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  2. Democrat Republicans regain some of their seats in the House, though Federalists retain power. Federalists 51% Democrat Republicans 49%
  3. I've also concluded Adams's presidency. On to Jefferson. If anyone is interested in these action I can link you to the Spreadsheet.
  4. @Herbert Hoover @Actinguy send me a message once you get up to the Pres Election so I can do the autodraft. I may see when you're about to do it, but you may need to remind me if I'm busy. I'm grading a over hundred papers over the weekend.
  5. I wouldn't mind playing the whole game again either. I was dealt statesman from all the same party then wasn't relavant till the 2nd game. With an extra person, whomever is dealt George Washington will have a pretty major advantage. We never talked about playing the whole thin, either way I want to play. I think if we only play 1st part your statesman should be eligible for a cabinet position as soon as activated. If we play the whole game wait until they are born at least. I think the cabinet up front would make things interesting.
  6. No I know, all two of them! Ah but anyway, I've submitted my replacements.
  7. Ha, well, if it helps, you're replacing the mid-atlantic senators. Not the New England ones.
  8. I swear, I have 2 MA politicians with Focus Sen values of 6 and VPs of 5, and then comes in your precious JPV.
  9. The Traditionalists finally have some life on the score board
  10. Statesman have to be born and cabinet up front, my opinion.
  11. I'll run the House elections momentarily. In the meantime for the Senate: @Herbert Hoover, @Reagan04, @Kingthero please list your Senator picks for your regions, Class II. Remember that you can only replace a Senator with a statesmen who has equal or higher VP.
  12. No worries, we'll continue working on it through the midterms.
  13. Well, CE2 should be on in a couple hours to agree to the working Budget proposal.
  14. @Kingthero has indicated that he will not propose anything, and there are no court cases, so that brings us to the midterms.
  15. Ok. Alcohol Tax dies in the Senate. @SilentLiberty: -60 @Herbert Hoover 0 @Conservative Elector 2: -60 @Reagan04 260 @WVProgressive -20 @Actinguy 0 @Hestia110 @Kingthero 240 Fed-Whig-Rep Party Score JR-Dem Party Score Silent Liberty 5540 WVProgressive 3705 Herbert Hoover 5185 Actinguy 4160 ConservativeElector 1685 Hestia 2085 Reagan 2090 King Thero 1545 Party Total Score 14500 Party Total Score 11495 VP from Statesmen 402 VP from Statesmen 357
  16. Today
  17. @Actinguy Sen. King (F-NY) signals his opposition to the singular item Alcohol Tax, voting Nay. Refers his next order to top lieutenant, Sen. John Vining (F-DE) of the Budget committee to continue negotiations.
  18. I'm not sure that it's under either...but if it was, I would think Judiciary? @vcczar Either. It overlaps between the two since the Poll Tax has requirements from both jurisdictions.
  19. I'm not sure that it's under either...but if it was, I would think Judiciary? @vcczar
  20. @vcczar @Actinguy Would the poll tax be in the jurisdiction of Budget or Judiciary?
  21. Fed-Whig-Rep Party Score JR-Dem Party Score Silent Liberty 5600 WVProgressive 3725 Herbert Hoover 5185 Actinguy 4160 ConservativeElector 1745 Hestia 2085 Reagan 1825 King Thero 1305 Party Total Score 14355 Party Total Score 11275 VP from Statesmen 402 VP from Statesmen 357
  22. Points for the double failure of Tennessee & Kentucky @SilentLiberty: 0 @Herbert Hoover: -20 @Conservative Elector 2: 30 @Reagan04: 170 @WVProgressive: 70 @Actinguy: 50 @Hestia11: -180 @Kingthero: -230 Points calculated on the sheet.
  23. My mistake. I was thinking of when they're official flags as external municipalities were adopted, which was the early- to mid-80's. You are correct on electoral integration. I'll have a quick over these maps.
  24. Madeira and Azores were present in all elections since Carnage Revolution. We are indecisive between a simpler map: Or a complex map with all 308 municipalities clickable (a bit megalomaniac maybe): mapgood3.bmp map.bmp
  25. And, although your screenshots do not include a planned electoral map, would I assume correctly that the Madeira and the Azores Islands would be included in scenarios after their political integration in the early- to mid-1980's, I believe it was?
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