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  2. New Historical President RP

    OCC: It exists in Europe, and Samuel Slater was a fore-runner or a Father of the American Industrial Revolution beginning with his mill, which opened in 1790. I assume what VP Lewis means is that he wants to bring it to the US. The UK did what it could to hide their technical innovations, so much so that Francis Cabot Lowell, went to the UK in hiding, and memorized how to create some of the innovations and factory systems by memory, bringing it back with him and accurately reconstructing it.
  3. The resistance game

    Beside @Patine it's probably best to make a general framework for resistance-themed games and have different flavors.
  4. The resistance game

    I only made the offer because I'm thinking of re-coding the entire project anyway and the project is only in its alpha stage and easy to change at this point. (I also might recode it from python to something else).
  5. The resistance game

    While I'm flattered you're willing to suddenly change the whole direction and a huge part of the premise of your project just to get me on board, that act alone also makes me dubious of your commitment to this project and thus it's probable longevity.
  6. Scaling Money

  7. The resistance game

    I mainly chose Trump because it's the first that came to mind. If you want me to make a non-Trump branch of the project I can.
  8. The resistance game

    I'm going to be honest with you. If I am going to do, or be involved in, a project centred on a "resistance to tyranny" theme (of which I've dealt with quite a few in my unpublished fiction writing), I only really have an interest in dealing with a purely fictional tyrant as the focus of resistance, not a real world figure or some alternate history against a historical figure.
  9. Scaling Money

    So I would just edit those values in the xml and then test it until I get something that seems right?
  10. The resistance game

    Could you do the interface for the graphical version,wireframes and that @ThePotatoWalrus you're a good graphics designer.
  11. Scaling Money

    There is a fundraising value that's separate from the value of the money itself, which is in the scenario.xml file, if I recall. There's also a separate ad.xml file, where the costs of the ad types can be edited. I believe those still require you to open up and edit the .xml files manually, as they, and a few other knick-knacks (like the currency symbol itself, or who appoints the leader in case of a lack of majority of the seats - the last one strictly for PMI, but as another good example) that still require manual editing in the .xml files and can't be edited in the in-game editor.
  12. New Historical President RP

    OOC: I can change the words if you want But indeed it's in the era of this term I was mostly inspired by this: "In 1781 Scottish engineer James Watt patented a steam engine that produced continuous rotary motion.[5] Watt's ten-horsepower engines enabled a wide range of manufacturing machinery to be powered. The engines could be sited anywhere that water and coal or wood fuel could be obtained" And this: Thomas Newcomen, in 1712, developed the first commercially successful piston steam engine of 5 horsepower (3,700 W). Its principle was to condense steam in a cylinder, thus causing atmospheric pressure to drive a piston and produce mechanical work. James Watt, in 1781, patented a steam engine that produced continued rotary motion with a power of about 10 horsepower (7,500 W). It was the first type of steam engine to make use of steam at a pressure just above atmospheric to drive the piston helped by a partial vacuum. It was an improvement of Newcomen's engine. After Richard Trevithick invented the lightweight, high-pressure steam engine in 1797-1799, steam engines became small enough to be used in smaller businesses and for use in steam locomotives.
  13. New Historical President RP

    OOC: Wait a minute. How is there an industrial revolution being "proclaimed" when the spinning jenny, the foundation invention (along with the seed drill agricultural innovation) that was the foundation and cornerstone the RW Industrial Revolution was built along, won't be invented in ENGLAND for almost two years after the date of the meeting here?
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  15. Forum Political Compass

    Whenever I hear "left-wing" and "right-wing" bandied about constantly nowadays, I can't help but envision the classic army boot camp drill sergeant yelling, "left, right, left, right." Essentially, so many people taking their political marching orders from loud voices and not of their own initiative or personally formed beliefs and - oh, God forbid, they realize the same political viewpoints, stances, and ideologies work the same or as well, or even at all, in all contexts or to all issues - because the ideological conformity and partisan loyalty demands the same ideals be applied to every issue and every problem and that those promoting other viewpoints MUST be sabotaged and spited, with a sports game mentality, even if the results are disastrous and gravely hurt the nation and people involved - being loyal to one's party and ideology is paramount, it seems - and NO GOOD has come of it, despite the self-delusion of so many today on that issue. This is why I detest the Manichaeist divide of "left-wing" and "right-wing" and will not sheepishly take a side - I will take my own counsel and support whomever in power I will give any support or praise to (if there is anyone at the time even worthy of such support), and will make no pledges to carry on such support over any period of time, and will vote strategically (pick-your-poison and least-of-all-evil scenarios in most cases, no doubt), and I do not see myself having loyalty to any political party that stands today that I'm aware of - pretty much in the world.
  16. The resistance game

    SO anyone?
  17. New Historical President RP

    Presidential Office in Alexandria, Virginia Sam Lewis: Thank you mister President, be confident I will defend your legacy, you can also count on my support! However you know that I was close of the Confederalists, I can use it. The Republican candidate seems more Federalist in his states' stances than the average of his party, but the election could be closer. I am quite close of the Republican but I have a big difference in one thing. Samuel Lewis enters in campain: Name: Samuel Lewis Junior State: NY Political Party: Federakust Current Profession: Vice President of the United States Platform - Economy: Promote and continue to devellop Hamilton's policies, invest a huge amount of money in the railroad research as some steel mills are quickly advancing right in Britain for 1796-1800. => Make industrial research and devellopment the first stake of the country. On Jay Treaty: We want to maintain it but we can try to renegotiate some terms to accomodate the South. States => Same than Republican: States should decide certain issues through referendums, no oppression from Washington Defence: Establish a strong army first, then a navy according to the years and budget, devellop international cooperation for fighting piracy to reduce our costs. Diplomacy: Continuation of the "US neutrality" with Europe, trade relationships are fine but we have to pay attention to the current war in Europe, the Directory in France is still fighting with half of Europe. Immigration => Push West untill the Spanish borders without crossing it and offer free lands for investors and European manufacturors who want to bring their industries and create jobs that will increase our number of immigrants. Grant national pardon for the actors of the Whiskey Rebellion in return of peacefull agreements rather than violence in future. Samuel Lewis speech as Federalist candidate for the presidency: My fellow americans I want to thank President Bunt for his confidence! He won't be betrayed! President Bunt has been a great ruler and I have been honoured to learn so many years at his side. I present him my best wishes for his health...as our country, he can have moment of sufferances, but the President is strong, and I'm sure he will recover. I served him during years and I always got one goal at stake, along these past years, economy. It's time to win the American economic war of independence! We can't have a great army if we can't have a great economic growth We can't have enough immigrants if we can't have enough jobs for them We can't have a great navy if it costs too much to us. It's by research, economic devellopment and transportation innovation as news industries that the USA can only become A REAL INDEPENDENT state! My speech is hence the following, President Bunt built our institutionnal independence. President Lewis will build the economic independence this country now needs! Vice Pres Samuel Lewis Jr takes as motto: "An industrial revolution for an independent state."
  18. New Historical President RP

    Name: Frederick "Fred" Williams State:Massachusets Political Party:Federalist Current Profession:Revolutionary War Hero Platform: Military Strenght:It is well passed the time to have our own army and navy fully operating! Foreign Affairs:Balance between France and Britain. Military engagments:Only defend if attacked but dont attack first!Indian War was illegal genocide! Economy:Raise taxes on richest citizens! Trade:Free trade all the way Immigration:Decrease time needed to become citizen.
  19. New Historical President RP

    Associate Justice Blount sends his Get Well Soon wishes to President Bunt! @WVProgressive
  20. New Historical President RP

    President Bunt announces he won't be running for a third term citing health reasons. Endorses his Vice President Samuel Lewis. @vcczar,@Sami .
  21. New Historical President RP

    Running the same character once again. Name: Alexander William Blount State: NC Political Party: Republican Current Profession: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and two-term presidential candidate Platform - States should decide certain issues through referendums, no oppression from Washington establish a strong Army and Navy and immediately stop paying tribute to the Barbary Pirates, threatening to attack them after we got an army, do so if they attack us, having an influential foreign policy - building good relations with Europe mostly France and Great Britain, but oppose the Jay Treaty, opposing a tariff expanding the United States, encourage immigration to get more settlers In Charlotte, NC Assoc. Justice Blount is announcing a run for the Republican nomination to become President. "After two attempts to take the White House it is time for another run. The support for our movement has not died out since the last election. On the contrary we got more supporters and not alone the South is supporting the Republican cause. If I get elected I promise you all that we will expand the United States, since we are the greatest nation on Earth and it is our destiny. We will not bow to foreign rulers like we used to. I promise you that we will repeal the Jay Treaty and get rid of the Tariff since it hurts our economy. And most importantly we will stop paying tribute to the Barbary Pirates. That is inconceivable. If my calls for a professional and strong Army and Navy are heard, we can take our destiny into our own hands and we will succeed. I ask you all to unite behind the Republican ticket in order to get a Republican White House and to get the changes the United States desperately needs. Thank you very much and God bless America!"
  22. New Historical President RP

    @WVProgressive @Reagan04 @Sami @Kingthero @vcczar @Rodja @Conservative Elector 2 @LokiLoki22 @Lyly @TheMiddlePolitical Vice Presidential hesitation: Alexandria, Virginia, VP office. A man enters: MISTER VICE PRESIDENT! You're 45 now..you can't wait much longer that Americans find you too old for ruling. Sam.Lewis: The President did not answer to my request of support, neither to my offer of alliance on a global "industrial" plan for the US, while in the next 8 years we could do great things... mhmm... I attend to candidate this time, but who knows what Bunt is seeking? Takes a long breath Sam.Lewis: We're both federalists, if I match him there is a primary, if I go without it will highly split the vote. The Vice President finish to say: Ask to the President if he seeks a third term, then I will decide if I challenge him or not. If so, I know on which point my campain will be.
  23. New Historical President RP

    Jefferson Bunt's Second Term Results 1793-1797: The second term of Jefferson Bunt saw the addition of TN as a new state. Economically, Bunt supported a tax on whiskey to raise revenue in an effort to pay of the war debt; however, this led to a brief, minimally violent tax rebellion. Bunt called the Pennsylvania state militia, which was able to intimidate the rebellion into fizzling out. Additionally, Bunt stoop up to pressure to rescind Hamiltonian economic policies during the Panic of 1796-1797, and the economic panic eventually died out. In foreign affairs, Bunt made three peaceful, but controversial decisions. One was his decision to pay tribute to the Barbary Pirates to prevent their attacks on merchant vessels, but he had little alternative without much of a navy. Secondly, Bunt opted not to aid our former allies in the French Revolutionary War, declaring neutrality unilaterally. More controversial was the Jay Treaty, which reestablished trade with our former enemy Great Britain, but also cleared British troops from Western lands, opening the West to use without future conflict from the British. More openly supported was the Pinckney Treaty, establishing good relations with Spain, establishing the border between us and Spanish Florida, opening trade in the Mississippi, and acquiring a bit of territory (future Southern MS and Southern AL). Bunt also supported increasing the residency for citizenship for any migrants to our country. Bunt continued the Northwest Indian War, which ended successfully midway through his second term, opening future Ohio and Indiana to settlement. Bunt leaves the next president at least two decision, 1) Will the Whiskey Rebellion leaders be pardoned? and 2) Will Bunt's desire for a professional army be reciprocated by Congress? State of the Union Following Bunt's Decisions National Strength: 3rd-tier country. The US now includes KY, VT, TN, with land cleared for settlement in future OH and IN. Military Strength: Weak, with no professional army and no navy. Foreign Affairs: Our ally France is now occasionally attacking our shipping in response to the Jay Treaty. Britain is strengthened in Europe, but they have removed their troops in our Territory in the West. They still impress our sailors into their navy however. We give tribute to the Barbary Pirates to protect our ships from pirate attacks. Relations with Spain are positive. Military engagements: Our mostly-militia based force is currently only defending against potential Indian attacks in the frontier. Economy: Weak-to-medium, but growing. We are still in debt, but we are on the pathway to paying it off. The outlook is hopeful, as revenue is coming in through tariff and taxation. Not much manufacturing and industrial production outside New England, which finally has at least one European-quality facility. Outlook for production growth is hopeful with Hamiltonian economic policies in place. The South is very agrarian, but profitable for the people. The agrarian sectors are critical of our current economic policies. Trade: Protective Tariff allows for industrial growth in New England as well as revenue. The South opposes this tariff as it somewhat restricts their profits. International trade is growing because of the Jay Treaty with Britain. However, occasional attacks by the our so-called ally France on our shipping is putting slight dents in this trade. Budget: Small, and any revenue we gather is going to paying off the national debt. However, we were able to use the 80% of our budget that we were using on the late Indian War to help in paying off this debt. Social Harmony: Slight tension between Northern and Southern economies and world view. The South and West opposes the government's economic policies, but there is no threat of disunion at the moment. Some Northerners are upset about the Fugitive Slave Act as contradicts their Free State status. The Jay Treaty, which is wildly supported in New England, has increased tensions since the last election, most prominently in the South and West. . Immigration: Limited. Congress slightly increased the time to become a citizen. We have a lenient policy. Mostly Protestant Scots-Irish, Protestant French, and a few Protestant Germans arrive, but they do not yet pose a danger to our more English-descent Protestant Culture. Most of these immigrants are moving to settle the West. If they move to a city, it is to NYC or Philadelphia. Mood of the people: Positive and proud with mild grumblings in the South. and lands West of the Appalachians. Popularity of the Incumbent: Mostly high, with a 55% chance of reelection. There is some fatigue for the Bunt, as well as a fear of a lifetime president, but more Americans favor his presidency than do not. Bunt would more likely than not get reelected if he chooses to run for a 3rd term. Party Power: Federalists lead in the Senate, but they are no longer dominant. The US House and governorships are split between Federalists and Republicans. @WVProgressive @Reagan04 @Sami @Kingthero @vcczar @Rodja @Conservative Elector 2 @LokiLoki22 @Lyly @TheMiddlePolitical Will Federalist Jefferson Bunt run for the presidency for a 3rd term? Who will aim to run for the president/vice presidency? [Please create a first and last name for your character, a home state, their office, their party (Fed or Rep), and some sort of response to Bunt's presidency that will allow us to see your potential platform. You have 24 hours to make a candidate. Please quote this entire message when responding to this or your nomination will not count.]
  24. It explains why Macron, despite being liberal figure is more and more presidentialist than Trump could ever be I'm still center-left ^^. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/emmanuel-macron-seen-as-frances-obama-may-govern-more-like-trump/2018/04/20/a9555ab8-2606-11e8-a227-fd2b009466bc_story.html?utm_term=.feeff879aeab
  25. Political Career of Tyrone Ramsey-Redo

    BUMP edited post starting back into this
  26. The resistance game

    there's also going to be a graphical version.
  27. Forum Political Compass

    You know, I thought I'd be further left than what I got.
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