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  2. WESLEY CLARK TO PRIMARY PRESIDENT, OTHERS CONSIDER BIDS the Washington Post, January 4th, 2004 Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark has announced today that in light of recent "foreign affairs blunders," as he called them, on the part of the Gore Administration, he will challenge the President for re-nomination. Several other Democrats, such as Gov. Howard Dean and Sens. John Edwards and Bob Graham, are also considering challenging the President in his own party's primaries. This is a bad sign for Gore, as it shows that not only is America conflicted over his Presidency, but so is his own Democratic party. On the Republican side, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich maintains a wide lead over his only challengers, Gov. George W. Bush and Sen. Lincoln Chafee.
  3. Two questions: 1) I know Melenchon wants a constitution convention, but what are his proposals for said convention? Give parliament more power? 2) You didn't mention Part I Socialist, so I'm curious what they are doing. Are they trying to court FI voters or is the party still unpopular?
  4. Additional note: It creates a blank text file that is named like a save game in the save game folder, but it is empty.
  5. This error occurred with no save game editing or other tampering in a custom scenario that added Michael Bloomberg to the Republican primaries (though it has saved just fine before)
  6. Oct 15th, 2016 Another week, but it's more of the same. Trump has lost a little ground, but he's made up for it in big ways in the earlier states. Cruz has gained enough to become to primary challenger to Trump in national polling, but to really cement his place he needs to gain more support in the early primary states where Trump leads by large margins. Kasich and Bloomberg appear to be getting some support, but the establishment by and large supports the supposed "rising star" of the Republican party, Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Cruz and Trump are tying in different polls for who will win the Texas primary in March, which is a good sign for Cruz who until now was expected to lose by a large margin. John Kasich, while not growing his support in Ohio, is second to a stumbling Trump. For the Democrats, there was an upset on the debate stage just as there was 8 years prior. Hillary Clinton came under fire from both of her primary opponents for her close ties to the banking industry, and while she recovered well it definitely made it's mark on primary voters. Jim Webb was declared the victor of the debate by polling, though the debate was incredibly close between him and Sanders. Nationally, Clinton has lost some ground to a rising Sanders on the left, and to a rising Webb from the right. While Clinton may have stumbled in the debate, she's anything but lost ground in the primary states. Likely voters are 10% more likely to support her today than they were a week ago, which some claim is due to the ad flurry put out by the Clinton campaign in the first four primary states. Clinton also gained massive ground in New Hampshire and Nevada, but lost some in South Carolina to a rising Webb. Sanders continues to grow more popular among the party elite, and John Kerry came out and publicly endorsed him yesterday. Pundits are predicting this will be the first in many establishment politicians who endorse Sanders because they can't stomach the lack of integrity of Clinton. General election polls are still showing gains for the Democrats, and some are even predicting that traditionally Republican states such as Arizona, Missouri, and Montana will be in play for the Democrats.
  7. Super Tuesday March 2020 The big winners are Tom Cotton, Susan Collins and Mike Pence for the Republicans, while Democrats are so split as to not have a clear Super Tuesday winner. Republican Results Tom Cotton wins Texas, upsetting Ted Cruz! Wins Alabama! Wins Colorado! Susan Collins wins Alaska, upsetting Murkowski! Wins Maine! Wins Vermont! Wins Virginia! Mike Pence wins Arkansas, upsetting Cotton! Wins Georgia! Wins Kansas! Wins Oklahoma! Susana Martinez wins Kentucky, upsetting Rand Paul! Wins Minnesota! Wins Puerto RIco! Donald Trump wins Louisiana! Jon Huntsman wins Massachusetts! Jeff Flake wins Tennessee! Marco Rubio wins Wyoming! Democrat Results Kamala Harris wins Alabama! Wins Vermont, upsetting Bernie Sanders! Martin O'Malley wins Arkansas! John Hickenlooper wins Colorado! Sherrod Brown wins Kansas! Wins Tennessee! Wins Democrats Abroad! Joe Biden wins Georgia! Wins Texas! John Bel Edwards wins Louisiana! Wins Oklahoma! Mark Zuckerberg wins Maine! Elizabeth Warren wins Massachusetts! Amy Klobuchar wins Minnesota! Al Franken wins Nebraska! Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia! After Super Tuesday Following Super Tuesday, Trump announces he will tax the rich as a remedy for the economic downturn. Ted Cruz in response now considered Trump to have abandoned the GOP. Republican Frontrunner: Martinez 12%, followed by Trump 9% and Kasich 8%. Cotton leads in delegates, followed by Pence. Democratic Frontrunner: Cuomo 7%, followed by Harris with 6%. Biden leads in delegates, followed by Brown.
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  10. 5:01 AM No party can reach an overall majority. The only possible government will be headed by Labour, and sources indicate that Conservative party leader David Cameron is going to resign. Nick Clegg is also expected to resign soon, while Nigel Farage has said even with his party's gains, he will quit if he doesn't win South Thanet.
  11. Results at 4:01 AM Labour: 158 (-12) Conservatives: 104 (-75) UKIP: 65 (+65) SNP: 43 (+37) Lib Dems: 11 (-16)
  12. Results at 3:00 AM Labour: 90 (-6) Conservatives: 43 (-35) UKIP: 28 (+28) SNP (+21) Lib Dems: 4 (-9) UKIP have won in some amazingly unpredicted areas, such as Copeland and the Isle of Wight
  13. Results at 2:01 AM Labour: 20 (-3) Conservatives: 8 (-8) UKIP: 7 (+7) SNP: 6 (+4) Lib Dems: 1 (-1)
  14. The first declaration of the night has come in from Houghton and Sunderland South Bridget Phillipson (LAB): 39% Richard Elvin: (UKIP): 32.2% Independent: 12.4% and others. This shows that UKIP is gaining on Labour
  15. BREAKING: FINAL PREDICTION LAB: 276 CON: 200 UKIP: 47 LIB: 20 GRN: 1 SNP: 43 IND: 3 Northern Ireland: 16 UND: 41
  16. BREAKING: Labour politicians have been implicated in the Westminster paedophile ring scandal
  17. "FARAGEMANIA" SWEEPS UK Support for the UKIP leader has increased following the debate, with both Tories and Labour supporters turning to UKIP as their parties perform terribly.
  18. FARAGE WINS DEBATE, BENNET COLLAPSES, CAMERON LACKLUSTER Nigel Farage was considered the victor in last night's debate, fiercely attacking Green leader Natalie Bennett, who was considered the loser. Ed Milliband performed poorly, but all major parties performed badly compared to Farage
  19. The Conservative scandal has deepened, with allegations of a major paedophile ring still running in Westminster. Prime Minister David Cameron has dismissed the allegations as false, but supporters are turning against him. The only hope that he has now is the televised debate on Thursday
  20. Don't worry, Gore looks unbeatable.
  21. Well, both would lead the U.S. gladly to disastrous foreign wars anyways, so...
  22. Parochial nationalism versus flawed forced integration. Either way, a losing scenario.
  23. The Daily Express proudly endorses UKIP, and Nigel Farage.
  24. The Conservative Party has been hit by a major scandal. New documents recently released have alledged that Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990 Margaret Thatcher was aware of child abuse committed by members of her cabinet.
  25. Where are the most marginal seats? Sheffield Hallam: The seat of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, things aren't looking too promising here for the Liberals, as Labour is intent on winning every seat in Sheffield Nuneaton in Warwickshire is essential if Labour want to win the election. It tends to go the way the national vote does. South Thanet is the seat that Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader, has chosen to contest. A Tory seat, it is a threeway marginal between them, Labour and UKIP
  26. Survation Polling - 1/3/15 LAB 24% CON: 23% UKIP: 12% LIB: 7% GRN: 6%
  27. UKIP have kicked off their campaign today, focusing on a referendum on the European Union. Can he make gains for the party, and finally gain his own seat?
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