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    Hi everyone, In honor of today's tragedy for Poland, I think it would be a great honor for this country to do together, with all the people who knows how to create great scenarii, a scenario about the coming and necessary Presidential Election, in memory of President Kaczynski and all those great Polish leaders who died today. What do you guys would think of that ?
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    Thanks ! that's great ! for the names it would be pretty easy to do both version... For example we can do all the work with english names (easier for us who do not speak polish) and then when all the work is done changing the names (political parties and regions) to have original names... MiHao, to be honest I was truly touched by this because well I "lived" in Poland (to study the country) for a month, I have polish friends living in france and poltically I followed a litlle polish politics because well I liked a lot President Kaczynski for all he did in the European politics. And I know they are not from the same party but I also like Donald Tusk. I wish in France we could have leaders like those two people. And even if I don't like President Sarkozy, I would be destroyed if this would happen to him and all our major leaders, a terrible tragedy. However you are probably right about the themes... We could give ideas but you are in the best place to tell us what is happening in details on issues. Would you be interested to work on those issues ?
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    Thank you very much for respect you shown to my country's tragedy. Let me know on PM what information you need and I will prepare it, though I'm afraid in some points main themes of Polish politics are too different to be understandable for people from countries of totally different historical and political environment.
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    That's something I'm truly not good at so that'd be nice
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    Hi MiHao that's great ;-) sorry for what happened ... For everyone, the idea that I was proposing was to do it with as much people as possible you knwo... to show that fans of P4E did something for this terrible event...
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    So we have to wait till then to start or can we download it now?
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