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  2. A good deal between honorable gentlemen. However the VP requirement makes it difficult. I thought about the following. I'd give Sedgwick the chairman post as well. @Reagan04 William Paterson (VP 4) shall lead the Judiciary Committee. Isaac Tichenor (VP 4) shall lead the Public Works committee. Rep. Goodhue (VP 4) remains the Corr Rep. on Public Works. Rep. Theodore Sedgwick (VP 5) remains Corr. Rep. on Judiciary. I checked the requirements and saw the Chairmen must have the highest VP. What about a tie between Tichenor and Goodhue? @Herbert Hoover @Actinguy @vcczar Corr. Seats: Foreign Affairs: William Bradford VP 3 Armed Services: Frederick Frelinghuysen VP 2 Budget: Nicholas Fish (VP 3)
  3. I forgot to check Labor and Environmental activists
  4. I tend to use both Google News and RealClearPolitics for aggregating news. I read a lot of FiveThirtyEight for polling. In the end, I try to read as much as I can from as many sources as I can, whether left or right, domestic or foreign, as long as I think they're practicing somewhat decent journalism. For this reason, I generally avoid sources like FOX News (except for polling), Breitbart, and on the left, the Young Turks and The Intercept. I do like a lot of foreign news, as US media does a pitiful job reporting on what's going on in the rest of the world. My main staple, if I had to pick one, would probably be The Guardian. But I try my best never to stick to only one outlet for my information, and I almost never watch news programs, except maybe Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell once in a blue moon. I do have this thing where I treat election nights like they're a football game, and try to pull up several news stations on various screens showing election results. I will also have Politico, NYT and the local SoS's website (at the bare minimum) up on a device to watch vote totals come in. Sometimes I will be socializing with others, with refreshments, a holdover from my more politically active days.
  5. Yeah and all our legends like JPJ and Esek Hopkins are in the ground not out at sea!
  6. The navy was only just formed a couple years ago. Makes sense they don’t have a ton of experience yet. ;c)
  7. Unfortunately all we have is awful admirals.
  8. The Coffin family was probably the leading family among Nantucket whaling dynasties. He’s an awful admiral but he’d at least have relatives that know the seas.
  9. Pres. Charles Willson Peale publishes his 4 inaugural goals. Foreign Goals include: Win the Barbary War. Improve relations with Germany/Prussia. Domestic Goals include: Farewell Address. Lighthouse Act. @Herbert Hoover for lingering effects, random death, and random events.
  10. Personally, the moment that got me from the past 2-4 days, was when he said Joe Biden was only a good VP because he knew how to kiss Barack Obama's ass. Mike Pence had just introduced him not to long before that.
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-sex-video-fbi-rally-peter-strzok-lisa-page-a9152806.html I swear we are living in that one dimension where everything went wrong and God's just having fun with it at this point.
  12. I certainly didn't call you an uneducated dunce. You are often stubborn and hidebound about certain key issues, but invariably much more educated, and more able and willing to use your brain, than @ThePotatoWalrus has shown to be.
  13. En guard thou artless beetle headed flax wench
  14. No, you uneducated dunce talking out your ass again. Free trade is conducted in broad, sweeping strokes with little in the way of fine-tuned discretion and preferring to cut off or de-incentivize whole trade partners than levy more than a few significant trade taxes.
  15. Would it shock you to know that I favour a balanced and thoughtful trade policy which measures individual trading partners and products individually? *gasp* Not blindly towing a cliched ideological line and actually thinking about affairs and policies! It's almost like committing blasphemy today.
  16. Imagine not voting for either protectionism or free trade. Y'all hate protectionism even though it's a left wing policy because it's associated with Trump and you hate free trade just because it's right wing. Clown alert 🤡🤡
  17. Yesterday
  18. Griswold and Coffin are, I believe Stoddert is HH's.
  19. Thanks! I appreciate you including their military skill. Are they all your statesmen?
  20. @Conservative Elector 2 I'd be more than happy to allow you to pick the next Chairmen of the Judiciary and Public Works committee for this term if you'd allow Rep. Goodhue to remain the Corr Rep. on Public Works and put Theodore Sedgwick on as Corr. Rep. on Judiciary.
  21. @Actinguy Wow we have a real dearth of good admirals I pick to elevate to the position of our 3 Admirals: Peleg Coffin Jr. (F-MA) Mil Skill: 1 Benjamin Stoddert (F-MD) Mil Skill: 2 Roger Griswold (F-CT) Mil Skill: 1
  22. Current point totals: Fed-Whig-Rep Party Score JR-Dem Party Score Silent Liberty 5450 WVProgressive 3715 Herbert Hoover 4775 Actinguy 3760 ConservativeElector 1965 Hestia 1985 Reagan 765 King Thero 865 Party Total Score 12955 Party Total Score 10325
  23. I'll step down now and turn it back over to @Herbert Hoover whenever he's off work. To recap our current to-do list, we need @Reagan04 and @Conservative Elector 2 to appoint committee members, and @Reagan04 to name 3 admirals. After that is complete, we'll look to @SilentLiberty to make his inauguration goals, and then @Herbert Hoover to run lingering effects and finally random death & random event rolls. After that is all done, we'll finally be ready to propose legislation.
  24. Hot damn, that's 500 extra points for you. And maybe I didn't have to do it right now, but it did need to be done -- and the longer it's put off, the more it piles up and errors are made. You may also want to know your current standings before proposing legislation, etc. I'm doing this for you guys. But I need your help. I don't mind putting a couple of hours into updating the excel sheet so we can all play this game, when my schedule allows -- and I can usually arrange things so that my schedule allows. But it takes twice as long if I have to figure out who each statesman belongs to, and then what their admin level is, and then what region, and then what ideology, and then do they have organization... If we all help each other out, it goes a lot smoother.
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