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  2. vcczar

    Another Founding Fathers Game Interest Post

    I'll play if you are GMing.
  3. Edouard

    President Beto O’Rourke

    Lloyd Betsen in 1988 was understandable But Al Gore in 1992 and Dick Cheney in 2000...as well as Joe Liebermann..... Joe Biden can be explicated Sarah Palin not I agree
  4. Seeing that the two current Founding Fathers games are going so well and it's about the summer time for me, I wanted to gauge interest for another game. Even if you are playing in another game you are welcome to join this one, but I'd prefer for the level of activity to be closer to @Actinguy's game in terms of response time and RP flavor text. It would likely start on Saturday or earlier if interest is shown. I'll tag a couple who may be interested, but even if you aren't tagged you are welcome to apply. I will want between 3-5 players. @Actinguy@TheLiberalKitten @vcczar @Reagan04 @Hestia11 @Shamilton @Leuser @MBDemSoc @Kingthero @Edouard @Alexak1209
  5. Welcome New Historical President RP @Kingthero
  6. The Socialist Party consists of everyone from Marxist-Leninists to Centrists, although nationally they are Democratic Socialist.
  7. Actinguy

    Actinguy's Founding Fathers

    That's what they wrote on his tombstone.
  8. Agent B

    Actinguy's Founding Fathers

    At least it wasn't dysentery...
  9. Carter will win the nomination to prove me right.
  10. Herbert Hoover

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2.0

    Party Leader Hamilton is TERRIFYING. 8IP and the IP stack is only going to keep growing.
  11. Edit: 2004, actually - but my point is very similar.
  12. I don't even know Howard Dean's platform or what he supports or stands for anymore. Even though I said just yesterday, on another thread, that 2000 wasn't that long ago as I see things - in that regard it's still quite a while ago.
  13. Actinguy

    Actinguy's Founding Fathers

    Ha! You guys crack me up.
  14. WVProgressive

    New Parties Scenario (United States, 2016)

    I'll check it out. If you don't mind me asking, what tendency are those Socialists? De-Leonist? Trotskyist? Multi-tendency? I understand if you haven't thought that part out yet.
  15. vcczar

    Founding Fathers PI Forum RP 2.0

    108-91, according to the spreadsheet. Left out TN, which also goes to the Conservatives. The winning ticket gain their respective pop points. Each faction gets 1 influence. Each partly leader gets 1 influence. People with influence special abilities get 1 influence. I'll now PM Action Cards.
  16. Buttigieg is backed by Howard Dean too
  17. Woot

    Actinguy's Founding Fathers

    RIP Patrick Henry, we had a good run. Not even one whole turn. Can I get an Amen to a true Patriot and anyone that wants to donate 1 IP can in Lieu of flowers.
  18. So is Kanye West, and West could pull in that kind of money for a lot more frivolous occasions and events than running for President. But is this Buttigieg worth the money, and worth the attention?
  19. Actinguy

    Actinguy's Founding Fathers

    Haha, good call. Rolling them bones... @Woot Patrick Henry decides to use the new Land Act to retire out west. Sadly, he and his oxen drown fording the river. Patrick Henry sought liberty, but he's been given death.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Actinguy

    Actinguy's Founding Fathers

    Welcome to Era B, everyone! @Leuser ISSUE FOUR: The land act of 1806 has successfully helped populate the western territories. Ohio has become a state, and there can be little doubt that many more will follow. But... While allowing government land to be purchased on credit helped many liberals move west, it's now the liberals who are asking you to change the law back -- as conservative land speculators have been able to borrow unlimited funds to buy the land first before selling it at a huge markup to the liberals. They say that by requiring gold or silver in hand to purchase the land, this will keep the property values at a reasonable level. Conservatives say they should have the same right as the liberals to borrow money to buy land...and once it's theirs, they should have the right to sell it at any price they choose. What say you, Mr. President?
  22. Once done, it should look something like this I hope
  23. TheLiberalKitten

    2016 Roleplay

    Nader holds rally in Chicago where he is endorsed by Fmr. Rep. John B. Anderson, candidate for president in 1980 "Thank you everyone. Our movement is gaining the big momentum! Here with me is someone who is sick and tired of the two party system. Ladies and gentlemen, John Anderson." The crowd went wild for the former presidential candidate. "Thank you Ralph. A few years ago,I ran for president." Anderson laughs at his own joke as the crowd does as well. "Well I'm not running this time but this man is. And you know what? He has my full support. He is the candidate that is truly the best to bring change to Washington DC. Ralph is the man of the people. He has slowly built up this movement. He has the support of Libertarians, Green, Democrats, Republicans and Why? Because we are all sick of the same old machine that is the two party system. Ralph Nader is a reformer and he along with independent members of Congress will bring change." Nader endorsed by Ross Perot, Fmr. presidential candidate in 1992 "Hello I'm Ross Perot and I'm endorsing Ralph Nader. He is the man that will change Washington politics and break the machine that is the two party system. He'll work to get better trade deals for Americans. He'll get rid of NAFTA. A vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for change and the beginning of reform." Nader fundraisers in Texas, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Michigan
  24. HonestAbe

    Buttigieg is becoming the dark horse of the Democrats

    He was almost the DNC Chair. Trust me he’s well connected.
  25. Thoughts so far? Haven't even started on the percentages yet. A little new to editing scenarios to this extent. May add primaries eventually if this gets enough steam. I could use some help for party logos and maybe suggestions on new parties as well. United States - 2016.rar
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