more Right-Wing on Immigration than her.. Looking at the other candidates Bayrou should be Right-Wing on Budget Sarkozy is much too centrist I would also change some of the issues, Gun Control just doesn't exist as an issue because there are no policy differences, everyone agrees on it
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    Why not upload it to sendspace? It's a pretty quick, safe free service
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    Certainly an important one, especially for the gubernatorial election. Here's what I have for candidates for the elections: Gubernatorial DEMOCRATIC -Congressman Jay Inslee -State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (OFF) -King County Executive Dow Constantine (OFF) -Incumbant Governor Christine Gregoire (OFF) -State Treasurer Jim McIntire (OFF) -Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon (OFF) -Former King County Executive and Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ron Sims (OFF) -State Auditor General Brian Sonntag (OFF) REPUBLICAN -Reverend Shahram Hadian -State Attorney General Rob McKenna -Port of Seattle Commission President Bill Bryant (OFF) -Congressman Dave Reichert (OFF) -Former State Senator Dino Rossi (OFF) INDEPENDENT -Mr. Dale Sorgen Senatorial DEMOCRATIC -Incumbant Senator Maria Cantwell -Mr. Timothy Wilson -Mr. Mike the Mover (OFF) REPUBLICAN -State Senator Michael Baumgartner -Dr. Art Coday -Charles Simonyi Fund for the Arts and Sciences executive director Susan Hutchison (OFF) -Mr. John Stanton (OFF) -Former Deputy White House Press Secretary Scott Stanzel (OFF) -Port of Seattle Commission President Bill Bryant (OFF) -Mr. Clint Didier (OFF) -Congressman Doc Hastings (OFF) -Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (OFF) -Snohomish County Councilman John Koster (OFF) -Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (OFF) -Congressman Dave Reichert (OFF) -Mr. Philip Yin (OFF) -Former State Senator Dino Rossi (OFF) Any thoughts on stats, notable planks, or additional off-by-default candidates?
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    The scenario is finished. Since I still haven't gotten my request for an scenario author's page on the scenarios website, I will be taking email requests for the scenario until the 270admin activates my page. Otherwise, the scenario is finished!
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    I want to thank Patine, dr abc, GOP Progressive, and many others for contributing toward this scenario. If it weren't for you guys, this thing wouldn't have happened.
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    Gun Control technically could be an issue due to the Toulose Shootings as well as the upcoming Arms Treaty at the UN. Regarding the Eurozone, she argues that the problems are the Euro and the Eurozone's Federalism... http://www.frontnational.com/videos/%C2%AB-le-vrai-probleme-c%E2%80%99est-l%E2%80%99euro-%C2%BB/ Regarding Islam, she released a statement after the Toulose Shootings warning Frenchmen not associate the shooter with Islam in general. She warned against racial attacks on the Muslim community.
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    Again, this is the 1st Edition. I appreciate any feedback so I can get the final edition ready. Regarding LePen, I will double check to make sure those are her policy stances. Regarding Islam, I remember her attacking Sarkozy over the issue accusing him of being too biased against the religion.
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    I definitely want this! chandallah@netscape.net
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    I'll seriously get to work on these two after my Russia 2012 scenario. I'm already well into that one.
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    A noteworthy error right from first glance is that you have Goldwater's home state as California. It should be Arizona.
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    France 2012 has been completed. (for P42008 engine) Since the 270admin hasn't activated a scenario author's page yet, I will be emailing out the scenario until then. Please post your email address and I'll get it to you as soon as possible. Note: This is the 1st Edition of the Scenario. I am going to add more candidates for the Third Parties once I have an author's page on Meta. If you have any questions, then just post on the forum and I'll answer them as soon as possible.
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