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  2. Yes, it's "The Onion." And their attempts at "humour," I find lame and groanworthy, myself.
  3. Anti-war is a big part of what I'm talking about, but not, by far, everything. Ron Paul, instance, would liquidate almost all government services and responsibilities to sociopathic mega-corporations, and then free them from any meaningful bonds of regulation. It would end up a de facto Corporate Dictatorship like some of those old '80's science fiction dystopian movies. And I don't trust Gabbard for other reasons. And Gravel would likely drop dead within the first year or two in office due to his age.
  4. I actually find PMI and CI as preferable game engines to PI, as well as K4E, because @admin_270 keeps dragging his heels on an updated MMP electoral game, and those are the games the lion's share of my planned docket of user-made scenarios will be made for.
  5. Warren? She's just another member of the establishment. The real anti-war folks are Kucinich, Sanders, Gabbard, Gravel, and Ron Paul.
  6. Is that one of the political "news" "satire" websites? One of the joke websites like The Babylonian Bee?
  7. 3000 (literally one of the craziest scenarios) Plutocrats from Planet Pluto:Cthulhu Cthulhu/Zahpod Beeblebrox Muppet Socialite Sch----s:Big Bird/Kermit the Frog Idiocratic:Betty Crocker/Larry the Cable Guy Comcast:Martha Stewart/Jeff Probst It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad:Alfred E. Neuman/Harry S. Plinkett Winner:Betty Crocker results3000.csv
  8. 2024 Kelly Ayotte/Mike Lee Julian Castro/Maggie Hassan Jeff Bezos/Steve Ballmer results2024.csv
  9. 2020 Mitt Romney/Bob Corker Elizabeth Warren/Marianne Williamson results2020.csv
  10. Well, I don't have PMI. Maybe, I'll buy it in the future.
  11. They don't REALLY work. Not nearly as intended.
  12. There is a place where you download user-created scenarios. PMI games work on PI...
  13. I'll choose Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party. *Support for a strong central government and creation of a national bank. *A broad reading of the constitution. *Opposition to slavery. (There is much that I probably don't know. Corrections are welcome.)
  14. state: everett attorney general: fillmore treasury: montgomery blair @Woot war: john tyler @Woot postmaster: william marcy envoy: howell cobb @Woot general: robert f. stockton @Shamilton navy: franklin pierce @Shamilton
  15. Action to @mlcorcoran President Polk to name his cabinet.
  16. @Shamilton won with a bid of 3 IP. He activates With his bonus action, Douglas makes a free speech. Rolled a 4, autoboosts to 6. Success!
  17. @Leuser played the following on Horatio Seymour, as the New York Senator rails against our slaver roots for hours. Despite the fact that slavery was already abolished almost as soon as our country was founded, everyone deeply appreciates this reminder that slavery is bad. Apparently Senator Seymour only meant to briefly mention it before drawing parallels to the illegal Trail of Tears, but once he saw how into the anti-slavery part the audience was, he called an audible and abandoned the Native Americans all together, sticking only to what the audience wanted to hear. For abandoning his principles in favor of being liked, Horatio gains 3 popularity.
  18. I left the election night alone, i come back to see this The Map did came back but the background was still black and the UI was buggy as hell
  19. I must ask, has two round voting been expanded for PI?
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  21. NEXT DEBATE PARTICIPANTS SET The Democrat National Committee confirmed today that -- in addition to debate stage mainstays Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer -- next week's debate will now feature Michael Bloomberg as well. Bloomberg had publicly rejected the previous debate criteria which required a set number of donors -- a problem for Bloomberg's self-financed campaign -- but Bloomberg was able to meet the new set of criteria by virtue of winning 3 delegates in Iowa. Fellow Businessman Andrew Yang has failed to qualify for yet another debate, however.
  22. STEYER SHIFTS COURSE, EMBRACES MEDICARE FOR ALL Despite trying previously to present himself as a more moderate voice of reason, businessman Tom Steyer announced in a press conference today that he now sees the error of his ways and supports Medicare for All. "As I've traveled the country and listened to your stories, I've heard time and time again from families who are facing economic crises through no fault of their own, due to unanticipated and unacceptable medical costs. I see you, I hear you, and I believe you. I got this one wrong, but it's not too late to make it right. A vote for Tom Steyer is a vote for Medicare For All." Despite Steyer's camp insisting that this is a true change of heart for their candidate, detractors question whether Steyer is only shifting after seeing Sanders and Warren combine for nearly 2/3 of conservative Iowa's Democratic Caucus vote.
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