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  2. Just to be clear -- I know we've already established there's no points for the new cabinet members. Are we also doing no points for the new military and the various cabinet related bonuses (balancing ideologies/regions/etc)?
  3. My *guess* is that Warren's weakness won't be Clinton's. Rather, the obvious weakness for Warren will be things like advocating for universal public health insurance. This is where the 'won't say whether it will raise taxes' argument is going. It's part of a broader attack against Warren based on certain key issues where she's relatively far to the left.
  4. I agree with everything you said except that I think Hillary had more appeal and likability than Warren did. If I remember she was regularly voted the most looked-up-to woman in the US for like 8 years in a row or something, and had name recognition beyond niche political circles that Warren didn't enjoy (I'd say most Americans know who Elizabeth Warren is, but I'd say just about every American knows who Hillary is)
  5. Good! I am trying to construct a case for it, to see if it has merit. My guess is Warren is too different from Hillary for this sort of attack to succeed.
  6. @admin_270 @lizphairphreak @vcczar @Rodja @Reagan04 @pilight My opinion is that any comparison between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in any meaningful, plausible, and sensible way that is not utterly contrived is thoroughly ridiculous and highly stereotyped and out of touch, and that this whole idea was inspired by comments by @ThePotatoWalrus all the more shows the obvious flaws in that line of thinking.
  7. @Shamilton ISSUE TWO: 1790 Success! The money is beginning to roll in from the tariffs -- which raises a new challenge: Where are we supposed to keep it? Secretary Benjamin Franklin proposes using the money to fund a National Bank. It would provide credit, issue paper money, and help stimulate the economy -- as demonstrated by the Central Banks found in Europe. The Federal Government would hold a minority stake in the bank, but the majority would be private shareholders -- with their investments also helping to keep the bank flush with cash. A fine idea in theory, but the fact can not be ignored -- there is nothing in the Constitution to say that the Federal Government has the right or authority to create a bank. Franklin counters this by arguing that surely the Constitution must give implied powers to the Federal government, along with the ones written on paper. After all the Constitution allowed us to collect money through the Tariff -- does not also give us the authority to properly manage it? What say you, Mr. President? Has Secretary Franklin captured lightning in a bottle once again? Or is the old coot finally off his rocker? EDIT: Be aware that Franklin's ability level does not match the difficulty requirement. You would need to spend one IP or ignore this proposal.
  8. She didn't move to Arkansas until her late 20's and left in her mid 30's. Even while living there she spent a great deal of time in New York and DC, working withe the New World Foundation and the Children's Defense Fund.
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  10. That brings us to 45 in favor, 11 against. Even if Woot votes Nay and spends every IP for extra votes, the motion passes. Enacting Tariff I raises the federal revenue from 0 to 40. The President and Secretary of the Treasury each get +2 popularity. @Actinguy I've taken the liberty of updating the board with all of the above. @Shamilton Mr. President you are limited to pass/repeal one Tariff per 4-year term, however all Tax legislation cards are available, or you can request Issue Card #2.
  11. You're right - from Illinois, but then spent a significant amount of time in Arkansas.
  12. Hillary Clinton is not originally from the South
  13. Torn between not being given the chance to pass an amendment, but really liking a balanced budget. Voting yay
  14. I take it you haven't seen this https://www.deathofanationmovie.com/ 😉
  15. I too am doubtful of the need for a tariff in the infancy of our new nation. T'will be shameful if such an economic ploy does not trickle down well enough to boost our own benefits with so many enemies out and against us already... However, t'would also be shameful to not trust our chief commander straight out of the proverbial gates as well. Aye! from this faction.
  16. Coming from the guy who loves Warren and dislikes Hillary they are not.One is a genuine progressive,other is corporate politician.
  17. Well, he's such a flip-flopper and lacks any true conviction or consistency in his message, and is so aristocratic and out-of-touch, I'm not sure anything he has said is relevant, or anything he would or could say can be trusted. That's one of my biggest beefs with him.
  18. Ok, that's 25 aye, 11 nay. @swejie @Woot @Agent B what say you?
  19. I mean, I feel like we could make a similar list to prove that Donald Trump is Abraham Lincoln. Most of these things don't matter at all.
  20. From Kissinger to Clinton, from Clinton to Warren, and so the poison spreads down...
  21. Not ignoring it. Charisma is like attractiveness, say - one person finds a person more attractive than another person might find that person. Similarly, one person might find someone more or less charismatic. Yet you can still aggregate perceptions across a population to provide an average, such that you get an objective value.
  22. admin_270

    Harold Bloom

    Yes, correct - this is what leads to the fall.
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