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  2. I spin for a living -- I work in Public Relations. It comes naturally to me. ;c) Rebuilding the cabinet and military from the ground up is an interesting challenge, given that Jackson will likely only get two years in office -- I don't anticipate he'll be re-elected with his terrible stats. Haha.
  3. This is an interesting spin on Peale, I like the way you made the Ottoman Empire the focus of why Peale was overthrown. It adds much more to the lore of our game. Was the coup as a result of Louisianan interference? Or was the coup because Peale seemed willing to emulate the authoritarian government of the Ottoman Empire? Scholars might have conflicting opinions or reach a consensus somewhere in the middle. It's also comforting that you chose to only get rid of cabinet members and military officers. Perhaps we won't end up being Mexico after all!
  4. @swejie ^ This is totally optional, but you'll notice some players will throw a funny .GIF or meme in their post that goes along with their gameplay; or will add real-life historical trivia based on their statesmen. Also it's very common to use the Private Message function to form alliances with players. The rest of us are only playing this for the 2nd time ever so feel free at any point to ask questions or just jump right in with whatever fits your style. It's all in good fun!
  5. @Shamilton Mr. President, I have just returned from Paris with news! It seems our successful overthrowing of tyranny is sparking the flame of revolution in France. Monsieur de Lafayette has expressed to me his concerns that they may have a Revolution of their own in the very near future. I humbly offer my services as Secretary of State in order to best convey the wishes of your leadership to our peers abroad. I am confident that my beloved and venerable friend, Dr. Franklin, will vouch for my credentials given our previous success working together to enlist foreign allies during the war with Britain. Your Excellency's Most Obedient Humble Servant, Thomas Jefferson
  6. Our President is a true friend to the nation, and served his country honorably, faithfully, and with distinction under President George Washington, President Sam Adams, and President Charles Pealle alike. President Jackson's 10 years of service as one of our top Generals remains the proudest 10 years of his life. However, when President Jackson swore his oath, he did not swear it to President Pealle, or President Adams, or even President Washington. Nay, President Jackson swore his military oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" -- that he would bear true faith and allegiance to the same -- and that he would well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which he entered. In keeping with that oath, when President Jackson discovered the stunning betrayal under way as President Peale secretly conspired with the evil Ottoman Empire -- a known enemy to not just the United States, but free people everywhere -- President Jackson was forced to defend our nation from its own President. But rest assured that he took no pleasure in it -- he is only pleased that the American people saw the urgency of this situation as clearly as he did, and that the necessary removal of President Pealle did not result in an unnecessary spilling of innocent blood. President Jackson has no thirst for further blood. While he has requested the resignations of all cabinet and military members, he has guaranteed full pardons for all who submit their resignations peacefully -- and may in fact invite some of them to remain with him. The Supreme Court's loyalty to our nation is beyond question, and all Justices will be permitted to continue doing their necessary business unharassed. (I'll appoint my new cabinet and military tonight)
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  8. @Actinguy Will you purge any of the cabinet positions? Will you purge any SC Justices? (Can lead to secessionist movements) If any cabinet positions, will you put any of them on trial in the SC? You could purge the SC, then put any cabinet members you are threatened by in the long term on trial in your new Supreme Court and have them executed. It'd be an awful thing to do, but it's an option available to you if you wanted to get rid of any powerful statesmen in the cabinet permanently.
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  10. I actually did send you a private message with your handheld cards on it. Scroll up to the top of the screen. On the top right, you'll see an envelope with a number on it -- that number indicates that you have a private message. Click the envelope and you'll see the message with your cards on it. EDIT: Ignore me, I misunderstood what you were saying. Ha.
  11. Check the updated "Coup" General Event to see if anything else in there changes how you should respond.
  12. *me at a marching festival and coming back to see the entire government overthrown* Alright, very cool.
  13. I do wonder how Peale would actually be viewed by historians. By all accounts, he did fine abroad and his biggest issue was that his party failed to pass any legislation before being overthrown. However, it's not like any Federalist legislation was proposed and struck down. The coup came out of pretty much nowhere too. My personal rankings so far: Washington: A-. Set great precedent, but didn't win the indian war and lost reelection. Samuel Adams: B. Peaceful transition of power and some level of bipartisanship. Peale: D. Did fine abroad, but was overthrown due to domestic inactivity (despite no failures).
  14. Yes. He needed a 6, and did not get it. I had originally just killed him outright, but I rolled for him the same time as Adams after that. Peale rolled something lower than a 6, and so I saw no reason to retroactively change his axing 😛
  15. It can be private or public. Sometimes it is better to posture one way private and another public. Welcome to the government 😂
  16. I wondered if these were private messages (I'm sure those will come later) I don't really know what's going on but I'm your VP so Pickering would help bolster our party support (even though he doesn't seem that great).
  17. Scores are up to date outside of Reagan's senator points and your 2000.
  18. Haha, I hear that. Congrats! Are scores up to date? What needs done?
  19. I'll be out on an anniversary dinner, so feel free to take over for the night, lest this be both the first and last anniversary we celebrate
  20. Copy that. I’ve been at a pumpkin patch and hayride while America was falling apart. I should be home in an hour or so to appoint a cabinet and military of the people and by the people, as soon as their loyalty pledges are secured. Haha.
  21. “Our long national nightmare is over.” ;c)
  22. Couldn’t have come at a worse time for Peale either. Hahahaha
  23. @Shamilton, James Madison would bring quite the dignity to secretary of state and it would be quite the bipartisan move!
  24. You can all either keep playing or wait until I can update the coup rules and aftermath. I don't know if that will be today, or tomorrow, or not considering I'm grading about 100 more midterm papers due on Monday, and I also have to grade Blackboard discussions and put together my notes to teach next week. This coup couldn't have come at a worse time for me.
  25. I guess hell in a handbasket has a good chance to come about a lot earlier.
  26. I think the new government would organize and then probably put them on trial. I should also have it that domestic stability would lower to potential secession level. I'm sure some regions would try to leave in this instance.
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