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  2. Welcome to the forums. I can't help but notice you have "professional wrestling" as an interest. Although where I live in Canada, and in your stated location in the UK, it's not nearly so much so. I must say that U.S. politics of late seems to be developing the tenor, mood, bravado, aggression, crowd populism, and vicious division typical of professional wrestling (just without the politicians coming to physical grapples). I don't think it's for the best at all or politically, culturally, economically, or socially healthy when applied to the political arena, and it very much worries me.
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  4. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    I'm not arguing his competency or intentions as a governor. Policy-wise I do not support Scott in the least. My statement was restricted to his physical and mental ability of being a chief of staff, ideology not considered.
  5. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    I don't know. Rick Scott's initial electoral victory as Governor of Florida in 2010 struck me as a manipulative, deceitful, and conniving "snake oil salesman" campaign, where he focused on the campaign trail almost exclusively on creating new jobs, a real issue at the time, and then in his first terms created only minimal jobs compared to what was promised (and possible), and cut a lot of government jobs which weren't made up for by private sector jobs, but focused as an OBVIOUSLY higher priority of legislation on stymying same-sex marriage and abortion in the State, which he BARELY touched upon on the campaign trail, thus likely through calculated deceit and manipulation got the votes of a lot of people who had no interest or support for his social agendas that became the dominant focus but voted for him hoping for jobs instead.
  6. US Presidential History RP

    Can you talk @Reagan04 into such a more interesting departure of character, too?
  7. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    Rick Scott would be the right type of personality and physique for this position. Although, generally the Chief of Staff isn't someone that has already held a real executive position. Yet, it might be the right kind of move, since an executive should know what an executive needs, so long as the executive types (Pres & Ch of Staff) are similar.
  8. US Presidential History RP

    That's fine.
  9. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    I think I would put Ron Paul in that position. He'd likely get the job done a lot faster while causing less trouble with it along the way than most others I can think of...
  10. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    I was going back and forth for those. Good point, I'd also think that Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) would be a Good Chief of Staff. I think the CIA should be seriously declawed, he is a leading member of the Freedom Caucus and shares that same view.
  11. US Presidential History RP

    @vcczar if ok I would like to change my guy. I want to try something different, that will be more fun and step outside of my normal self.
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  13. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    @Reagan04 Speaking of the CIA, I looked up this Mark Meadows you put in charge of one of the most evil institutions created in the post-WW2 world. I don't see anything in his Wikipedia article that indicates what qualifications you see for a master of spies, assassins, and political saboteours and secretive promoters of tyranny and oppression abroad and domestically. He strikes me as a generic, run-of-the-mill social conservative political "drone vote" in the House of Representatives who brings nothing new to the table. I did notice he voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act and passed the buck on the reason for such a mysogenist stance to the will of his constituents in "God's country." One has to wonder what pagan, pre-Christian, savage, barbaric, brutal, horrid god of elder days presides over the country he speaks of. Probably one who demands the sacrifice of virgins commonly and has his temples financed by temple prostitution, and other things demanded by such awful, old gods before the Word of Christ began spreading.
  14. Final Update: US 1832

    He was, like Pearson and White on this list, originally a supporter of Jackson. It wasn't until Jackson increased the power of the executive that they changed. Tyler made the switch in 1834, two years into Jackson's 2nd term.
  15. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    If that occurred with the US, I would hope that the fallout of such a peaceful process would prove peaceful. I think flat out dismantling it might indirectly cause close to as much harm as having it, at least globally. It would have to be a gradual reduction, I think.
  16. Hello, folks on this forum, I started an alt-history US presidential elections playthrough last month using President Infinity and vcczar's mods and I thought the best place to post the results of the elections would be this forum for obvious reasons.
  17. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    At least you didn't put Scott Walker as Labour Secretary. Then again, I think as Trade Representative, he can still stick it good to the working man, just in different ways. @vcczar Although, personally, though I don't think I know enough about enough prominent Americans who'd likely qualify for such a list, to make such a list, I'd abolish the international criminals and government funded and supported band of international terrorists that are the CIA, and the Bush-created secret police that are the Department of Homeland Security entirely and utterly, and might only put individuals there whose purpose was to facilitate the dismantlement, dissolution, and disarming of the groups, like Gorbachev assigned Vadim Bakatin, the last Chairman of the KGB, to do just that in 1990.
  18. naming candidates when applying for ballot in CI and PMI

    Yes I know, I would like to change that even if only optionally it always bugged me.
  19. Final Update: US 1832

    Wasn't Tyler NOMINALLY a Whig prior to the Harrison's death? Also, I'll get you that Democratic logo I spoke of, and a Whig and Anti-Masonic logo I have today. I turned in early last night.
  20. Actually, I'm glad you brought this up. I'm a bit concerned about something in this regard. Although the U.S. and Canada don't have specific laws about regional parties running outside their home regions (although common sense often prevents them, unless it's a publicity stunt, I guess), the legislative bodies of some nations don't allow such free registry for regional parties outside their home region, because said parties enjoy certain fundraising, advertising, and other privileges in their home regions (Indian, Italian, German, Belgian, and I believe Spanish regional parties come to mind in that regard). Also, though I believe it's not represented as an in-game restriction in UK PMI, I believe a similar restriction exists on parties registered as Northern Irish Parties registering candidates in Great Britain.
  21. naming candidates when applying for ballot in CI and PMI

    In the latest version of CI (which may be the internal version), if you get on the ballot, the candidate's name is the name of the party ('Republican', 'Democrat' and so on).
  22. Alberta - 1935

    I say major upset in that one party (the Social Credit), just created for the first time the year before the election with no incumbent seats or political experience would win a large majority government their first election, hold eight more large majorities in Alberta, keeping power in the Provincial government straight until 1971, spawn a Federal branch at the later Canadian Federal election in 1935, which would hold seats in the House of Commons until 1980 (except for a wipe-out period in the Parliament of 1958-1962), hold the British Columbia Provincial Government from 1952-1972 and 1975-1991, have a very notable Quebec branch (the Rallie Creditiste), led by such leaders as Louis Evens, Real Caouette, and Fabian Roy, and even hold several seats in the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Legislative Assemblies in the 1940's to 1970's, and make the college try in Ontario and New Brunswick Provincial elections, and have seven-term Alberta Premier (and the second longest serving Premier in Canadian history) Earnest Manning (the father of Reform Party co-founder and first leader Preston Manning) be made, after his retirement as Premier in 1968, the first Canadian Senator not chosen from the Liberal Party or the Old Conservative/Progressive Conservative/New Conservative Parties), all having roots on the momentum of the "majority out of nowhere victory" in the Alberta 1935 Provincial election, whereas, the incumbent United Farmers of Alberta government, who had a majority government going into the election, and three previous ones under their belt, going back to their first electoral victory in 1921, had EVERY incumbent member lose their seat, without exception, and, though they remained a farmers' lobbying and advocacy group, wheat pool, and agricultural good provider coop and vendor outlet chain, which they do to this day, they never entered politics under their own name and label again after that election. THAT'S the kind of upset I'm talking about which was unmatched by either of the two events you gave in those extreme statistics...
  23. I can't stand it how it's labeled as unknown please mandate or at least allow us to name candidates @admin_270
  24. Final Update: US 1832

    I'm now moving on to the 1832 election. New candidates added: Whigs: Gen. Winfield Scott, Sen. John M. Clayton, Fmr Rep. Davy Crockett, Fmr Mayor Harrison Gray Otis (really, one of the last Federalists) Democrats: Fmr Sec. William H. Crawford, Fmr Amb. John Randolph, Sen. Thomas Hart Benton, Fmr Rep. James Buchanan, Sen. Lewis Cass, Sen. William Rufus King, Sen. Hugh Lawson White, Sen. John Tyler, Rep. Richard Mentor Johnson, Sen. Willie P. Mangum, Rep. James K. Polk, Sen. Levi Woodbury, Sen. William L. Marcy, Fmr Gov. Sam Houston Anti-Mason: Mr. Thaddeus Stevens, Assoc. Justice John McLean
  25. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    This might be the scariest cabinet I've ever seen cobbled together. On a functional note, I'm wonder if Greg Abbott could be Chief of Staff. That job requires a lot of running around, maneuvering around people, etc. It's probably the most physically exertive position on this list.
  26. Alberta - 1935

    @Patine This link will be usefull https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberta_general_election,_1935 And indeed it was a major shit in Alberta but not as much as the way independentism raised in Quebec during the 70's Or the shutdown of the Tories in 1993 xD
  27. Building a Good Presidential Cabinet

    Lol Dennis Prager Only like @Reagan04's for Ron Paul.
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