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  2. My thoughts exactly
  3. I'm probably more similar to Elizabeth Warren than Sherrod Brown, but I think Brown is more likely to be helpful in increasing Democratic strength than Warren would be, as she's more divisive.
  4. There are two of those Senators I need to read their Wikipedia articles before I make my vote.
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  7. Yeah, I don't think any of the 5 votes for Collins are by Republicans.
  8. Well, technically you do work for the Canadian Government, he never said Federal. Alberta is part of the Canadian Government and therefore so are its workers. Like the Governor of Kansas is a part of the American Government is, if not Federal.
  9. Yeah this was poorly worded, Susan Collins was artificially pumped up.
  10. I also think rather than have people say, "I am a Democrat" or "I am a Republican." I would have put, "I'm more likely to vote for a Democrat than a Republican" and vice versa, because most people don't identify with a party, this leads to Garret Walker and JNewt voting on the Republican section of your poll, when they should probably be forced to vote only in the Democrat column. I'd also add instructions to vote in only on one party, the one you most align with. I put that I'm a Democrat, but I don't really identify as one. I picked it because I know what you mean to say/do with that statement. Some like @Patine might not even vote on this poll, since he won't like the phrasing of the poll options.
  11. I'm not sure how you "disinvite" someone who has already said they're not going. Trump can't make any reasonable argument against the protesters so he reacts with the same knee jerks as always: calling names and spewing vulgarities.
  12. The NFL is more than a sport. It is a business. People like Kaepernick leave a bad stigma for teams. Right now, Sam Bradford is injured (week-to-week). Even though he would probably be an upgrade, I don't want that trash on my team. He has a right to protest, but teams have a right to say YOU ARE FIRED (or not signed)! But, I hate how some things are classified as anthem protests when they aren't (Derrick Carr during one of the preseason games).
  13. I work for the Alberta Provincial Government, not the Canadian Federal Government. Like the U.S., we do have a federal, not unitary system of government relationship between national and regional governments. Secondly, I have no interest in professional sports (but not for the deep-seated, envious, feelings of inaquedecy phyisically and financially listed in the the option above, just complete apathy), and I believe a national anthem is just a song arbritrarily chosen at some time by some government comemerating some event in a nation's history, and is not even nearly as symbolic as a flag, coat-of-arms or great seal, national animal, etc., so I'm more apathetic to that as well. Plus, it's a peaceful protest, invoking freedom of speech and conscience, and doesn't truly hurt anyone, so I have objections, but, on the other hand, I don't believe this protest, in and of itself, will do anything meaningful in combating racism in the U.S., to be honest.
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  15. Dammit I meant to add Elizabeth Warren.
  16. I like the poll, but the wording is so specific on the answers as to not really include an answer that is accurate to my response. 1. I do think NFL players should have the liberty to espouse their political views, and they should not be removed from having those views unless it impacts the team's ability to win. 2. I would probably watch NFL football regardless of the political implications. It's the only sport I keep up with. 3. The president not only shouldn't be involved in this, I think his language is not presidential at all. I support the players and NFL owners that condemn Trump's response.
  17. I love the tags for this thread and the last option in the poll.
  18. Not just you and people on the right. I'm not about to name names but there's a certain middle-aged Canadian government worker who might start stuff I do want you guys's honest opinions but I also don't want WWIII, or this thread to be closed.
  19. Hey man, I hate flamewars too
  20. Decided to do a poll after writing about this topic for my Sociology class yesterday, listening to Coloring Book until 3 this morning, going to sleep, and then waking up this morning to a hot mess, as has become routine in 2017 PLEASE KEEP THIS CIVIL. I would love it if there were no comments on this and people just voted on the poll without starting a flame war on this thread. *side-eyes certain people I'm sure will be extremely opinionated on this topic*
  21. I could not have explained it better.
  22. I might re do this one with more information on the platforms, because the Wikipedia explanations of the parties were quite unsatisfying. The election will be on Oct. 15th so we still have some time. Germany worked better I guess.
  23. Back the Die Linke , but would accept Schulz as Chancellor. Coalition: Red Red Green
  24. End of March 2020 Democrats are still looking at a landslide victory, but Republicans have somewhat narrowed the gap, as Trump seems unlikely to be renominated. The week is surprisingly drama free. John Kasich wins Arizona! Jon Huntsman wins Utah! Kamala Harris wins Alaska! Martin Heinrich wins Arizona! Mark Zuckerberg wins Washington! Wins Hawaii! Andrew Cuomo wins Idaho! Al Franken wins Utah! Republican Frontrunner: Kasich 13%, followed by Huntsman 11%, Martinez 10%. Cotton barely leads Kasich in delegates. Democratic Frontrunner: Harris 6%, followed by Cuomo, Biden, and Brown, all with 6%. Biden leads in delegates.
  25. I just considered all the parties which are likely to enter the Bundestag. If I had considered all parties which have pretty much ballot access, it would have been a bit to much I guess. >D
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