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    Perry isn't a good debater. He actually refused to debate the Democratic Challenger in the 2006 and 2010 gubernatorial campaigns. He failed his base during the debates. Remember, the one big oops moment happened long after his campaign sunk. Perry also has a drinking problem. He was pulled over in 2004 under suspicion of drunk driving. Just what Newt Gingrich needs in a Vice President... Honestly, I can argue his record and reforms in texas. He pretty much did NOTHING to fix the education system there, infact he cut funding there even more. I have friends in Texas who have said that he only reason why he keeps winning is because they want him to leave them alone. So far, he did pretty good doing NOTHING. Perry got into trouble doing something, especially with the HIV Vaccine mandate. Perry did hardly anything in Texas. His jobs record was worse than that of Governor Bush and Governor Richards during their tenures. In reality, Perry set the bar too high when he couldn't jump in the first place.
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    I know this doesn't count, but I once gave Root a few hundred million dollars and won several states and more than 20% of the popular vote in a 2012 scenario.
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    Rubio would help with Latinos Huckabee would help with the base without scaring the moderates Newt would debate the pants off Biden Christie would provide the power and charisma and casualness that Romney is lacking Huntsman would be a good choice if Romney intends to die
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    Perry is too old with the baggage of this past campaign. He would be a media distraction. Romney will need a fresh younger face (relatively).
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    I agree with the Evergreen Party, but should the two independents be one party or each be one? That issue's good, too. I recall hearing about it in the news not long ago, come to think of it. Any progress on the leaders/parties, LordBeckett.
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    One major issue has been Transmission Lines as well. Its been a real issue in Southern Alberta around Medicine Hat and in Sherwood Park and Strathcona-Sherwood Park. Leaders: Alberta Party: Sue Huff (she was interim leader) Parties: I would include the Evergreen Party (made up from the now bankrupt Green Party) As for Independents I am aware of two so far: 1.) Jim Ford (yes from the Federal Election) who is running in Sherwood Park 2.) Carl Benito (only a rumor but he has some signs up) running in his riding of Millwoods
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    m.regan31@gmail.com thanks!
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    Ayatollah Khamenei has the real power in Iran. He controls the goverment.
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    Economy matter, but foreign affairs don't really matter.
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    That is true. I am asking for scenarios, but am not asking for scenarios from 3 years ago.
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    I have officially had enough with you. You continue to bug me about scenarios. Seriously stop it. This is over three years old.
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    I was going for Yahoo Instant Messenger, but okay...
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    Its a program put on by the Presbyterian Church in Canada called Youth In Mission (YIM). I really don't know what it has to do with this board, but this is what I got when I googled YIM.
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    phil_gardner@comcast.net thanks!
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    Hey! Since the economy is of the utmost importance in this election, I have decided to make a forum to discuss how it will affect the 2012 Elections. POLLWONK
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    Good list, though I would include Brown as being on by default as well. Most polls show him ahead of his most formidable challenger. Also, consider adding Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia for the GOP, and Martin O'Malley of Maryland for the Democrats.
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    Is that scenario around? matvail2002@gmail.com
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    Listen, I only want to TRY your scenarios because they interest me and they are not available elsewhere. I don't mind how old they are because I have P4E and I can make them work out. I made this request to you by a polite manner and you give me a response like that, I must say that this is not very kind of your part and I excepted a polite response of your (even if it's a negative one). I don't mind if you don't want to share your scenarios, however please do not tell it to me this way. (P.S: You are ALSO asking for scenarios with this board).
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    I just finished a Hawaii 1998 Governor Election scenerio for P4E. I will send it in to 80soft soon. But if you'd like it early then leave your email address. -Matty P.S. I know many of you don't like my previous scenerios but I made my own map and I hope you like it.
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    This thread is about the hypothetical what if a major foreign affairs issue became an important issue.
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    While Obama has had moderate success on the foreign stage, it doesn't mean that he will do well in Iran. Right now, his record on Iran doesn't look that good. He hasn't gotten back our drone. He hasn't stopped Iran from developing nuclear power. He hasn't removed Ahmadinejad the nutjob from power.
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    Yes Ayatollah is the Supreme Leader, but Ahmadinejad is technically the probelm. Ayatollah was fine when the Iranian president before Ahmadinejad canceled their nuclear program. Its the nutjob Ahmadinejad who is the big problem.
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    We are going to war with Iran... We must stop this war!
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    I can confirm the Republican Presidential candidates, everything else is in question at the moment... REPUBLICANS Jeb Bush John Thune Marco Rubio Susana Martinez Tim Pawlenty Bobby Jindal Sam Brownback Jon Huntsman Kelly Ayotte Michele Bachmann Sarah Palin (off) Mike Huckabee (off) Rick Santorum (off) Chris Christie (off, he'll likely lose reelection) Scott Brown (off, he'll likely lose reelection) John Kasich (off)
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    i'd like to try this out as well. i think it is safe to say that mulcair is going to walk away with it at this point. mcbrstr@mta.ca
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    I'd say don't put too much faith into the Rasmussen polls. If other pollsters start showing similar results, then Obama has something to worry about. But if you compare Rasmussen's approval ratings, they are considerably worse than those of the other pollsters too. Gallup still has Obama in net approval territory, and all the other pollsters do too, or close to it, while Rasmussen has him at -10. Yeah, I'd say the sample Rasmussen took their data from for their recent polls has been quite Republican biased. It looks like Rasmussen are falling into their usual trap of being just about the most Republican biased pollster out there, and quite inaccurate too. Like I said, find a few more polls showing similar results, then you have an argument.
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    ABC News / Washington Post general election poll released today also shows Romney beating Obama: http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report_republican-mitt-romney-over-takes-barack-obama-in-us-survey_1661565
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    An economic boom for Obama is unlikely. Here's why... 1.) Gas Prices- Last year at this time, the economy was recovering. Gas was at about 2.60 or 2.50, a good price. The Economist called Obama a shoein. Gas prices then rose in June. The economy began faltering in July and neared the brink of a recession in August. The Economist has stated that the gas price jump in june hurt the economy and caused the downturn. Even when Obama opened the strategic petroleum reserve, it barely helped if at all. Flash forward one year, gas prices are almost $5 in some states AND WE AREN'T EVEN IN JUNE YET. Obama will have to face the scrutiny of high gas prices as well as questions about why he blocked the Keystone Pipeline which would have helped keep gas prices low. 2.) Unemployment and Employment Realities- The Department of Labor has reported a decrease in the unemployment rate. However, Gallup reported a spike. Why? If you check how the Dep of Lab calculates unemployment, it generally asks "ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR A JOB?" or "HAVE YOU FILLED OUT A JOB APPLICATION?" THat is highly inaccurate since many unemployed Americans have given up searching for a job. Gallup's polling asks very simply, "Are you unemployed and in need of work?" It is straight forward and gets to the point. Plus, the White House actually predicted that 2012 would have HIGHER unemployment (9%) than in 2011. The Economist reported that unemployment that high would show Obama the door. Gallup's unemployment tracker matches this estimate. 3.) Euro Zone- The Euro Zone isn't out of the woods yet. The Economist has stated that the 2012 Economic Recovery will be hindered tremendously by a fastly depleting Greek, Spanish, and Italian economy. Greece lost 7.5% of its GDP last year and is expected to lose more this year. The new Italian prime minister will be leaving his honeymoon period soon and economic confidence will continue to slide there. Sarkozy will be busy campaigning with Merkel for a 2nd Term. The Euro Zone has created a dark cloud over the financial world.
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    Could you send one to me as well? almondejoy88@gmail.com
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    I too would appreciate a copy when you're finished. Thanks! mdlevy85@gmail.com
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    I'd love a copy as well when it's finished...thanks. bawlexus91@hotmail.com
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    As a politically inclined Jerseyan, I HIGHLY doubt Christie will lose re-election. Our last 3 democratic governors were complete nutjobs- Florio was a borderline socialist, McGreevey lied to his wife and came out of the closet mid-term, and Corzine lost $1 billion. Sure, Whitman and Christie weren't the best, but Jerseyans on both sides are starting to get a little sick of being predictable. And of Democrats.
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    As anyone ever won electoral votes playing either as Nader or Root?
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    I don't know if Jeb Bush would be a frontrunner considering his brother left office with a record low approval rating - even a lot of Republicans ended up hating him. The name Bush may be tainted in American federal politics for awhile to come.
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    Hey guys, Since the issue of Iran has been playing a big role in the recent news stories, here is a forum to vote and post on the issue of Iran and the coming year. POLLWONK
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    I just completed a Minnesota Senate 2002 scenerio. If anyone wants it please post yuor email
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    I like the idea of Perry as veep. His name is out there, he's likable, he can probably beat Biden in a debate and he would do a good job in office. Yes, I know, make all the stupid jokes you like. He made one mistake in a debate. But you can't argue his amazing record and reforms in Texas.
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    Cam you please send me this when your done with it. Email: nwv1995@gmail.com
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