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  2. I'd consider it.
  3. And take a look at national polling Gallup Poll Nov. 11 1999 DEM: 55% (+21) REP: 34% (+6) REF: 1% (-33) Changes from 1996 election A total wipeout of the Reform Party, things aren't looking promising for Congressman Trump, the most likely nominee for the Reform Party.
  4. It seems as though people have stopped working on elections for the Canadian provinces. With the new game engine, I think there is only one scenario (Quebec 2014). I have scenarios for every province and territory (except Nunavut and the Northwest Territories). I'm happy to share what I have but they won't work on the newer engine. Is anyone interested in working on building out the more recent provincial elections? EDIT: I don't think any scenarios have ever been made for Prince Edward Island
  5. Conversely, Vladimir Lenin signed the humiliating Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on behalf of Russia (which he hadn't yet even secured total control of yet by that point) and took Russia out of WW1, conceding military defeat to the Central Powers, just as an interesting counter-point.
  6. The Republican Party's current appeal and message is short-term, highly-flawed, short-sighted, regurgitating old talking points many younger voters don't know personally don't work and are grave mistakes, is a desperate reactionary last gasp of death throe of many old social ideas, not a revitalization of them, and the fact they elected a President in 2016 who is very much ideologically and policy-wise still a member of the Reform Party but ONLY took the Republican label for sheer political expediency because a the deck is highly stacked and, I will dare even say the electoral system is practically rigged, against a candidate who doesn't get a nomination from the Duopoly (I believe that is the quintessential motivation for some one who gets the disparaging term "RINO" in fact, even though practically no one calls TRUMP a RINO - in fact, many of his supporters lay the title liberally on long-standing Republican members who refuse to "pledge fealty" to him, like McCain, Murkowsky, and Kasich, as examples, which I find very strange), so I believe the GOP has only a short-lived burst of popularity and appeal to it's message until the tragic flaws of that message became very apparent to all but a fool.
  7. BUSH'S POPULARITY COLLAPSES FOLLOWING GORE AD The President last week released an advert slamming Bush for his record as governor. He has dropped 6% in national polling, with John McCain polling second Gallup Poll Nov. 4 1999 Bush: 25% (-6) McCain 15% (-) Dole: 6% (-) Forbes 6% (-)
  8. BUSH STRUGGLES TO GET ON BALLOT AS POPULARITY DECREASES George W. Bush may still be popular within the Republican Party, but it seems that he is unable to get on the ballot on multiple states. The Governor can't even get on the Texan ballots with ease, but he still has 116 days to the first primary to get on them
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  10. @admin_270 I was wondering if you would be able to help me with something. I know that in the PI save games, it stores what candidates are humans and what candidates are AI players, and I'm looking for where. I want to switch an AI character to human for the multiplayer game I'm hosting, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Would you be able to point me in the right direction, or change it yourself if that's preferable?
  11. January 2020 Trump begins the new year by firing UN Amb. Nikki Haley, who had recently announced that she planned to resign over differences of opinion. New impeachment threats are thrown at Trump as he states that he will not fill the UN Ambassador position, basically taking the US out of UN decisions. Trump then brings his attack on to Congress, which he declares is "unpatriotic." Democratic Debate sees a meltdown performance by Julian Castro, who could not answer several questions. Bernie Sanders and Al Franken are seen as the winners of this debate. The State of the Union address becomes a farce, as Trump uses it to bash Congress repeatedly. Ultimately, most of the members of Congress walk out as Trump claims to be the only voice of the American people in the room. Republican frontrunner: Pence 9%, followed by Kasich 9%, Graham 9%, Rubio 8%, Huntsman 8% Democratic frontrunner: Harris 7%, followed by Cuomo 6%, and Zuckerberg 6% Iowa frontrunners: KHarris (D); Sasse (R) New Hampshire frontrunners: O'Malley (D); Murkowski (R)
  12. I guess I'll take Jim Webb
  13. I'd love to play
  14. -Romney sits at his desk seeing an opportunity he calls into the chief of staff- "Ms. MCCain send in the Speaker" -John logs walks in, he was fuming that I told Pelosi that I wouldnt sign anything that gutted the FDA- "John I told Nancy I wouldnt sign the law to give you an oppertunity to end partial birth abortions, this is a golden oppertunity for you to work ending partial birth abortions into the deal. Nancy wants her majority back...see how far to the right you will get her to move. You wont get an end to all abortions or planned parenthood defunded you and I both know that, and I know aswell that you can't negotiate deals worth a darn so I am telling you to give her the damn FDA and a clause that protects those with preexisting conditions for your antiquated social philosophies....this may be your only chance" Romney said rasining his voice at the end as the Speaker eyed him curiously. @Reagan04
  15. Cabinet, 2001 President: Al Gore Vice President: Hillary Clinton Secretary of State: Carol Moseley Braun Secretary of Treasury: Erskine Bowles Secretary of Defense: Sam Nunn Attorney General: Joe Lieberman Secretary of the Interior: Tom Udall Secretary of Agriculture: Jim Hunt Secretary of Commerce: Richard Parsons Secretary of Labor: Alexis Herman Secretary of Health and Human Services: Donna Shalala Secretary of Education: Jesse Jackson, Jr. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Donna Brazile Secretary of Transportation: Rodney Slater Secretary of Energy: Bill Richardson Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Robert Kerrey Secretary of Homeland Security (est. 2004): William Cohen
  16. and won Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi somehow.
  17. The Republican Party is quite an incredible party. If you put me back between 1865 and 1908 I would have been a strong Republican. For me the Republicans made some critical choices, for the long term. 1964: The Party of Lincoln has let the Dem President Johnson pass the end of segregation before they can. With that measure, the blacks were on the Democratic side for 100 years like John said. The second mistake was during the best years of the party, the 80's. Ronald Reagan has been a great president, probably one of the last greatest even if I respect the President Bush senior even more than Clinton (and I have to say again that I would be Democrat in the US). So the Republicans became more conservatives than they ever been especially under Ronald Reagan, he putted back the idea that being a religious was really cool in politic especially inside the GOP at a period where it was less and less in the public opinion, it was less worrying in the 80's than today, that is why Donald Trump tries to put it back. With that position, the gays have been pushed to vote democrats as strong as the blacks are doing (82% for Clinton from the gays +7 compared to 2012 thanks to Mike Pence in 2016 and 89% from the black community). And the party of Lincoln finished the job with a third strong decision, probably the biggest worrying, they took the decision of opposing immigrations and pushed them to the Democratic side. So the Democrats have the growing number with them, the youngs because they are less conservatives than the previous generations, the latinos and asians because the Democrats played the open overture in their bills, and the blacks thanks to Johnson. And the problem is not so old. If you take a look at all previous elections since 1992, Republicans only won 1 POPULAR VOTE election, in a time where Bush was quite popular (2004) caused by the war moment and it was not crazy, 2004 showed a 50% Rep, not more. In 2012 with 8% of unemployment Obama won clearly his re election. And in 2016 despite of 8 years of opposition, a huge sickeness of the DNC in America (2/3 of the states controlled by Republicans), and both good majorities in the Congress, Trump did not make better than 2004 in term of votes while Hillary did not loose a single vote since 2012 despite the scandalls against her. The basis of the victory of Trump, the wite voters, are reducing, and the new white voters are not as conservatives as the former, the Democrats are currently leaning the race for the Mid Term with an average of 10% (which could give them 230-250 Rep) and put back Pelosi in power. However the Democrats are shared between the left and the rulers of the party which are more centrists, they also have to do things to get back the vote of confidence they got in 2008, but the current period is very good for the party. The GOP is blocked, even if Session putted a very very good solution for Obamacare that could pass through the house and save back harmony between the N.Y. president and his party. My point is however that the GOP has future with its policies on economy but has to change many other things, I see badly how the Rep could keep the house currently in 2020 with a reduction of its basis (the mature white voters) which could in more be less to support the party after 4 years of mandate if things go as they were untill now (a Red pres pushed to deal with blue Dems). The rulers of the GOP understood it since the Romney defeat in 2012, Kasich and Rubio could still keep a popular vote against the Dems and modernize the party, but it will be to Trump to do it now as the GOP members elected him, even if it was not for doing that.
  18. LOL He lost Massachusetts
  19. It's nice to know that my generation is a natural Republican constituency
  20. Just as it should have been.
  21. If the President is ensuring us every young people could keep the opportunity of being covered without becoming slave of their debts which is already of 1300 billions, or that the homeless won't be enslaved by high prices insurances they can't pay, like he promised to us, then the Democratic will give a chance to the President on this matter. Nancy knows the left wing of her party will not be totally happy about this measure but she has another plan to calm them back, Obamacare has caused some huges losses for the party in some states like North Carolina, Indiana or Ohio and pushed the Middle Class to a Republican lean. Hence, she asked enough to come back left on others issues.
  22. Mr. Presidents proposal keeps the FDA. Just makes healthcare more accessible to the lowest income.....and lets folks by healthcare from wherever they want. I wont sign anything that costs a trillion or two nor will I sign anything that guts the FDA....cutting a few regulations yes.... It would also make a law that insurance companies cannot deny supplemental coverage to those with preexisting conditions nor force people to carry insurnace they dont want.
  23. What happened to this
  24. I tested the new mod, and I played the campain. Sincerely I was not believing I could win, but here it is. I am glad of presenting to you, the President Dukakis! For a time these are the Democrats who gained with less votes than Rep :p.
  25. The Democratic answer from the House Minority Leader; We are interested by the point added by mister President. We agree Obamacare created a worrying rise of price for the middle class. Hence we could accept the bill of the GOP but we have only two major oppositions. 1st: We want to keep the FDA, we can not accept its suppression either the Democrats are no longer the Democrats. 2nd: We can accept the Medicaid proposal but in addition we want to keep a part of the budget each year that will be dedicated for special cases, like students or young people who got some unpredictable problems like Cancer or Leukemia and who can not accordate their huge student debt which is probably the next financial crisis of this country and a quite good insurance. As many are working to contribute to their studes, they could be pulled out of the new system. @jdm06ltd @Reagan04
  26. I was doing this, but I've been sidetracked. You should upload!
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